Comprehensive Guide to Buying a Fire or Fireplace

If you have never bought a fireplace before or if it's just been some time since you last purchased one, you'll be surprised by the wide range available. We offer a fantastic choice of fires and fireplaces from major brands at the best possible prices.

We know that too much choice can be overwhelming and that manufacturers technical jargon can make buying decisions difficult, so we've put together a set of helpful buying guides to take the confusion away. If you just want to see a simple list of important phrases relating to fire or fireplaces and their meanings, you can read our glossary section.

We hope you will find them useful and informative, but if you're still unsure about which fire or fireplace to choose, our friendly, expert showroom staff are just a phone call away.

  • Glossary

    Direct Fireplaces glossary list

    We deal with fires and fireplaces every day and sometimes we get carried away with the jargon and terminology.
    Use our handy glossary if we get too technical.

  • Guide To Fireplace Sizes

    Direct Fireplaces, Fireplace Size Guide

    Complete guide to fireplace sizes, whether you want a gas, electric or solid fuel fire.
    All major factors when it comes to planning your fireplace build.

  • Guide To Buying A Fireplace

    Fireplace buying guide

    There are many things to consider when it comes to buying a fireplace: material, style, fuel, size
    Find the perfect one with our guide to buying a fireplace.

  • Guide To Buying A Fire

    Fire buying guide

    Gas, Electric, Solid Fuel?
    High Efficiency, Outset, Inset or Wall mounted?
    Choose your ideal fire with our buying guide.

  • Gas Fires Guide

    Direct Fireplaces Gas Fires Guide

    Gas fires: Outset, Inset, Balanced Flue?
    Which is suitable for your home?
    Read our gas fire guide to find out everything you need to know about gas fires.

  • Gas Fires Without Chimneys

    Direct Fireplaces Gas Fires Guide

    "I'd love a gas fire but we don't have a chimney" - You could still have one, we stock flueless, powerflue and balanced flue gas fires
    Read our guide to find the right choice for you.

  • Solid Fuel Fire Guide

    Direct Fireplaces Solid Fuel Fires Guide

    "Come home to a real fire" - as the old TV ads said. Whether you're looking for an Inglenook, a Victorian Cast Iron, a stone fireplace or something else
    Find the right choice in our solid fuel fire guide.

  • Fire Surround and Mantel Guide

    Direct Fireplaces, Fire Surround and Mantel Guide

    Whether you’re after a traditional stone surround, a cast iron surround or something a little more contemporary, let our comprehensive guide to mantels and surrounds help you choose.

  • Guide To HETAS Certification

    Direct Fireplaces, Guide to HETAS

    Who is HETAS?
    What do they do and why do you need their certification?
    Find out about their work and installers in our HETAS guide.

  • Marble Fire Surround Fitting Guide

    Direct Fireplaces, Marble Fire Surround fitting Guide

    We recommend using a qualified fireplace fitter to get a professional finish.
    However, if you would like to fit your own marble fire surround, follow our simple guide

  • Chimney Guide

    Direct Fireplaces Chimney Guide

    Chimneys, not always exciting but very important nonetheless. Find out how height, location, construction and even the number of bends a chimney has can affect your home. Read our chimney guide.

  • Balanced Flue Gas Fire Guide

    Direct Fireplaces Balanced Flue Gas Fire Guide

    No Chimney? No problem!
    Balanced flue gas fires are designed specially for properties without a chimney Read our balanced flue gas fire guide for all the information.

  • Powerflue Gas Fire Guide

    Direct Fireplaces Powerflue Gas Fire Guide

    Get all the information you need on powerflue gas fires. What you need to buy, where best to fit and alternative products, just in case a powerflue isn't exactly what you need.