Flueless Inset Gas Fires

With flueless gas fires you have no need for a chimney, which is perfect for homes without one or one that is not currently fit for use with a fire. One of the best things about flueless inset gas fires is that no heat is lost up the chimney, making them 100% efficient and your room warmer. Inset gas fires can be fitted into an existing fireplace or a specially created cavity - please check the dimensions of the fire before buying. You may also need an air vent in the room, fitted to an exterior wall.

Here at Direct Fireplaces, we have a great selection of inset flueless gas fires from top brands including Ekofires and Burley, ensuring top quality whichever fireplace you choose. Offering excellent heat output, our flueless gas fires are a practical and attractive way of heating your home, with lower installation and running costs than regular gas fires. We also have a great selection of wall mounted flueless gas fires.

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