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What Gas Fireplaces Are Made in Britain?

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If you’re looking for the best gas fireplaces that Great Britain offers, you’ve certainly come to the right place as here at Direct Fireplaces, we stock a wide range of leading fireplace brands that lovingly design and manufacture their fireplaces here in the UK. 

Whether you are casually browsing or actively searching for a new gas fire, we recommend buying British to guarantee the quality and ingenuity you expect.

Which gas fireplace brands are UK based?

Elgin and Hall

For over 50 years, Elgin and Hall have manufactured innovative fireplace solutions from their factory based in the North East of England. Within the Elgin and Hall gas fire range, you will find a range of traditional and contemporary gas fire styles that we are sure will amplify your living space. 

See for yourself with the Elgin & Hall Chollerton 22” Inset Gas Fire With Cast Stove Fascia.

Elgin & Hall Chollerton 22" Inset Gas Fire with Cast Stove

Elgin & Hall Chollerton 22″ Inset Gas Fire with Cast Stove

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Achieve the aesthetic of a warming wood-burning stove with the Elgin & Hall Chollerton 22” Inset Gas Fire With Cast Stove Fascia. Complete with an industrial cast stove front in tactile matte black, this sophisticated gas fire makes a fantastic addition to any home.

Key Features:

  • Heat output of 4.2kW / 1.8kW (Max/Min)
  • 86% efficiency, energy rating C.
  • Log fuel bed. 

The following three fireplace brands are all owned by BFM Europe, based in Stoke-on-Trent. Their ethos is fuelled by a desire to continually create innovative products that push the boundaries of technology and aesthetics.

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Verine Fireplaces

With fuel efficiency at the forefront of Verine’s values, the brand has set new industry standards by introducing its HE high-efficiency range. These gas fires offer exceptional heat output combined with lower running costs than standard gas fires. After 45 years in the fireplace sector, the Verine team works hard to produce gas fires that save energy and keep costs down.

Experience Verine with the Verine Midas High-Efficiency Gas Fire

Verine Midas High-Efficiency Gas Fire

Verine Midas High-Efficiency Gas Fire

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If you’re looking for a high-efficiency gas fire, the Midas High-Efficiency Gas Fire only uses 4.0kW of gas and gives you a warming 3.2kW heat output giving you up to a whopping 81.3% efficiency. 

Key Features:

  • Its slimline design allows it to be fitted into any chimney or flue, from class 1 brick built to the slimmer pre-cast flues.
  • The option to upgrade to the more convenient slide control allows you to light the fire and control the heat output from a slider at the top right of the fire.

Flavel Fireplaces

With a rich and elusive history, did you know that Flavel started out in the mid 17th century as a manufacturer of armouries and gunpowder? In more recent times, you can count on Flavel for the best range of gas fires, including inset gas fires, hole in the wall fires, and outset fires. 

Discover Flavel with the Flavel Jazz High-Efficiency Hole In The Wall Gas Fire

Flavel Jazz High-Efficiency Gas Fire

Flavel Jazz High-Efficiency Gas Fire

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Combine high efficiency with a contemporary aesthetic with the Flavel Jazz High-Efficiency Hole In The Wall Gas Fire. With an 87% efficiency rating and a heat output of 87%, the Flavel Jazz is a great all-rounder.

Key Features:

  • Comes with a fully automatic remote control with a thermostat.
  • Choose from black or chrome trim finishes.

Can you buy British made electric fireplaces?

The following two British fireplace brands manufacture electric fireplaces here in the UK. If you’re looking for an electric fireplace instead of a gas fireplace, we recommend starting your research with Celsi and Oer. 

Celsi Fireplaces

Celsi is best known for its innovative, realistic flame effects. Celsi Puraflame uses LCD technology to recreate the sights and sounds of a real fire, while Celsi Electriflame uses LED lights to display an authentic flame effect. 

The innovation doesn’t stop there either as the Celsi Accent offers a warm and inviting glow in either blue or orange, and Celsi Flamonik serves a stunning colour change impact.

Take a look at the Celsi Electriflame VR 750 Hole In The Wall Electric Fire.

Celsi Electriflame VR 750 Hole in the Wall Electric Fire

Celsi Electriflame VR 750 Hole in the Wall Electric Fire

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This 30 inch, 3 sided fire with a flush to wall fitting can be installed as a two-sided or single glass fronted option. With E-VR Flame Projection Technology, Celsi creates the flame illusion to the front, the centre, and the rear of the fuel bed creating a log fire effect.

Key Features:

  • Ecodesign compliant – integrated design features for optimal energy-saving performance and assurance.

Oer Fireplaces

OER, which stands for ‘Olde Englande Reproductions’ is an award-winning manufacturer of solid timber fireplaces. For over 36 years, the British based family-run business has continued to innovate within the space. 

OER has attained over fifteen awards, including a National Fireplace Award from the industry body for quality and innovation and the entrepreneurial ‘Horizon’ award (2009). In 2006, OER won the ‘Wise Owl’ prize for lifetime achievement and dedication to the fireplace industry.

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Experience an OER fireplace with the OER Icon Electric Fireplace Suite.

OER Icon Electric Fireplace Suite

OER Icon Electric Fireplace Suite

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The OER Icon Electric Fireplace Suite is created in a modern Astoria grey finish with a natural slate veneer base and a three-sided fire. This freestanding fireplace is ideal for a flat wall with minimal assembly.

Key Features:

  •  OER are proud to use the finest materials within these designs – natural oak (sustainably sourced), natural real slate veneers and porcelain.
  •  Open fronted fire, glass-fronted upgrade available.

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