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  1. What’s Included in a Balanced Flue Gas Fire Installation?

    What’s Included in a Balanced Flue Gas Fire Installation?
    A balanced flue gas fire can be an excellent choice when considering a new heating solution for your home. These fires offer a sleek, modern appearance, providing efficient and safe heating. However, to ensure optimal performance and safety, it is crucial to understand what’s included in a balanced flue gas fire installation. In this post, […]
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  2. How Long Do Gas Fires Last?

    How Long Do Gas Fires Last?
    Gas fires have become a popular choice for home heating in recent years. Running on natural gas or LPG, they provide an efficient and affordable way to warm up living spaces. But with any appliance, it’s understandable to wonder about its longevity and when it may need replacing. In this post, we’ll explore the expected […]
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  3. How Much Does it Cost to Run a Gas Fire in 2024?

    How Much Does it Cost to Run a Gas Fire in 2024?
    As energy costs continue rising across the UK, many households are understandably concerned about how much to run home appliances and features that use gas or electricity will cost. One such feature that is common in British homes is the gas fire. But how much does it cost to run a gas fire? With the […]
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  4. Does a Gas Fireplace Have a Pilot Light?

    Does a Gas Fireplace Have a Pilot Light?
    Have you ever wondered about the mechanics behind gas fires and how they function? While many people enjoy the warmth and ambience of a gas fire, not everyone is familiar with their inner workings. One of the most asked questions about gas fires is: Do gas fireplaces have pilot lights? Let's dive in and find […]
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  5. Does My Gas Fire Need Chimney Sweeping?

    Does My Gas Fire Need Chimney Sweeping?
    Chimney sweeping and upkeep is an essential but often overlooked part of regular home maintenance. With more of us using central heating or electric heaters and fires to warm our spaces, it's probably not surprising that many homeowners forget their chimney is even there. But with some fires, chimney maintenance is crucial – to keep […]
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  6. Inset Fire Buying Guide

    Inset Fire Buying Guide
    An inset fire is a modern-day hearth, setting the mood for a cosy evening or adding that finishing touch to your living room. However, with so many options, making the right choice can take time and effort. If you’re looking for the ideal inset fire to complement your space, this guide is here to help. […]
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  7. How To Choose The Right Electric Fire - Buying Guide

    The crackling warmth of a fireplace adds character and ambience to any room. But what if you want those cosy vibes without the traditional setup? If that's the case, an electric fire might be your best choice. Electric fires have emerged as a modern solution, offering all the luxury of warmth without fuss. In this […]
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  8. Gas Fire Buying Guide

    Gas Fire Buying Guide
    Picture this: It's a chilly winter evening, and you're snuggled in your favourite blanket, watching a gentle flame, adding a cosy vibe to your warm living room. A gas fire can be your best friend on those chilly winter nights. So, how do you choose the ideal one for your home? In this guide, the Direct […]
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  9. Media Wall Electric Fire Buying Guide

    Setting up your living space with a media wall electric fire is an adventure, promising style, warmth, and modern elegance. However, the massive range of options available can be dizzying. If you're considering building a media wall, your fire is one of the first choices. This guide aims to provide you with everything you need […]
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  10. How to Restore a Victorian Fireplace

    You will love the charm of a Victorian fireplace if you're anything like us at Direct Fireplaces. The grandeur, the elegance – it transports you right back to an era where class and sophistication were the order of the day, every day. The Victorians did know how to build solid homes – and in the […]
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