Frequently Asked Questions

Did you know? 

Q. Can I have any combination of insert, surround and hearth?

A. Every fire surround will fit with every insert - please call for advice. The medium large hearth fits every fireplace, but there are other sizes of hearth available. Don't hesitate to contact us if you have any queries.

Q. Are the fireplaces suitable for both solid fuel and gas fires?

A. All of our cast iron fireplaces are suitable for both solid fuel and gas. If a gas fire is to be fitted then you must employ a Gas Safe Engineer to install it, the grate will need to be removed, the fire bolted to the floor and the damper flap should be removed or permanently fixed open. In the Gallery Collection it is stated with each fireplace if there is a gas fire or electric fire option.

Q. What type of flue do I need?

A. Our fireplaces are suitable for both Class 1 & Class 2 Flues. If you have any queries with reference to the suitability of your fireplace, please contact us on 0161 376 4181

Q. What is the heat output of the fire?

A. The heat-output of the gas fires supplied varies but is about 3.2kw -depending upon the size of the basket of the cast iron insert which you have chosen.

Q. Do the fireplaces come with fitting instructions, and can I fit them myself?

A.There are no instructions supplied with your fire. We strongly recommend that you employ a professional to fit your fireplace, and you will need a GAS SAFE registered fitter to install your gas fire.

Q. Do I need to purchase anything separately for my new fireplace?

A. Once you have fitted the insert, surround, hearth and gas fire your new fireplace is fully functional. The only item that we do not supply is the ash pan tray for under the grate should you choose to burn solid fuel. These are readily and cheaply available from any reputable DIY store.

Q. What type of hearths are available?

A. We supply 2 types of hearth. These are solid black granite 6 sizes avaliable or white marble 4 sizes available.

Q. Can I buy tiles separately?

A. Yes ! We have a wide selection of fireplace tiles available.

Q. How do I fit the tiles?

A. The tiles slot between two bars and need to be fixed in place with Carlite Bonding available from most builders merchants.

Q. What happens if I don't like the fireplace or it doesn't fit when it arrives?

A. If an item is not suitable for any reason then we are happy to provide a full refund and collect the item for you. However, you will liable for the full delivery cost and carriage cost to return the item back to us. It is therefore very important that you measure your space carefully (see dimensions listed on the website), and are confident that you have made the right choice prior to ordering.

Q. What happens if my fireplace is damaged on arrival?

A. Please contact us within 24hrs of receipt of goods, this enables us to inform our carriers or suppliers of the situation and will enable us to rectify the situation.

Q. My fireplace appears to have small areas of rust on the exterior, is this permanent?

No, these fireplaces are shipped long distances over water, and sometimes there can be minor areas of surface rust on the full polish models. This is extremely easy to remove with a little WD40 and some soft wire wool.

Q.How do I re-black my fireplace?

Mix some white spirit with Zebo blackening polish (available from any hardware store), and apply with a soft cloth. Do not brush on as you will leave brush marks. Leave to dry for a short while and then brush off any excess polish

Q. How do I dispose of my old Electric Fire?

Please click here to read the WEEE Regulations