Are you thinking of buying a new fireplace? Contrary to what many people think, the summer is one of the best times to buy a new fireplace for your home. Here are seven reasons why…

1. The weather

It may seem counterintuitive, but the good weather during summer makes it the perfect time to buy a fireplace. 

Why? Because of the ease of installation it offers. 

Whether you’re having a traditional open fireplace installed or a gas fire with a twin wall flue put in place, the installation process is less likely to be affected by bad weather. 

Why you should install fireplaces in the summer

This is particularly true if you are having large, heavy elements like stone fire surrounds fitted. If there is snow and ice during the winter, you’ll find that installing such items can be more difficult. 

During the summer, there are also less likely to be high winds. This is important to consider if you are having a new chimney flue liner fitted at the same time as a fireplace. 

To install a flue liner, an installer will require access to the top of your chimney. If the weather is too bad, with high winds, this can make flue installation unsafe, leading to frustrating delays. 

2. Access to installers

Summer is generally a quieter period for installers of fireplaces. So, by choosing the summer months to buy a new fireplace, you’ll find it far easier and quicker to have your fireplace installed by a qualified professional. 

This is especially true of gas engineers. As we’ve written previously, gas fireplaces can only legally be installed by Gas Safe registered engineers. These qualified professionals are usually in very high demand during the winter, so by contacting them in the summer, they’re more likely to have availability for your fireplace project. 

3. Better access to chimney sweeps

If you’re looking at updating an open fireplace or adding a new cast iron fireplace, then it’s essential that you have your chimney inspected and swept before you install a new fireplace. 

Like installers and gas engineers, chimney sweeps have far more availability and capacity during the summer months - so by buying a new fireplace during this period you’ll be able to have your chimney inspected and swept far quicker than during the winter.

4. Decorating is easier

We know that when a new fireplace is purchased - particularly one such as a media wall fireplace that involves building work - many people will take the opportunity to decorate their home at the same time.

Why you should decorate in the summer

Decorating during the summer is easier and more pleasant than trying to do so during the winter. If you’re plastering or painting walls, then you’ll be able to comfortably leave your home’s windows open for ventilation. 

Things like plaster and paint are also more likely to dry quicker during the warmer summer months. 

Finally, if you’re doing the decorating during the summer holidays, you can get the kids to help too!

5. Special offers

The summer is a great time to find special offers on fireplaces of all kinds. Many retailers will use the summer period to move old stock and as such will apply discounts and reductions to many fireplaces.

Best discounts on fireplaces

Note - some retailers will have dedicated clearance and special offer sections, others such as ourselves here at Direct Fireplaces, apply discounts on a site-wide basis. Just look for the discount in the product description.

6. Stock

If you’re looking to buy a very specific fire, then the summer is undoubtedly the best time to buy it. 

That’s because it’s more likely to be in stock at your favourite retailer.

Fireplaces in stock near me

As you can imagine, when autumn first draws in and people begin switching their fires on for the first time in months, they sometimes find that their fire has broken. This leads to fireplaces being snapped up by people eager to keep their homes warm. 

Besides those scenarios, winter is the peak season for fireplace purchases anyway, so stock can’t always be guaranteed.

If you want to stand the best possible chance of buying your perfect fire, buy it in the summer. 

7. Cut heating costs

The British summer is not exactly predictable… You can no doubt recall many days during the summer which have been chilly and cold.

On such days it doesn’t make sense to turn on your central heating just to warm yourself up in the living room - instead it makes much more sense to turn on your fire in order to take the chill out of the air. 

By buying a new fireplace in the summer, you’ll be able to rely on that for your occasional heating needs rather than expensive gas or electric central heating.

Buy your new fireplace this summer

Do you want to enjoy the benefits of buying a fireplace during the summer? Then buy one from Direct Fireplaces today. 

Below you’ll find some of our most popular fires, ranging from traditional gas fires to trendy electric fires for media walls and feature corners.

Flare Design Fascia Deepline Convector Gas Fire

Flare Design Fascia Deepline Convector Gas Fire

Flare Design Fascia Deepline Convector Gas Fire

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A traditionally-styled gas fire that’s packed with the latest heating technology, the Design from Flare is a fire that offers a great deal of performance for an even better price. 

Available with either a manual or top/slide control, the Flare Design is a full-depth fire which means it is suitable for use with traditional brick chimneys. 

With a heat output of 3.8kW, the Flare Design has more than enough heat output to keep you and your family warm on even the coldest of winter days. Plus, with three different finish options (black, brass or silver), it’s easy to select a finish that’ll complement your home’s decor.

Despite its traditional styling, the Flare Design comes with all of the safety features you’d expect on today’s best fires, including a flame failure device, and an oxygen depletion sensor.  

Shop our complete range of gas fires here

Celsi Ultiflame VR Orbital Illumia Electric Fireplace Suite

Celsi Ultiflame VR Orbital Illumia Electric Fireplace Suite

Celsi Ultiflame VR Orbital Illumia Electric Fireplace Suite

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If an electric fireplace is more your thing, then take a look at the Ultiflame VR Orbital Illumia from Celsi. 

This impressive looking electric fireplace features an incredible virtual reality flame effect which creates three-dimensional depth. If you didn’t know this flame was electric, you’d think these were real flames!

Available in a sleek, smooth finish in a choice of three colours (mist, cream, or white), the Celsi Ultiflame VR Orbital Illumia features a supremely detailed ceramic fuel bed which mimics the shape and texture of natural logs.

With a heat output of 1.6kW and no need for a chimney or other traditional fireplace requirements, the Celsi Ultiflame VR Orbital Illumia fireplace suite is perfect for home makeovers.

Shop our complete range of electric fires here

Cast Tec Liberty Cast Iron Combination Fireplace

Cast Tec Liberty Cast Iron Combination Fireplace

Cast Tec Liberty Cast Iron Combination Fireplace

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Are you looking to create a traditional open fireplace that harkens back to the Victorian and Edwardian eras? Then take a look at the Liberty cast iron combination fireplace from Cast Tec. 

This truly impressive fireplace features a memorable Art Nouveau-inspired design which is available in either a black or full polished finish. 

Designed for traditional class 1 chimneys, the Cast Tec Liberty can either be used as an open solid fuel fire, or can be bought with an optional gas, LPG or electric fire insert.

Shop our complete range of cast iron fireplaces here

Heat up your summer with Direct Fireplaces

Make this summer the one where you finally upgrade that old fireplace. Whether you want to go for a sleek, stylish electric fire for a media wall installation, or you want to create the traditional open fireplace of your dreams, Direct Fireplaces has got you covered. 

With one of the biggest selections of fireplaces on the web, we make it easy to select the right fireplace for you. With free mainland UK delivery, 14-day no hassle returns and a range of finance options to help you spread the cost, there’s no better place to buy a fireplace!

Find your next fireplace today

For more fireplace buying guides, information and advice, read the Direct Fireplaces blog

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