HETAS stands for Heating Equipment and Testing Approval Scheme.

Most installations of solid fuel and wood biomass appliances and systems are subject to the requirements of Building Regulations and are notifiable to the Local Authority in your area by law. HETAS registered installers can self-certificate their work thus avoiding the need for costly and time-consuming Building Notice applications to the local Building Control Department.

HETAS Registered Businesses leave the customer with a Compliance Certificate and send a copy to HETAS for onward notification to the Local Authority. This is a simple and effective process costing a few pounds whereas the local authority Building Notice can cost hundreds of pounds in some cases.

The Certificates issued by HETAS and the notifications to Local Authority are important records demonstrating that work was done legally, by registered competent businesses and individuals and records that the registered business carried out the work in accordance with Building Regulations. When people sell their houses - the information about work carried out under the Building Regulations in England & Wales is used by Solicitors on their inquiry forms and failure to demonstrate compliant work where applicable, can adversely affect the sale of properties. The information gathered in this way may be used in any future home information pack (HIP) requirement; Local Authorities are already required by law to hold such information.

Guide to HETAS Certification

Consumers in England and Wales must have a HETAS Certificate of Compliance by an installer. HETA is the Heating Equipment Testing and Approval Scheme, and must be issued by heating equipment installers when they complete their work. HETAS is the official body recognised by government to approve solid fuel domestic heating appliances, fuels and services. It's work is approving products covers boilers, cookers, open fires, stoves and room heaters. It also lists in its Official Guide, factory made chimneys, carbon monoxide detectors and alarms suitable for use with solid fuel.

It also validates household insurance and is required by Solicitors when selling a property. Failure to notify the local authority of this certificate can cost the property owner up to £5000. Certificates should be posted on the outside of the building where the heating unit was installed, and the installer may give the consumer a name plate to post containing pertinent information. Certificates can not be issued on Scotland, Northern Ireland, and the Republic of Ireland, and property owners must contact their local authorities when installing a heating unit.

HETAS registered installer

Why Use a HETAS Registered Installer?

  • All registered installers are trained and assessed as competent.
  • HETAS is the ONLY competent persons scheme specialising in solid fuels and wood biomass
  • The HETAS scheme covers the range of installation work that an installer may be involved with e.g. dry appliances, appliances with boilers, solid mineral, wood and wood biomass, re-lining of chimneys, hot water and heating systems
  • HETAS provide technical and regulatory support to registrants
  • HETAS publish lists of approved appliances, fuels and equipment to help you the consumer, our installers, designers and specifiers in choosing an installation to suit consumer needs, while complying with Building Regulations and safety standards.
  • HETAS makes available lists of installers, chimney sweeps, flue specialists and maintenance companies to enable you to maintain your installation safely into the future.

The Benefits of Following HETAS & ACMS Guidelines

  • Only receive fuels tested by the manufacturer
  • Only receive the right fuels for the right appliance
  • Only receive quality fuels approved and tested for the consumer and the environment
  • Only receive the best installation for the safest use of heating appliances.

HETAS helps consumers to resolve complaints and problems and promote a fair and equitable outcome. When purchasing coal a consumer should always use an approved merchant authorised by ACMS, the Approved Coal Merchant Scheme, which works with HETAS to guarantee that distribution of solid fuels meets high government standards.

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