There is a common misconception we often hear at Direct Fireplaces that electric fires don’t produce enough heat.

Of course, this isn’t true! Electric fires are not just for show - they also produce plenty of heat that can keep your room perfectly warm and cosy. They just do it in a different way to gas and solid fuel burning fires.

So, to clear up any confusion out there, we’ve put together some information on exactly how hot electric fires get and whether they can heat up your room...

Do electric fireplaces actually get hot?

The key thing to remember is that different fireplaces produce heat in different ways...

Radiant heat

Radiant heat is produced by a warm object. It doesn’t simply heat the air up, but emits heat energy which can be absorbed by the room - and whoever is sitting in it.

The best example of radiant heat is the sun! Its infrared heat waves reach us down on earth allowing us to feel the warmth immediately.

When it comes to fireplaces, glass fronted gas fires have the benefit of radiant heat, as do things like wood burning stoves. The glass or cast iron body becomes hot and radiates heat outwards.

For the most part, electric fires don’t produce radiant heat. As they don’t produce a real flame, the heat has to be produced another way...

Convection heat

This leads us onto convection heat. All types of fire use convection heat to some degree. But as electric fires miss out on radiant heat, this is their main method of heating your room.

Convection heat is when the air itself is heated. The hot air rises, creating a current that circulates warmer air around your room.

Electric fires work by drawing in cooler air from your room and passing it over a heated metal coil. The now warm air is pushed out of the fire, usually with a fan, and begins the convection process.

So, back to the question ‘do electric fireplaces get hot’ - the answer is no, the fire itself will not be hot to the touch. But they do still heat up the air and room surrounding them.

The convection heat of an electric fire isn’t worse than radiant heat, by any means. In fact, it is actually more effective at spreading heat around your room evenly.

How much heat do electric fireplaces produce?

Of course, when you choose a fire, you need one that produces enough heat to keep your room nice and warm.

One of the big benefits of an electric fire is that none of the heat they produce is lost up a chimney or through any other ventilation. They are 100% efficient, meaning there is no wasted energy at all.

A lot of electric fires also come with features such as thermostats and timers, so you can have ultimate control over exactly how much they heat your room.

When it comes to finding out exactly how much heat an electric fire produces, look to the kW power. Generally, the heat output of an electric fire ranges from 0.7 to 2kW. Many also have ‘effect only’ options, which means you can turn the heating element off and just enjoy the flame display.

Typically, a 1-2kW electric fire can produce between 4,000 to 4,600 BTUs per hour. How many BTUs you need depends on how big and well insulated your room is, plus how many existing heat sources you have.

For the average UK living room with a radiator, a 2kW electric fire should provide a cosy boost of additional heat.

Which electric fireplace gives the most heat?

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