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  • Your Cosy Creatures

    Cats and dogs must have heat-seeking radars. Whenever you turn on the heating, or better still, light a fire, they’re always right behind you, ready to curl up and take a nap. This realisation inspired us to run our latest competition: Your Cosy Creatures.

    A few months ago, we asked you to send us a picture of your pets relaxing in front of a roaring fire. After receiving a sack full of entries, we asked you to vote for your favourite, it’s now time to announce the winner…

    Stephanie and Gus!

    Cosy Creatures - Winning Entry: Stephanie & Gus Cosy Creatures - Winning Entry: Stephanie & Gus

    We are proud to announce that Stephanie and Gus won our Cosy Creatures competition. We instantly fell in love with the combination of cute dog, comfy socks and beautiful wood-burning stove blazing away in the background. As the winner, Stephanie received £50 worth of Marks & Spencer vouchers, which she promised to put towards some sausages for Gus – which by the looks of that face, he’s already heard about!

    So near, yet so fur!

    Cosy Creatures - So near, yet so fur! The best of the rest Cosy Creatures - So near, yet so fur! The best of the rest

    As you can see from the best of the remaining entries, voting for our winner can’t have been easy. From pampered pooches to cool cats, we were inundated with fire-loving furry friends. Do you think the public made the right choice? Let us know on Twitter or Facebook.

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  • The 5 Hottest Fireplace Design Trends and Interior Design Colours For 2017

    Nothing helps beat the winter blues quite like a roaring fire. At the same time, fireplaces create a striking focal point for any living space, no matter what the weather or season.

    If you’re thinking about updating your fireplace look for 2017, you’ve probably realised there’s a dizzying array of styles and colour schemes you can choose from.

    To help you make the right choice, we’ve collected the five hottest fireplace and interior design colour trends of the moment.

    The Hottest Fireplace Designs

    Wall mounted fireplaces

    If you have a small home, wall mounted fireplaces are a great space saver. They’re highly versatile, some models don’t even need a chimney, and they can be placed anywhere in the home. They’re also relatively inexpensive to buy and super easy to install, making them by far one of the most popular styles for creating a beautiful statement fireplace.

    Show me a selection of the hottest wall mounted fireplaces now.

    Horizontal fireplaces

    As the popularity of wall mounted models has grown, contemporary fire design has shapeshifted. Wide, horizontally extended fires make for one of the most visually striking design variations to emerge from this trend. When placed at eye level, horizontal fires make a unique change from traditional hearth-based models.

    Show me a selection of the hottest wall mounted fireplaces now.

    Fireplaces in bedrooms and bathrooms

    Wall mounted designs have also led to an increase in the number of people who are finding a place for fireplaces in less conventional rooms around the house. If you don’t use your living room regularly, or fancy doing something a little different, a fireplace in your main bedroom or even bathroom can make either room feel extra warm and cosy.

    Show me a selection of the hottest wall mounted fireplaces now.

    Hot movie night

    Hanging a TV above your living room mantelpiece frees up floor space for furniture at the same time as creating a visual centrepiece that is doubly spectacular. To safely implement this eye-catching arrangement, you’ll need a secure mounting system. This way you’ll be sure of placing the TV high enough so that it doesn’t get too hot and exceeds the manufacturer’s recommended temperature.

    Show me a selection of wall mounted fireplaces now.

    Brick is back

    Despite being the traditional building blocks of British homes for centuries, for a while, it seemed we might fall out of love with bricks. Considered old-fashioned, trendy architects increasingly cast aside bricks for shinier, glossier alternatives. Times are once again changing, and now loads of people are peeling back their wallpaper in favour of exposing interior brick walls and making a fireplace-themed feature.

    Show me a selection of the hottest stoves now.

    The Hottest Interior Design Colours

    Denim Drift

    Dulux recently named their Colour of the Year as Denim Drift. As a result, frosty blue hues will dominate the interior design world this year. And, as you can see above, the shades of blue in question bring a cool, calm and airy quality to any living space.


    Like Dulux, Pantone have a Colour of the Year, and in 2017 it’s Greenery. Inspired by the natural world, Greenery evokes the first days of spring. For those feeling trapped by modern life and the city, decorating in this shade can help you feel more in touch with the great outdoors.

    Sunshine Yellow

    As the brightest colour on the visible spectrum, yellow is associated with happiness and optimism. Back in fashion for 2017, in-the-know designers are matching Sunshine Yellow with cool greys to create a fresh and contemporary aesthetic that looks great in a variety of settings.

    Mineral Grey

    From MacBooks to Fifty Shades, grey has been the decade’s dominant colour. Grey continues to be popular because its icy tones complement the scandi vibe that’s huge right now, while it’s neutral tone makes every room feel instantly more sophisticated and grown up.


    Named as one of Pantone’s top 10 colours for spring 2017, Flame is a wonderfully vibrant, red-based orange. It radiates warmth and playfulness, and anyone using it to liven up their interior can expect to add a touch of fiery heat to their living space.

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  • Your Top 8 Best-Dressed Winter Mantelpieces

    We think there’s nothing better than gathering around the fireplace and sipping hot cocoa to escape the chill; feeling a roaring fire’s warm glow on your face and the sound of its soothing crackle in your ears.

    To celebrate our favourite season, we recently ran a competition to find your best-dressed winter mantelpiece. It was hard to pick a winner from so many quality entries. But after much deliberation, we managed to whittle the contenders down to a shortlist of eight before picking an outright winner.

    Drum roll, please…

    And the winner is Jenifer Lack from London. We loved this classically Christmassy fireplace and mantel, complete with beautiful decorations, stockings and bubbly treats for family and friends. As the winner, Jennifer received £50 worth of Marks & Spencer vouchers, which she promised to spend on new candle sticks for her mantelpiece!

    The best of the rest!

    As you can see from the best of the rest, picking a winner for our winter mantelpiece competition was difficult. Choosing between cute pets, brilliant baubles, open fires and beaming fairy lights was no easy task. Do you think we made the right choice?

    If this post has left you feeling inspired to update your living room look, browse our range of fireplaces today to discover how Direct Fireplaces can help you achieve the interior design of your dreams.

  • Top 5 Best Scandinavian Stoves for a Hygge Home

    Staying in and keeping warm by the fire is at the core of the enviable Scandinavian lifestyle. The Hygge trend if set to blow up in 2017, and what better way to prepare than by transforming your home with a gorgeous wood burning stove.

    A beautiful and warming stove is a symbol of the Scandinavian trend and will not only get your home feeling cosy, but is also incredible practical.

    In preparation for the growth of our favourite trend, we’re Showcasing some of our favourite dreamy wood burning stoves that were made for Scandinavian living.

    See our incredible selection of Stoves here...

    1, Small but mighty

    If you’ve got a small living space that you want to add a Scandinavian touch to, this Westfire Uniq 21 wood burner is ideal. It’s sleek and cylindrical design screams style, whilst its powerful heat output will instantly cosy up any home ready for a perfectly Hygge night in.

    2, Made for the modern home

    Modern homes often have a reputation for being cold and empty, but with this tall, high level Westfire Uniq 15 wood burning stove you can instantly give a large space a Hygge feel. We love how this Scandinavian inspired stove will become the main feature of any room in the home, and create an intimate environment in an instant.

    3, A contemporary centrepiece

    This AGA Lawley is a stunning contemporary stove that will make any guest gush with compliments. It’s unique curved body and oversize flame window are just two reasons this Scandinavian stove is a perfect centrepiece. But it’s also packed full of great features to keep your home warmer for longer.

    4, Stunning Scandi chic

    This tall Westfire Uniq 37 wood burning stove is a beautiful addition to a snug room. With its large glass side panels, it fills a room with a warming orange glow, creating a typically Nordic tranquil environment. This wood burner is not only undeniably Hygge, but it can deliver an impressive 7.2kW of heat from its beautiful contemporary body.

    5, A hygge staple

    When it comes to Hygge, nothing says homely Scandinavian style more than rustic decor. This Tiger Wood Burning Stove comes complete with a handy log store, that doubles as a beautiful centrepiece. We love how this tall standing log burner makes any room feel instantly intimate.

    Are you transforming your home into a warm and inviting Scandinavian wonderland for 2017? Check out our favourite Hygge trends that we think everyone should adopt in the winter months.

  • Cosy Christmas Home: Mantel Piece Inspiration

    When it’s cold, dark and probably raining outside, is there anything better than a roaring fire to curl up in front of? We may be biased, but we don’t think there is. As the festive season approaches, the everyday mantel piece comes into its own becoming the most prominent feature of any living room. Adorned with holly leaves, glowing candles and hanging stockings awaiting Santa’s arrival, we’re sharing some of our favourite festive fireplaces to get you into the Christmas spirit.

    1. A very Nordic Christmas

    Source: Pinterest

    For a stylish and colourful Christmas mantel, Nordic patterns and contrasting red and white make a fun and unique festive feature. This is one style that stands out if you have a white fireplace, and we all know red is the official colour of Christmas, nothing will look more festive than this.

    2. Spell it out

    Source: Pinterest

    Typography has been big in interior design this year, with it being prominent in stylish homes across Instagram and Pinterest. Christmas is no time to compromise your decor style, and this is such a simple way to make your mantle stand out. Head to your local craft store to pick up singular letters. Arrange them into festive phrases, with some holly leaves and fairy lights for an easy and eye-catching mantelpiece.

    3. Grand, green & gorgeous

    Source: Pinterest

    Christmas wouldn’t be the same without a tree, so why not use two to give your fireplace a grand and traditional make-over? If you have a larger mantel piece this looks amazing, and will definitely get compliments from any visitors you have during the season. Use tiered candles, baubles and festive trinkets to bring this impressive mantelpiece to life.

    4. A new classic

    Source: Pinterest

    Stockings hanging upon the mantelpiece have been the picture of Christmas for years past, and is one festive look that will never go out of style. Pairing a stocking with holly leaves and candles will create a timeless Christmas look to go with any interior design scheme.

    5. Christmas for Scrooges

    Source: Pinterest

    If you find the festivities all a little sickening, a simple and subtle mantelpiece may be more your style. With no mention of Noel or a single bauble in sight, this seasonal feature mantel will give your home a cosy feeling without spattering Christmas all over it. Find as much greenery as you can, and candle stick holders aplenty to recreate this classy fireplace look.

    We’re on the hunt for the best winter mantel pieces in our latest competition. So, if you’ve been inspired by any of these five stunning fireplaces this Christmas, enter before 24th December 2016 to be in with the chance to win £50 Mark & Spencer’s vouchers. See here...

  • Hygge Your Home: 5 Ideas for Cosy Danish Living

    You’ve probably seen the photos of dreamy cosy rooms, adorned with candles, knitted blankets and warming cups of tea in shot. This is hygge (Pronounced: hu-gah), and the Danish art form has come to the UK in full force.

    This trend is not just for the interior designers, but it inspires a whole lifestyle change to embrace the little, happy moments in life and make them that little bit more meaningful – after all, Denmark is one of the happiest countries in the world.

    We’ve been focusing on how to make our homes feel even more cosy this winter by incorporating hygge into our everyday routines and interior design. Here are some of our favourite ways to hygge up your home.

    1. Textures are Everything

    Source: Pinterest

    Bold textures like chunky knit blankets, fluffy pillows and faux fur rugs are staples of the hygge home. Cosy and couture, these household must-haves will instantly add a warm and feel good feature to your living room or bedroom, plus they’re essential on a cold winter’s evening in. Pair your grey textures with crisp white bed linen or a lighter coloured sofa for a traditionally hygge look.

    2. Stay Warm by the Fire

    Source: Pinterest

    A wood burning stove should be at the heart of your hygge home. A fire will make a winter room glow, keeping you snug as it (most likely) rains outside. Evenings in won’t be the same again, as the seasonal scent of burning wood and the radiating heat will make you want to never leave the house again.

    3. Add the Finishing Touches

    Source: Pinterest

    Similar to a log burner, lighting a candle is one way to create a warm, glowing hygge atmosphere in your home. Whether you’re reading a book, having dinner with friends or running a relaxing bath, candles, – scented or otherwise – will make any room feel peaceful and serene. Other cosy finishing touches include cut flowers, seasonal additions like pumpkins or holly berries, and coffee table books.

    4. Make Time for Your Wellbeing

    Source: Pinterest

    Wellbeing is a massive part of the hygge lifestyle, and your social life falls into that. Rather than inviting friends over for a bottle of wine in front of the TV, throw a dinner party. Cook yourself, or ask everyone to bring something, and make sure all technology is left at the door. This intimate and feel good setting will be an occasion to remember, and will bring out all the best warm and fuzzy feelings this winter.

    5. Don’t Forget the Garden

    Source: Pinterest

    We know the garden or balcony can be a forgotten place in the colder months, but it’s a part of your home simply waiting to be transformed into a cosy social spot. Light a few candles, string up some fairy lights and pile the blankets high, you can even set up a canopy in case of rain. This is the perfect spot to socialise and relax before heading in doors for your dinner party.

    If you’ve got a larger space to utilise, an outdoor oven is a rustic and unique feature that will also keep you warm whilst you wait.

    Inspired to hygge up your home? Don’t forget the absolute Danish must-have, a cosy fireplace or warming stove.

  • 5 Shabby Chic Lounges with Beautiful Fireplaces & Stoves

    Shabby Chic lounges have become increasingly popular within recent years, and it’s no surprise why. The look itself can easily be achieved through the simplicity of merging modern day furniture with antique items together. With its rustic designs and natural tones, shabby chic can express a home’s character - creating a cosy interior for any home. With winter dawning in, we’ve picked our favourite shabby chic looks with beautiful stoves for that winter interior inspiration!

    The Shabby Chic Cottage

    Source: Pinterest

    1. The Shabby Chic Cottage

    Create a cosy homey feel by coordinating the colour scheme for your lounge with different accessories. Don’t forget to dress up your wood burning stove by adding small intricate detailing like personal antiques, or your favourite quotes.

    Country Chic

    Source: Pinterest

    2. Country Chic

    This shabby chic country look can easily be created teaming crisp white floorboards, with a gorgeous and bright Persian rug. White stoves are perfect for a real shabby chic feel. For an extra cosy feel add fairy lights and trinkets for the perfect finishing touches.

    Cosy and Comfortable

    Source: Pinterest

     3. Cosy & Comfortable

    Wooden interiors work wonders around a stone fireplace, place logs around your stove to create a homey feel. Layering different textures and patterns around your fireplace also allows your stove to become a centre piece within your living room. Accessorise your living space by adding patterned scatter cushions and a textured throw.

    The Exposed Fireplace

    Source: Pinterest 

    4. The Exposed Fireplace

     Exposed brick fireplaces are perfect for an elegant and timeless shabby chic look. By painting ceiling beams white, it modernises the room, whilst the fire is still in-keeping with the shabby-chic appearance of the lounge. Add candles around the fireplace for a soft warm glow on wintery nights.

    Perfectly Pastel

      Source: Pinterest

    5. Perfectly Pastel. 

    Upcycling and distressing old furniture creates the perfect shabby chic look. Placing pastel colour accessories, or flowers on top a white mantel piece is a great way to add subtle colour and brighten a lounge without creating an over-bearing vibrancy.

  • Autumn is coming: 6 cosy interior design ideas

    Autumn is coming and, as the nights draw in, it's time to leave the outdoors behind and focus on interior design inspiration and cosy interiors that chime with the time of year. Think natural tones and textures and rich autumnal colours to add genuine warmth to your home this autumn. This is the season to unleash the real homebody in you - so here are six tips for achieving that warm and welcoming autumnal interior.

    1. Add a cosy throw

    A plaid blanket, faux fur, cashmere - this is the season for dressing your sofas and your bed with a lush, plush throw. It's an instant shortcut to a cosy interior - imagine snuggling under luxe cashmere with a good book, or that one last snooze in the morning under a pure wool blanket. Natural textures and tones fit with the autumnal theme. Add piles of cushions in textures of oatmeal knits and burlap - this look is all about texture, rather than colour.


    2. Dress your floor

    If you have stripped wood floors, dress them for the colder months with a collection of rugs. Keep them as minimal or as comfortable as you like - layering an assortment of rugs to completely carpet your floor and block the draughts from any gaps in the boards is a popular trend. And don't forget the bathroom - swap out that worn out bathmat for a sheepskin rug to keep your toes snug on those cold mornings. 3. Light the lamps Autumn can be one of the most beautiful times of the year, the days filled with golden light. Continue the theme into your home by using lamps, rather than overhead lighting. Choose warm bulbs to create that soft, autumnal glow. Mixing modern with vintage finds (always have these professionally rewired) is a big trend this autumn, extending everywhere in the home and softening more minimal interiors with a cosy edge.


    3. Light the lamps

    Autumn can be one of the most beautiful times of the year, the days filled with golden light. Continue the theme into your home by using lamps, rather than overhead lighting. Choose warm bulbs to create that soft, autumnal glow. Mixing modern with vintage finds (always have these professionally rewired) is a big trend this autumn, extending everywhere in the home and softening more minimal interiors with a cosy edge.


    4. Focus on colour and pattern

    Global patterns and high contrast colours are a huge trend for autumn interiors. Mix simple graphic prints like polka dots and stripes with African and Indian inspired prints. Rich, orangey reds bring huge warmth to neutral interiors or choose traditional autumn hues of tans, oranges, creams and browns. High contrast colour palettes are popular - try offsetting bright shades and colours against black, or take it down a notch by pairing rich navies with warm orange.


    5. Curate your collections

    Perhaps the biggest rule for autumn interiors is that there are no rules. If you like it and it reflects your personality, then it will work in your home. If you love your collection of china pigs, put them on display - create vignettes against deep, bright walls or group contrasting objects on tables or windowsills. Look out for vintage finds in flea markets or car boot sales or seek out one of a kind, artisan-crafted pieces. Autumn interiors are all about being homely, and displaying the human touch.


    6. Light the fire

    There's no better way to achieve autumn interior design inspiration and cosy interiors than by lighting an open fire. Make the mantelpiece a focal point for vintage finds and treasured objects. Put firewood on display in a beautiful log basket. Arrange your furniture to take the best possible advantage of the warmth, mixing those reupholstered junk shop finds with your own pieces. Then add plenty of throws, pile on the cushions and enjoy your autumnal home.


    For more inspiration to make your home cosy this autumn visit our ‘Autumn Interior Design Ideas’ board on Pinterest by clicking on the following link:

    Do you want to find a new fireplace to match your autumnal design scheme? Then Direct Fireplaces can help. Simply browse our complete range today – and don’t forget that we offer free UK delivery on all products.

  • 4 Great Empty Fireplace Ideas For The Summer

    4 Great Empty Fireplace Ideas For The Summer – Direct Fireplaces

    Spring has officially sprung – but that’s no reason to forget you have a fireplace. After all, every unused fireplace represents a unique interior design opportunity.

    So, with summer just around the corner, we thought we’d treat you to a blog post packed full of beautiful empty fireplace ideas to keep your fireplace looking its best over the warmer months. Enjoy!

    1. Stack firewood for a natural look

      What to do with an empty fireplace – collage of fireplaces stacked with firewood

      This is probably one of the most practical empty fireplace ideas we came across, as it kills two birds with one stone. On the one hand, you get a convenient place to store your firewood over the warmer months, which will keep it safe and dry. And on the other, you have an interior design feature that, when done right, screams 'rustic chic'.

    2. Keep things fresh with flowers and greenery

      What to do with an empty fireplace – collage of fireplaces decorated with greenery

      Bring a taste of the outdoors into your living room by decorating your empty fireplace with all things green. Replace your roaring fire for a shiny green succulent plant, or place a fresh bouquet of wild flowers in pride of place on the mantelpiece. The aim is to evoke the spirit of the season and bring a breath of fresh air into your hearth and home.

    3. Swap a roaring fire for glittering candlelight

      What to do with an empty fireplace – collage of fireplaces decorated with candles

      You probably associate your fireplace with the comforting sight of flickering flames – and there’s no reason that has to change. Simply swap your roaring fire for the gentle glimmer of candlelight. Big or small, on the hearth or the mantelpiece, a single statement candle or eye-catching cluster – whatever your preference, the glittering lights will serve as the perfect accompaniment to a long summer evening.

    4. Put your objets d’art on show

      What to do with an empty fireplace – collage of fireplaces displaying objets d’art

      Instead of letting your empty fireplace gather dust over the spring and summer, make it the centrepiece of your living room by using it to showcase all your favourite pieces of art. From sculptures and statues to vases and trinkets, the only limit is your imagination. Whether you create an eclectic look, or channel a particular style (à la the coastal-themed empty fireplace above) is up to you.

    So there you have it: four fantastic empty fireplace ideas. You’ll never find yourself wondering what to do with a fireplace again!

    Want to find a new fireplace for your home? Direct Fireplaces can help. Browse our complete range today – and don’t forget that we offer free UK delivery on all products.

  • Outdoor Living: 5 BBQ Recipes With a Surprising Twist – Cosy Homes

    Collage of BBQ recipes with a twist

    Nothing says ‘outdoor living’ like cooking food with friends and family over a flaming fire. Still, over the long summer months, eating the same old BBQ recipes again and again can begin to feel a bit, well, samey.

    That’s why we’ve picked five delicious BBQ recipes that put an exciting twist on a classic dish. Get your BBQ or outdoor pizza oven fired up now – because you’re going to be feeling hungry once you’ve seen these five mouth-watering BBQ recipes.

    Bad-Ass Cheesy Corn on the Cob

    BBQ recipes – cheesy corn on the cob

    Image credit: Joey.

    Corn on the cob is a mainstay on many BBQs – and for good reason. It’s sweet, packed full of vitamins, and makes a satisfying starter, side or snack. But why not take your corn on the cob up a notch with this recipe for cheesy corn on the cob by Jamie Oliver? Simply put the corn on the BBQ, whip up a lime-spiked mayonnaise, then roll the just-charred cobs in the mayo and dust with some grated hard cheese before serving. Yum!

    The Volcano Potato

    BBQ recipes – volcano potato

    Image credit: Cayobo.

    Baked potatoes are another BBQ classic – but that doesn’t mean they can’t be improved upon. This volcano potato recipe by BBQFood4U puts the humble baked potato in the centre stage where it belongs, by creating an explosive recipe that erupts with layers of flavour, and includes bacon, smoked turkey, grated cheese, diced onions and a homemade ‘volcano sauce’. Serve up and get ready for some thunderous applause.

    Zucchini-Pesto Pizza

    BBQ recipes – courgette & pesto pizza

    Image credit: Pixabay.

    This summer, try something different with your outdoor pizza oven – mix things up by swapping the traditional tomato sauce base for a pesto one. This zucchini and pesto pizza recipe by Delish is light, packed full of healthy seasonal vegetables, such as courgette and squash, and adds a gourmet touch to any BBQ. Top it off with a squeeze of lemon and a sprig of fresh mint, and you have the ideal pizza for enjoying outside in the long summer evenings.

    Beer Can Chicken

    BBQ recipes – beer can chicken

    Image credit: Jo.

    It’s chicken – but not as you’ve seen it before. Give your guests a giggle while creating a dish that’s both tender and juicy, with this fun twist on a classic BBQ recipe. And – better yet – it’s simple to make too. Just cover a whole chicken with a homemade rub, remove the top of a beer can using a can opener, pour out half the beer (feel free to drink this while you’re cooking!) and then use the can as a stand to keep the chicken upright while the whole thing cooks over the grill. You can read the whole recipe on BBC Good Food.

    Barbecued Banoffee Trifles

    BBQ recipes – barbecued banoffee trifle

    Image credit: Patrick Truby.

    You might remember baking chocolate-filled bananas on the BBQ when you were younger, but this update on the recipe is far more grown-up. And, as the instructions on Tesco Real Food make clear, it couldn’t be simpler. Simply slice your bananas in half and stuff with chocolate and fudge, wrap in tin foil, then bake on the BBQ until everything is gooey and delicious. While you’re waiting, whip up the rest of the trifle using mascarpone, ginger cake and rum, then when everything is ready, build up the trifle in layers. Eat it quickly while it’s still hot!

    Is your stomach rumbling yet? Hopefully, these BBQ recipes have fired up your appetite for some outdoor cooking this summer. It truly is the ideal way to indulge in a little outdoor living.

    Interested in buying a new BBQ or pizza oven for the summer? We stock a wide range of high-quality wood-fired pizza ovens and BBQs that will enable you to combine fine food with outdoor living, all through the summer. Browse our range of BBQs and outdoor pizza ovens today.