Are you looking to buy a new fireplace that you can easily install yourself in your home? Perhaps you’re doing up a buy-to-let and are looking for a quick and easy fireplace installation? Whatever the context, if you’re looking for the easiest fireplaces to install, then you’re in the right place.

Fireplace installations by skill level

When it comes to selecting a fireplace that’s easy to install, there are options for all skill levels. Whether you want a completely simple ‘plug and play’ style fire, or you don’t mind getting your hands dirty and carrying out some structural work - there’ll be a fireplace for you. Fireplace installation doesn't have to be difficult!

Below, we’ve detailed the different types of fireplaces based on the level of skill that’s required to install them.

Note - you will find that all the fires in this article are electric. This is because gas fires can only be installed by Gas Safe Registered engineers.

Fireplaces that can be installed by novices

If you’re a novice when it comes to fireplace installations - that is, you’ve NEVER installed a fireplace before, and you don’t feel technically confident - then there is one main option to go for; a freestanding fireplace.

Freestanding fireplaces are the easiest type of fireplace to install in a home. 

As their name suggests - freestanding fireplaces - can stand completely unsupported and don’t require an existing fireplace cavity or chimney stack. 

Freestanding fireplaces simply need a wall to be pushed up against and a nearby power socket to plug into. 

These types of freestanding fires are available in a veritable constellation of different styles. You’ll also find that freestanding fires can be purchased with different flame effects, various fuel beds, and various pieces of tech such as thermostats and smartphone app controls.

The best freestanding fireplaces

If you want to take the plunge and buy a freestanding fireplace to install in your home, then explore a selection of our most popular freestanding electric fires below. 

Dimplex Cheriton Freestanding Electric Fire

Dimplex Cheriton Freestanding Electric Fire

Dimplex Cheriton Freestanding Electric Fire

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A classic, traditionally-styled fire, the Cheriton from Dimplex is a fantastic value fire. 

Supplied with real coals, the Cheriton is the ideal way of affordably adding a realistic looking fireplace to your home. For even more value, the Cheriton can be used in ‘effect only’ mode (i.e. you can see the flames, but there’s no heat), costing only 1p for nine hours use. 

The Cheriton is able to put out heat - approximately 1kW to 2kW - which is enough to complement your home’s central heating and take the chill out of your living room on those frosty winter days. 

With a 1.5 m electric cable, the Cheriton can be quite flexible in where it is located in your home, saving you the hassle of having to move a plug socket (or install a new one). 

If you want to enhance your Dimplex Cheriton further, then it’s available with an optional hearth pad, which adds to the fire’s visual appeal.

Aga Rayburn Stratus Extra Tall 100 Electric Fireplace Suite

AGA Raburn Stratus Extra Tall 100 Electric Fireplace Suite

AGA Rayburn Stratus Extra Tall 100 Electric Fireplace Suite

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Are you looking for a truly luxurious, beautiful fireplace that’ll create a head-turning focal point in your living room? 

Then buy the Aga Rayburn Stratus Extra Tall. This is an undeniably eye-catching freestanding fireplace that’ll make your living room the envy of your friends and neighbours. 

What makes the Stratus Extra Tall truly stand out - apart from its imposing stature - is its ultra-realistic flame effect, which creates the illusion of loose dancing flames across the entire front of the fire.

For added effect, the fire’s flames can be changed colours and set at different levels of brightness. It’s easy to make your fire truly unique. 

The Stratus Extra Tall isn’t just about good looks. It also has a heat output of 1.9kW, which will provide a generous burst of heat into your living room. Having said that, though, you can also use the Stratus Extra Tall in ‘effect only’ mode, for those warmer evenings of the year.

Fireplaces that can be installed by DIYers and amateurs

If you’re pretty competent at doing the odd bit of DIY around the house, and you don’t mind picking up some basic tools, then a good fireplace option is a wall-mounted fire. 

Wall-mounted fires require slightly more skill to install than a freestanding fire, but are still well within the capabilities of your average DIYer/amateur.

Installing a wall-mounted fire usually only consists of three core steps: 

  • Attached a mounting bracket or hanging screws to a load-bearing wall.
  • Fixing the fire to the mounting bracket or hanging screws.
  • Plugging the fire into a plug socket. 

As you can see, you don’t need to be a master builder to install a wall-mounted fire. You simply need some basic skills and tools. 

Like freestanding fireplaces, wall-mounted fireplaces are available in a wide array of styles; from compact, discreet rectangular fires, through to boldly-styled, eye-catching fires. 

Wall-mounted fires are also available with a range of flame effects and fuel bed types. Finally, wall-mounted fireplaces have the benefit of freeing up floorspace and are ideal for use in small living rooms where space is at a premium!

Guide - for more information on wall-mounted fire installation, read our complete guide.

The best wall-mounted fireplaces

Have you come to the conclusion that a wall-mounted fireplace is the perfect option for you and your home? Then check out a selection of our most popular wall-mounted fires below. 

Celsi Flamonik Rapture Wall-Mounted Electric Fire

Celsi Flamonik Rapture Wall-Mounted Electric Fire

Celsi Flamonik Rapture Wall-Mounted Electric Fire

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The Celsi Flamonik Rapture is the perfect choice for those who want a beautiful, stylish wall-mounted electric fire without breaking the bank.

With a colour changing log and coal effect fuel bed and colour changing back lights, the Flamonik Rapture is a wall-mounted fire that’ll not only capture your attention, but hold it. These colour settings can also be changed, so whatever mood you’re in, there will be a setting to match!

The Flamonik Rapture features a thermostatic remote control with an eight-hour sleep timer. It can also be manually controlled too.

Elgin & Hall Pryzm Huxton Wall-Mounted Timber Electric Fire

Elgin & Hall Pryzm Huxton Wall-Mounted Timber Electric Fire

Elgin & Hall Pryzm Huxton Wall-Mounted Timber Electric Fire

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For those looking for a wall-mounted fire that practically resembles a work of art, there’s the Huxton from Elgin & Hall. 

With 59 years of experience, Elgin & Hall designs and manufactures electric fires that are truly unlike any others on the market. The Huxton is no exception. 

One of the things that makes the Huxton unique amongst wall-mounted electric fires are the materials used in its construction. Elgin & Hall uses predominantly natural materials such as timber, which provides an organic, warm look to the fire.

Elgin & Hall’s considered design ethos extends beyond its construction, to the fire's flame effect, which uses stunning 5D technology to create a flame effect that has to be seen to be believed.

The Huxton’s floating hearth adds another element of visual intrigue, creating an anchor point for the viewer.

The Elgin & Hall Pryzm Huxton is able to provide an injection of heat into your living room, thanks to its 2kW heat output. 

Finally, it’s possible to choose your Huxton fire in one of two sizes; 41-inch, or 51-inch. It’s also available in two finishes; cashmere and anthracite, or ash white.

Whichever options you select, you’re going to end up with a fire that completes your living room.

Fireplaces that can be installed by skilled DIYers/professionals

If the prospect of undertaking fairly extensive structural work doesn’t intimidate you (or if you happen to do that kind of thing for a living), then a great, and very on-trend fireplace option open to you, are media wall fireplaces. 

Media wall fireplaces require the construction of stud walls - and as such, should only be installed by either very competent and experienced DIYers, or professional builders. 

But, the effort involved in the installation stage is more than worthwhile. 

Media walls are an incredible way of creating a stunning focal point in your home and can be more affordable than many people realise. They can also add to the value of your home.

Like other types of fireplaces, media wall fires are available in a huge range of styles, from sleek, discreet fires to two and three sided fires that make a bold statement. Media wall fires are also available with a range of flame effects and fuel bed types.

Guide - for more information on media wall installation, read our step-by-step guide to building a media wall with a fireplace.

The best media wall fireplaces

Are you going to take the plunge and create a media wall in your home? Then explore our selection of media wall fires below. We’ve included both budget-friendly and top-end luxury models.

Flare Invision 1000 3SL Electric Inset Fire

Flare Invision 1000 3SL Electric Inset Fire

Flare Invision 1000 3SL Electric Inset Fire

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A media wall fire that won’t break the bank, whilst also looking stylish and on-trend, the Invision 1000 from Flare is an extremely popular option for homes of all kinds. 

With the option of installing the Invision in either a one, two or three-sided configuration, this is a fire that’ll allow you to create your dream media wall with ease. Go for an understated single sided configuration, or go for a three-sided configuration that truly makes the fire a focal point of your media wall. It’s up to you!

The Invision 1000 is also packed with visual appeal, with six fuel bed colours, orange downlights, and three flame brightnesses.

Buy the Invision 1000, and you’ll find that it comes with a plentiful supply of crystals and pebbles, as well as hand painted loose logs. This means you can create a truly unique fuel bed layout. 

Looking for the perfect media wall fire that offers amazing value for money? Then you’ve just found it.

Flamerite Glazer 1800 3-2-1 Electric Inset Wall Fire

Flamerite Glazer 1800 3-2-1 Electric Inset Wall Fire

Flamerite Glazer 1800 3-2-1 Electric Inset Wall Fire

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A truly outstanding, statement-making media wall fire, the Glazer 1800 from Flamerite is a panoramic, widescreen fire which is ideal for the most ambitious of media wall projects. 

The Glazer 1800 can be installed as either a three, two, or one-sided fire, providing flexibility for your media wall project.

Thanks to its realistic cinder wood fuel bed and Omniglide tilting front glass screen, the Glazer 1800 has an extremely realistic-looking flame effect which can be seen no matter where you’re sitting in relation to the fire. 

The Glazer 1800 can easily be controlled in a number of ways. Choose to use the controls discreetly hidden within the fire, or use the dedicated smartphone app. There’s also the choice of buying an optional remote control.

From a technical perspective, the Glazer 1800 has a heat output of 1.5kW, two dimmers, flicker control and a seven-day timer.

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