Are you considering mounting your TV above your fireplace to create an entertainment media wall in your home? If that's the case, then you're certainly not alone. This is a popular trend among homeowners who want to combine two focal points of their living space into one seamless design.  

But before you grab your tools and start mounting your TV, there are some best practices and tips to keep in mind to ensure your TV and fireplace remain safe and functional.  

Keep reading for our handy guide on everything you need to know about mounting the TV above the fireplace.  

Choosing a suitable TV for your media wall

Several factors must be considered when selecting a TV for your media wall.  

Firstly, determine the size of your TV. While huge TVs are certainly in vogue right now, the best approach is to find a TV proportional to the size of your fireplace and the room. A TV that's too large will overpower the space and look out of place. On the other hand, if your TV is too small, you might get eye strain trying to watch your favourite Netflix shows.  

You'll also need to consider the distance between your TV and the seating area. The general rule of thumb is that the distance between the TV and the seating area should be around twice the diagonal size of the TV screen, so keep this in mind when choosing.  

In terms of the best type of TV for your media wall, you have several options. A frameless or bezel-less TV might be your best bet if you want something that blends seamlessly into your media wall. Alternatively, you might want a TV with a frame that looks like a piece of artwork when you're not watching it.  

Most important, however, is choosing a TV compatible with your streaming services, gaming consoles, soundbars, and any other devices you want to incorporate. Make sure you choose a TV with all the necessary inputs, like USB and HDMI ports.  

Ensuring proper ventilation for your TV

Heat is often one of the most significant concerns when mounting a TV above a fire. The good news is that our stunning electric media wall fires are all relatively low in heat output. Hence, your TV isn't in danger, but it's worth taking some preventative measures. After all, the area will be pretty warm with a fire and all the other electronics. Heat rises, and getting too hot could damage the TV. The best way to prevent this is to ensure the TV is ventilated well.  

A straightforward way to achieve this is to install a shelf or mantel between the TV and the fire. This helps to create a buffer zone and blocks the heat from reaching your TV. Or installing a heat shield behind your TV can be an ideal way to protect it further.  

Suppose you're going for the traditional, seamless media wall look. In that case, ventilation can be achieved by building a recess to mount your TV within. This is typically done by first creating a stud wall. While it might be something you feel confident to tackle if you're a seasoned DIYer, our partners at Direct Heating Services can help if you'd prefer to leave it to the professionals. 

Mounting Your TV above the fireplace

When it comes to actually mounting your TV above the fire, there are a few essential things to keep in mind.  

1 - The wall mount

Look for a mount that is designed for your size of TV. It should be sturdy and able to hold the TV's weight. A flat or flush mount works well if you want the TV to sit as close to the wall as possible and don't need to access behind it once installed.  

On the other hand, if you plan to swap out devices quite often or want to be able to adjust the angle of your TV, an adjustable arm mount might be a better option.  

2 - TV height

Make sure that your TV is installed at the right height. This will depend on your fire's height and your TV's size. Ideally, the best height for your TV to be mounted is so that the centre of the screen is at eye level when you're sitting down to watch it. The last thing you need is a sore neck when you're trying to enjoy a film!  

3 - TV angle

It's essential to consider the angle of your TV. You'll want to avoid mounting your TV at a steep angle, as this can make it difficult to watch and lead to eye strain. Instead, mount it facing straight ahead or slightly downwards if it's slightly higher than eye level.  

Creating a seamless design

Interior with yellow sofas and fireplace 3D rendering

Consider your space's overall look and feel to create a seamless design for your media wall. The best thing about media walls is that they are seriously customisable, and you can choose all the elements to create a unique space in your home.  

1 - Colour scheme

Pick a colour scheme that complements your fireplace and the rest of your room. When it comes to media walls, you can keep it simple by opting for shades of white or neutrals, making a bold statement with a darker shade, or even using wallpaper to add some interest to the room.  

Ultimately, this part is entirely up to you; you have free rein to use all the creativity you can muster.  

2 - Wiring

The wiring is a more practical consideration when planning your media wall or mounting a TV above the fireplace. Suppose you want a traditional media wall installation. In that case, this will usually be taken care of by running the cables through the built stud wall. If you're not making a stud wall, you can drill holes to run your lines through the wall.  

If you'd prefer to make only the necessary holes in the wall, there are other options to consider. Cable management solutions like paintable trunking can be an excellent way to keep your cables organised, tidy and out of sight.  

 3 - Storage solutions

Consider adding some storage solutions to your media wall, too. If you've got enough space, contemplate adding shelving or built-in cabinets to store things out of sight or display decorative items.  

This is a fantastic option if you create a media wall from a chimney breast and alcoves, as all that alcove space will be wasted otherwise.  

Finding the best fire for your media wall

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At Direct Fireplaces, our media wall fires are perfect for mounting a TV above. They come in various sizes and designs, with something to suit every home. What's more, we have fires with futuristic features like smart app control to add extra luxury to your living room.  

Plus, we offer free UK-wide delivery, no-hassle returns, and a range of finance options, including 0% over 12 months, to help you spread the cost of your media wall fire.  

Does the idea of installing your own media wall fill you with dread? Then, look no further than our installation partner, Direct Heating Services. They'll take care of it all for you, from TV mounting to fire installation, leaving it ready to decorate and put your stamp on. Contact them today at:  [email protected]  or call 07469 792452.   

If you have any questions before purchasing your media wall fire, our friendly team are always happy to help. Contact us at: [email protected] or call 0161 376 4181.  

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