Here at Direct Fireplaces, we love all fires and fireplaces dearly. Just like our children, we recognise each type’s strengths and weaknesses, but we couldn’t possibly pick a favourite.

When it comes to electric fires, we’re huge fans of their versatility and the way they can allow just about anyone to have a fire in their home. Not everyone is a huge fan as there are certain fireplace aficionados who prefer gas fires or real wood fires, but we think a good electric fire is tough to beat.

Here are 8 advantages of buying an electric fire:

There are loads of different types

One of the best things about electric fires is that there are so many different styles and designs. This means that no matter what kind of property you have, you’re almost guaranteed to find a fire that meets your requirements.

Do you have an existing fireplace? An inset electric fire could work for you. Maybe you don’t have a fireplace but you want the appearance of one? Take a look at our stand alone electric fires. Or are you In need of something sleek and stylish for a more modern home or you only have a small room? Perhaps a wall-mounted electric fire is what you’re after.

No cleaning required

If you have an open fire, then the cleaning and maintenance can sometimes feel like a bit of a chore. You have grates to clean, ash to scoop out, and the fire and smoke can blacken the surrounding stone and even walls and furniture close by. You also have to sweep your chimney every so often, which is an added cost if you get a professional chimney sweep in.

However, with an electric fire, you don’t have any of that. As they don’t burn any actual fuel, you aren’t left with any mess to clear up so your house remains clean as a whistle.

They’re relatively cheap

Like with most things, you can spend as much or as little as you like on an electric fire, but in general they’re cheaper to buy than other types of fire, keeping a little more money in your pocket.

As we’ve already mentioned, you also don’t have much in the way of upkeep and so you won’t be pay to maintain your electric fire on a regular basis.

You can move it

Most electric fires are as simple to use as just plugging them in, and therefore can be switched off and moved just about anywhere you like. This is handy if you’re redecorating and decide your fire would look better in a different room, and is also useful if you’re moving house. You don’t have to shell out for a new fire; you can just take it with you, again saving you money.

Being easy to move also means that if your electric fire is in a good enough condition, you can sell it and make some of your money back.

You can have a fire even if you don’t have a chimney

The great thing about an electric fire is that it means people without a chimney in their home can enjoy the comfort of a lovely warm fire.

Nothing is being burnt with an electric fire and so there is no need for a flue to siphon away the fumes. As such, you can put an electric fire just about anywhere, in any property.

They’re 100% efficient

Efficiency is a big deal when it comes to fireplaces, as it indicates how much heat is lost and how much actually goes into heating your home. As we’ve just established, a chimney isn’t required for an electric fire and so no heat is lost that way, which is the case for solid fuel fires and and most gas fires.

This means that all the heat from an electric fire goes into heating the room, making them 100% efficient, which can make up for the slightly higher running costs you often get with electric fires.

They don’t give off harmful fumes

Solid fuel and gas fires create harmful gases by their very nature, namely carbon dioxide and carbon monoxide. When set up and maintained correctly, all these harmful fumes are vented away and you never have to worry about them. However, if your fire isn’t well maintained or is faulty then you potentially have an issue as these gases can be very dangerous.

With an electric fire, you don’t have to worry about any of that. There are no harmful fumes whatsoever, which also means that you can use them if you live in a smoke control area.

You can also have electric stoves

Some people love the aesthetic of a wood burning stove but aren’t able to have one, either because they don’t have the room, they don’t have a chimney or it’s too costly. If that’s you, then you don’t have to miss out - you can opt for an electric stove!

Electric wood burners look just like the real thing and the flame effects are getting more and more realistic all the time. They’re a perfect alternative to a real log burner, and come with all the benefits listed above.

Take a look at our full range of electric fires and fireplaces and make your house feel more homely today.

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