The phrase ‘they don’t make them like they used to’ can be applied to many things. However, thanks to the wonderful people at Carron, that can’t be said of fireplaces and surrounds.

Here at Direct Fireplaces, we’re huge fans of Carron and their absolutely beautiful traditionally designed fireplaces, surrounds and fireplace inserts that hark back to the opulence of Victorian period properties.

Before we take a closer look at some of Carron’s stunning products, we caught up with the brand for a quick chat:

Could you please give us some background to Carron?

Carron Castings is a brand that dates back over 16 years and is based on the quality of traditional cast iron production methods which date back centuries.

What makes Carron stand out from the crowd?

Whilst working with historic designs in radiators and heating products, Carron are innovators in their field and are one of the few manufacturers of coloured enamelled stoves left today in the UK.  And with the ability to design bespoke radiators and fireplaces with special finishes and sizes, our ethos is to be constantly pushing design boundaries.

Why do you think the classic style of Carron remains so popular?

Carron specialise in traditional period designs and as a market leader we focus on the detail and accuracy of the design and casting of our products making them more relevant to period homes and new alike giving them a timeless appeal.

What does the design process look like for Carron products?

Many of Carron’s radiators were designed over a 100 of years ago and we whilst we will change the finish and colours we will always keep the integrity of the original designs.  Our fireplaces and stoves are designed in-house by our specialist design team, working on a lengthy process which includes concept designs through to production.

Here are some of our favourite Carron products, including fire inserts and wooden and cast iron surrounds. Take a look:

Cast Iron Fire Surrounds

For an authentic period effect in your home, then Carron cast iron fire surrounds can help you achieve that with ease. Here are just a few of the stunning cast iron surrounds from Carron we stock:

Click to see our full range of Carron cast iron surrounds

Wooden Fire Surrounds

Carron are also pretty amazing when it comes to producing wooden fire surrounds. However, their wooden surrounds are not just suitable for period properties. Their range is so diverse that they have styles that are suitable for more modern properties as well - although they do still have some beautiful Victorian-style surrounds, of course:

Click to see our full range of Carron wooden fire surrounds

Cast Iron Fire Inserts

If you have your fire and you have your surround but you need to marry the two together while keeping that traditional look, then take a look at our Carron cast iron fire inserts. As with all of Carron’s products, they’re made to exceptionally high standards, and come in a range of styles depending on the effect you’re trying to achieve:

Click to see our full range of Carron cast iron fire inserts

As you can see, Carron produce some beautiful products that can really take the decor of your home to the next level. Click here to see more Carron products like the ones above, or you can also see our fantastic range of Carron stoves and traditional radiators. If you’d like any more information, please get in touch today.

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