When you think of fireplaces and fireplace surrounds, you might think of traditional cast iron grates and period designs. But fireplaces don’t have to be old-fashioned – indeed, a contemporary fireplace design can be the icing on the cake for any modern living room.

Still not convinced? To demonstrate just how versatile a fireplace can be, we’ve combined six modern living room interior design styles with their perfect contemporary fireplace design match.

Scandinavian Style

scandinavian style fireplace

Scandinavian interior design uses light colours, wooden floors and simple furnishings to create comfy living spaces that are perfect for cuddling up in during long winter nights. A fireplace is essential for completing the cosy look – and you certainly can’t go wrong by choosing a contemporary fireplace design with a wooden fire surround and wood mantels to complement the décor.

Industrial Interior Design

industrial interior fireplace

Industrial interior design conjures up images of hip loft living and counterculture cool with its bare walls, upcycled furnishings and sleek metal features. But those large spaces can get a little chilly, which is why a fireplace is often a great addition to an industrial modern living room. A contemporary fireplace design with a metallic surround, like one of our hole in the wall gas fires, can stave off the chills whilst completing the look.

Boho Chic

boho chic style fireplace

Laidback bohemian chic is a great look for a modern living room, combining vintage touches with contemporary twists to create an interior design style that belongs firmly in the 21st century. When it comes to choosing a fireplace for such a living room, it’s best to opt for a contemporary fireplace design, such as the curved hang on the wall style pictured above.

Bold, Bright Living Spaces

bold living space fireplace

Brightening up a modern living room with a bold colour scheme is a great way to make a room look warm and inviting. When completing the look with a fireplace, however, it’s best to keep things understated. A contemporary fireplace design with a simple white surround will bring the style to life (seen above in one of our Class 1 Full Depth Gas Fires) without overpowering the room.

Modern Beach Living

modern living space fireplace

No matter where you live, it’s always appropriate to incorporate a light and airy seaside style into your interior design. Reminiscent of beach huts and holiday homes, this style embraces natural materials, neutral tones and splashes of colour. A contemporary fireplace design can polish off the look nicely – particularly one that combines sleek modern metals with some natural wooden fire surrounds.

Minimalist Zen

minimalist zen living fireplace

A minimalist modern living room can foster a sense of peace and tranquillity that cannot be beaten. And what better way to enjoy your own private sanctuary than by relaxing next to the flickering flames of a roaring fire? To maintain the minimalist style, we’d recommend opting for a discrete hole in the wall fireplace.

We've featured mainly gas fires here but many of these designs would work equally well with a modern or inset electric fires and electric fireplaces.

We hope these contemporary fireplace design ideas have proven to you that a fireplace can be a fitting addition to any modern living room – whatever the style.

If this post has left you feeling inspired to find a fireplace to complement your own home, browse our range of fireplaces today to find out how Direct Fireplaces can help you achieve your interior design dreams.

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