Spring has officially sprung – but that’s no reason to forget you have a fireplace. After all, every unused fireplace represents a unique interior design opportunity.

So, with summer just around the corner, we thought we’d treat you to a blog post packed full of beautiful empty fireplace ideas to keep your fireplace looking its best over the warmer months. Enjoy!

Stack firewood for a natural look

This is probably one of the most practical empty fireplace ideas we came across, as it kills two birds with one stone. On the one hand, you get a convenient place to store your firewood over the warmer months, which will keep it safe and dry. And on the other, you have an interior design feature that, when done right, screams 'rustic chic'.

Keep things fresh with flowers and greenery

Bring a taste of the outdoors into your living room by decorating your empty fireplace with all things green. Replace your roaring fire for a shiny green succulent plant, or place a fresh bouquet of wild flowers in pride of place on the mantelpiece. The aim is to evoke the spirit of the season and bring a breath of fresh air into your hearth and home.

Empty fireplaces with flowers

Swap a roaring fire for glittering candlelight

You probably associate your fireplace with the comforting sight of flickering flames – and there’s no reason that has to change. Simply swap your roaring fire for the gentle glimmer of candlelight. Big or small, on the hearth or the mantelpiece, a single statement candle or eye-catching cluster – whatever your preference, the glittering lights will serve as the perfect accompaniment to a long summer evening.

Put your objets d’art on show

Instead of letting your empty fireplace gather dust over the spring and summer, make it the centrepiece of your living room by using it to showcase all your favourite pieces of art. From sculptures and statues to vases and trinkets, the only limit is your imagination. Whether you create an eclectic look, or channel a particular style is up to you.

Empty fireplaces with candles

So there you have it: four fantastic empty fireplace ideas. You’ll never find yourself wondering what to do with fireplaces again!

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