So you want a gas fire but don’t have a chimney or flue. What are your options? Well, check out the following options for a gas fire without chimney:

So what’s the difference and which one is best for you?

Flueless Gas Fires

As the name suggests, flueless inset gas fires don’t require a flue and have a heat efficiency of 100%. They use a catalytic converter to clean the fumes; these catalytic converters are rated to last for 27 years.

Fitting a flueless gas fire requires that a 100cm2 ventilation brick be fitted on an external wall in the room where the fire is fitted. Also, depending on the fire, the room must be a certain size, generally between a minimum of 25 - 30 cubic metres. You can work out the size of your room by this calculation (width x depth x height).

Balanced Flue Gas Fires

Balanced flue gas fires are also very efficient with a heat efficiency rating of around 80 - 90%. They must be installed on an external wall though an additional air vent isn't needed as they use a double exhaust pipe that draws fresh air in through the outer pipe and expels fumes through the inner pipe.

GasFire - property map

Powerflue Gas Fires

Powerflue or 'fan-assisted' gas fires - an example of this type being our Flavel Kenilworth Tradition Powerflue Gas Fire - extract their fumes with the aid of a fan.

The fire is similar to a standard open-fronted fire but has a pipe leading from the back of the fire which has a fan on the end. It’s worth noting that these fires will require an electric supply. Most models do need installing on an external wall, with the pipe venting straight out the back. However, among the Verine Fires range there are fires that come with an optional flue extension kit allowing venting through a side wall; the flue can even be extended to go over a garage as shown in the image above.

So if you haven’t got a chimney and want a gas fire, there are several solutions. If you need any further help or advice regarding buying a gas fire please call one of our expert team.

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