Increasing numbers of new UK homes do not have a chimney stack or fireplace. If you’re living in one of those homes, you may be wondering if you can install a gas fireplace? The answer is an emphatic yes! So, keep reading and the Direct Fireplaces team will take you through the best gas fires for homes without a chimney.

What types of gas fires can be used without a chimney? 

It’s important to note that there are only certain types of gas fires that are suitable for use without a chimney. 

There are three main types of gas fire that can be used without a chimney: 

  • Flueless gas fires.
  • Balanced flue gas fires.
  • Powerflue gas fires.

Each of these types of gas fire works in a slightly different way, so it’s important to select the type that will be most suitable for your home. 

Below we’ve provided an overview of how each of these types of fires work.

Flueless gas fires

As their name suggests, flueless gas fires are fires which do not require a flue (a flue being the pipe that runs up the chimney which is used to expel gases and combustibles from the fireplace). 

Instead, flueless gas fires are designed to burn incredibly cleanly, so much so in fact, that they are able to expel their fumes back into the room in which they are situated. 

Whilst this may sound unusual, it’s a standard process. Flueless gas fires use a catalytic converter to ‘clean’ the exhaust gases before they are vented out into your living space. 

Balanced flue gas fires

Balanced flue gas fires are gas fires which use a special type of exhaust to expel their fumes and combustibles.

This type of exhaust is called a ‘twin wall pipe’, ‘twin wall flue’, or ‘balanced flue’.

Flavel Jazz Balanced Flue Hole in the Wall Gas Fire

Flavel Jazz Balanced Flue Hole in the Wall Gas Fire

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When a balanced flue gas fire is installed, it will be against an external wall, with the twin wall flue passing through the wall and exiting on the wall outside of your home. 

Once installed, a balanced flue gas fire will use this twin wall flue to both suck in fresh air to feed the fire, and to push out exhaust fumes.

Because of this setup, balanced flue gas fires are ideal for homes that do not have chimneys. 

Powerflue gas fires

A powerflue gas fire is a gas fire which is powered by a fan. The fan pulls the fumes generated by the gas fire and expels them via a rear vent.

Powerflue gas fires need to be installed against an external wall of your home. This is because the vent at the rear of the fire needs to pass through the external wall for the venting of exhaust gases.

You may think that this setup sounds remarkably similar to that of a balanced flue gas fire; and you’d be right! However, there is one key difference. 

Powerflue gas fires are open-fronted, which means they have a similar effect to an open wood burning fireplace. You can see the gas flames right in front of your eyes. Balanced flue gas fires on the other hand have a glass front and the flames are sealed off from the room.

With those distinctions out of the way, let’s take a look at the very best gas fires for homes without a chimney that are currently on the market!

The  5 best gas fires for homes without a chimney or flue

At Direct Fireplaces we stock a massive range of gas fires that are suitable for new homes without a chimney or flue. 

We have flueless gas fires to accommodate all budgets and tastes, so we’ve presented you with five of our most popular models below. 

EkoFires 5510 Flueless Gas Fire

EkoFires 5510 Flueless Gas Fire

EkoFires 5510 Flueless Gas Fire

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EkoFires is a British-based manufacturer which has a particular focus on producing highly-efficient gas fires that have minimal impact upon the environment. 

The EkoFires 5510 Flueless Gas Fire is a perfect example of this philosophy in action. 

Not only is the 5510 a beautiful, traditionally-styled gas fireplace, but it is also packed with the latest catalytic technology, making it highly efficient, with reduced running costs, simple installation and more. 

You can also customise the 5510 to really make it your own. It’s available with brass, chrome and black plain frames as well as a realistic coal fuel bed, so it’s easy to customise it to your home’s decor. 

With a heat output of 2.3kW, this fireplace is ideal for smaller living rooms. And, whilst you don’t require a chimney or flue to install this fireplace, you will need a minimum room size of 27m³ and sufficient ventilation. 

EkoFires 5070 Wall Mounted Flueless Gas Fire

EkoFires 5070 Wall Mounted Flueless Gas Fire

EkoFires 5070 Wall Mounted Flueless Gas Fire

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Just because you haven’t got a chimney doesn’t mean you can’t have an uber-modern and stylish gas fireplace!

The EkoFires 5070 Wall Mounted Flueless Gas Fire is an exceptionally attractive and stylish fireplace that’ll easily become the focal point of your living room. 

It’s a fire that will certainly help you make the most of your heating budget, as it’s able to generate a heat output of 2.6kW with an efficiency of 100%. 

Like many other flueless gas fires, the EkoFires 5070 requires you to mount it on an exterior wall and to ensure you have an air vent in the room of at least 100cm².

Robinson Willey Firecharm RS Outset Balanced Flue Gas Fire

Robinson Willey Firecharm RS Outset Balanced Flue Gas Fire

Robinson Willey Firecharm RS Outset Balanced Flue Gas Fire

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If you want a more prominent looking fireplace, then the Robinson Willey Firecharm RS could be it. 

Since 1960 Robinson Willey has been manufacturing high-quality fires for the home that combine aesthetics with practicality. 

The Firecharm RS is a great example of this, offering a powerful 3.57kW heat output at an efficiency of 88%. So, this is certainly a gas fire that’ll make your heating budget go a long way.

As a balanced flue gas fire, the Firecharm RS can be easily installed into homes without a chimney. You’ll just need to ensure it is fitted against an exterior wall. 

Aside from that, the Firecharm RS also features electronic manual control with 4 heat settings as standard. It also has electronic ignition, which makes lighting the fire super easy. 

It’s also available in two colours; black or bronze - so it’s easy to pick a version which perfectly complements your living room decor. 

Elgin & Hall Balanced Flue Inset Gas Fire with Cast Stove Fascia

Elgin & Hall Balanced Flue Inset Gas Fire with Cast Stove Fascia

Elgin & Hall Balanced Flue Inset Gas Fire with Cast Stove Fascia

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Do you like the look of wood-burning stoves, but don’t want the hassle of lighting, maintaining and cleaning them? 

Then check out Elgin & Hall’s Inset Gas Fire with Cast Stove Fascia. 

Resembling a traditional wood burning stove, this fire has an impressive heat output of 3.3kW at an efficiency of 86%, making it highly efficient. Controlling the fire is made easy by the use of either a manual control or a slider control (just pick the option which is best for you). 

Flavel Raglan Balanced Flue Gas Fire

Flavel Raglan Balanced Flue Gas Fire

Flavel Raglan Balanced Flue Gas Fire

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The Flavel Raglan is a traditionally-styled balanced flue gas fire with a heat output of 2.8kW with a net efficiency rate of 80%. 

With a rich history in the manufacture of home heating appliances, Flavel certainly knows what it’s doing. And, it shows in the Raglan. 

Whilst this is a fireplace that can be fitted in homes without a chimney, it has also been designed to slot easily into existing fireplaces, making it a highly versatile home heating option. 

Aside from being an immensely practical and efficient fire, the Raglan is also an attractive one too. Featuring subtle, yet distinctive traditional styling, the Raglan is available in either a satin silver or brass finish, making it easy for this fire to fit into your home’s overall decor. 

Heat up your home with Direct Fireplaces

So as you can see, if your home doesn’t have a chimney, you can still enjoy a beautiful, warm and stylish gas fireplace!

Simply explore our range of balanced flue, flueless inset, hole in the wall balanced flue and wall mounted flueless gas fires to find the fireplace that’s perfect for your home.

Shop flueless gas fires at Direct Fireplaces today

For more fireplace buying guides, advice and information, read the Direct Fireplaces blog

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