You’ve probably seen the photos of dreamy cosy rooms, adorned with candles, knitted blankets and warming cups of tea in shot. This is hygge (Pronounced: hu-gah), and the Danish art form has come to the UK in full force.

This trend is not just for the interior designers, but it inspires a whole lifestyle change to embrace the little, happy moments in life and make them that little bit more meaningful – after all, Denmark is one of the happiest countries in the world.

We’ve been focusing on how to make our homes feel even cosier this winter by incorporating hygge into our everyday routines and interior design. Here are some of our favourite ways to hygge up your home.

1. Textures are Everything

Bold textures like chunky knit blankets, fluffy pillows and faux fur rugs are staples of the hygge home. Cosy and couture, these household must-haves will instantly add a warm and feel good feature to your living room or bedroom, plus they’re essential on a cold winter’s evening in. Pair your grey textures with crisp white bed linen or a lighter coloured sofa for a traditionally hygge look.

Hygge - dog on a cosy blanket

2. Stay Warm by the Fire

wood burning stove should be at the heart of your hygge home. A fire will make a winter room glow, keeping you snug as it (most likely) rains outside. Evenings in won’t be the same again, as the seasonal scent of burning wood and the radiating heat will make you want to never leave the house again.

Wood stove

3. Add the Finishing Touches

Similar to a log burner, lighting a candle is one way to create a warm, glowing hygge atmosphere in your home. Whether you’re reading a book, having dinner with friends or running a relaxing bath, candles, – scented or otherwise – will make any room feel peaceful and serene. Other cosy finishing touches include cut flowers, seasonal additions like pumpkins or holly berries, and coffee table books.

Fairy lights

4. Make Time for Your Wellbeing

Wellbeing is a massive part of the hygge lifestyle, and your social life falls into that. Rather than inviting friends over for a bottle of wine in front of the TV, throw a dinner party. Cook yourself, or ask everyone to bring something, and make sure all technology is left at the door. This intimate and feel good setting will be an occasion to remember, and will bring out all the best warm and fuzzy feelings this winter.

Hygge self care

5. Don’t Forget the Garden

We know the garden or balcony can be a forgotten place in the colder months, but it’s a part of your home simply waiting to be transformed into a cosy social spot. Light a few candles, string up some fairy lights and pile the blankets high, you can even set up a canopy in case of rain. This is the perfect spot to socialise and relax before heading indoors for your dinner party.

If you’ve got a larger space to utilise, an outdoor oven is a rustic and unique feature that will also keep you warm whilst you wait.

Inspired to hygge up your home? Don’t forget the absolute Danish must-have, a cosy fireplace or warming stove.

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