One of the most appealing and practical type of fireplaces today are limestone fireplaces thanks primarily to the wide variety in colours and sizes, as well as it having better resistance than other types of materials.

In this article we take a closer look at why limestone is such a popular choice of fireplace material with UK buyers.

Why do we love limestone fireplaces?

Each piece or slab of natural limestone is unlike any other piece and has a unique shape and make based on how how it was formed. The quality and appearance of a limestone is due to factors like the quantity of calcium carbonate, which is what the rock is made of, and the amount of fossil contained in it.

This makes limestone fireplaces ideal as decorative pieces, because of the various colours of limestones. The shades range from red, orange, brown, cream, grey, and black and we have a huge range of limestone fireplaces right here on our website.

Limestone Fireplace

Due to the uniqueness of the material, limestone fireplaces are great for granite or marble alternatives. Limestone resembles the patterns and colour of marble and can also sport elaborate and intricate designs, just like granite or marble. Also, limestone exudes a majestic look, which will make for a real focal point in your home.

Limestone fireplaces are also generally much cheaper than marble. This is why many homes opt for them as they represent a sensible investment that fall within the budget that many people are working with.

it is also a very versatile material and can be tailored to suit any decor and to complement your home's design scheme. Also, we have a range of limestone fires without a chimney - these can be gas, solid fuel, or electric fires and they will never go out of style.

Why choose limestone?

Identified by its light tone, Agean Limestone is the perfect material to brighten a dark room. Traditional fireplaces, whilst beautiful, may not always work aesthetically in the modern home due to their darker tones. Limestone, by comparison, can make a room feel bigger whilst adding a strong feature to any home design. The flexibility in these light tones can also reflect many different styles, from modern through to Grecian.

Choosing your perfect limestone fireplace

Finding your perfect limestone fireplace is simple. Once you have the technical (ensuring the correct fuel type is essential), physical (determining your chimney/hearth requirements), and financial aspects sorted, choosing your ideal solution is a matter of taste.

Clearly, personal taste goes a long way in choosing your mantel, and you may also wish to take consideration over room size, trends, and historic aspects (faithfulness to a period home can create a wonderful space). Inspiration is essential when it comes to home design, and Direct Fireplaces have created a number of boards on our Pinterest page to help provide some guidance. These boards span a variety of styles, and will hopefully help you envision which fireplace is perfectly suited to your home.

Limestone fireplace with guitar

Limestone, whilst beautiful, is also porous and soft, making it important for owners to avoid staining parts of the mantel. This potential pitfall is easily sidestepped by having your limestone fireplace treated with a high quality sealant. Our customers need not worry; many of the our fireplaces come pre-treated, providing a more durable surface.

Cleaning a limestone fireplace

Cleaning your limestone fireplace is also simple, cleaned ideally with a damp cloth. We do advise the following tips to ensure the colour remains true in your mantel;

  • Avoid using wax or polish when cleaning your limestone fireplace, as extended use could result in the limestone darkening over time
  • Avoid placing vases on untreated limestone mantels to limit ring marks
  • Keep cigarettes away from your limestone fireplace to avoid brown stains appearing

In conclusion, Limestone is a very durable material, so owners need not worry about excessive maintenance, leaving more time to admire how gorgeous it makes your room look. At Direct Fireplace we specialise in providing our customers with a selection of top quality fireplaces in limestone, directly from Portugal. We also work with some of our industries top fireplace manufacturers, including Be Modern, The Gallery Collection and PureGlow, providing a diverse range of options. Simply get in touch today if you have any more questions and we would be happy to help.

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