If you’ve been dreaming of getting a new fireplace, you might be put off by the belief that they take a lot of time and work to install.

While gas fires and solid fuel fireplaces do take a certain level of work to get them fitted safely, there is another option that is perfect for those without a chimney - an electric fireplace suite!

Yes, whether you don’t want to have to carry out building work, are too impatient to wait or want to be able to give your room a beautiful update when you are pressed for time, this could be the answer.

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Do electric fires just plug in?

Yes, electric fires really do just plug in! Of course, if you choose an inset electric fire you will need some DIY skills to get them into place.

However, you can also find some ‘plug in and go’ type electric fire suites. These simply come straight out of the box in one piece and can be plugged directly into the wall for immediate use.

There are just a few things to take into consideration first…

Your skirting board

If you want your electric fireplace to sit flush against the wall, you might find that the skirting board is in the way. This is easily fixed, as you just need to remove the required length to allow your fireplace to fit neatly into the gap.

If you have the right saw, you can easily do this yourself. If not, you can hire the tools you need or ask a handyman to do the job for you - it should only take a couple of hours.

Have the right socket

For safety reasons, it’s a good idea to isolate the socket you are plugging the fire into. This helps prevent your circuit from becoming overloaded and tripping out.

Most electric fires should be compatible with the standard voltage of a domestic socket in a UK home, but it’s always best to check, too.

The distance from your fire to a socket

An electric fire should always be plugged straight into the wall - not an extension cord.

So, find out how long the cable is on your chosen electric fire and make sure it can reach a safe socket. If you don’t have one near enough, you can ask an electrician to come and wire you a new one.

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Where do I plug my electric fireplace?

You can plug your electric fire into any regular socket in your house, so long as it is the correct voltage.

However, you need to make sure you don’t cover any power sockets up with your fireplace.

The socket you are using to plug in your fire must be easily accessible so you can unplug it quickly in the case of a fault occurring.

You should also avoid covering up any other sockets - either empty, or with other appliances plugged into them. Again, this prevents you from being able to unplug them in an emergency. The heat from the back of the fire might also cause a hazard.

Finally, when deciding where to plug your electric fireplace, make sure it has enough space for air to fully circulate around it. Along with ensuring that it is plugged in safely, you should also check that other hazards and combustibles are also a safe distance away.

Are you looking for an electric fireplace you can just plug in and go?

Take a look at some of our best options here at Direct Fireplaces and get ready to enjoy a new fireplace with minimal effort!

Under £500…

Holden Fireplace Suite in Ivory With Modern Electric Fire

From £216.00

Holden Fireplace Suite in Ivory with Modern Electric Fire

This black and white electric fireplace is sure to bring some style to your living room! Perfect for modern decor, the Holden fireplace suite has a contemporary pebble fuel bed, while the fire is available with the pictured brushed steel fascia or a black option.

Shop Holden Electric Fire Suite

Malmo Electric Fireplace Suite With Colorado Electric Fire

From £219.00

Malmo Electric Fireplace Suite With Colorado Electric Fire

The homey feeling Malmo electric fire suite is perfect for plugging into your living room. It comes with a real wood veneer surround that takes just a few minutes to assemble before it’s ready to switch on and go. If preferred, you can wax, varnish or even paint the surround to your liking.

Shop Malmo Electric Fire Suite

Under £1,000…

Be Modern Ravensdale Electric Fire Suite

From £620.00

Be Modern Ravensdale Electric Fire Suite

How great does this Be Modern Ravensdale electric fire suite look? You wouldn’t even realise that it comes in one easy to install piece! With a cosy looking wood burner effect, you can get all the atmosphere of a real stove with only a fraction of the effort. Simply unpack it from the box and plug it in, then sit back and relax.

Shop Be Modern Ravensdale

Suncrest Lucera 47-inch OptiMyst Electric Fireplace Suite

From £864.95

Suncrest Lucera 47-inch OptiMyst Electric Fireplace Suite

Just because they are easy to install, it doesn’t mean that electric fire suites are any less impressive - as this Suncrest Lucera suite shows! Along with boasting a bold and modern design, it features Optimyst technology to create a highly realistic flame display. You’ll be amazed at the clean smoke effect and glowing log fuel bed!

Shop Suncrest Lucera

Under £1,500….

Celsi Ultiflame VR Vega Electric Fireplace Suite

From £1,230.00

Celsi Ultiflame VR Vega Electric Fireplace Suite

Known for producing some of the most realistic electric fires, we think you’ll be delighted to hear that the stunning Celsi Ultiflame VR Vega suite is incredibly easy to install. Simply take it out of the box, plug into a suitable socket and enjoy the magnificent 3D LED flame display with highly detailed ceramic logs!

Shop Celsi Ultiflame VR Vega

Flamerite Bronte Electric Fireplace Suite

From £1,299.95

Flamerite Bronte Electric Fireplace Suite

We love the Flamerite Bronte electric fire suite - and, it seems our customers do too, as it’s probably one of our most popular choices. The classic design would suit almost any room type, plus as it needs no chimney or complicated installation, there’s no reason why everybody can’t enjoy it! What’s more, the stunning LED flame display can even be controlled via an app on your smartphone.

Shop Flamerite Bronte Suite

Under £2,000

OER Monaco Electric Fireplace Suite

From £1,579.00

OER Monaco Electric Fireplace Suite

Don’t think that an electric fireplace can’t bring some grandeur to your room! This OER Monaco electric fire suite is truly stunning, boasting a timelessly elegant surround and contrasting black fire box.

Don’t like the white surround? Well, you can choose to have it painted in a choice of colours - or, even let us know which shade of paint you would like it in, and we will match it! If you’re still not convinced, you might be when you hear that you can control the beautiful flame display with a thermostatic remote control.

Shop OER Monaco Suite

Celsi Electriflame VR Orbital Illumia Electric Fireplace Suite

From £1,830

Celsi Electriflame VR Orbital Illumia Electric Fireplace Suite

If you’ve got the room for it, we highly recommend the stunning Celsi Electriflame VR Orbital Illumia. This electric fireplace really makes an impression - who’d have thought it only takes an electric socket to have a gorgeous room feature like this?

Along with the strikingly modern surround, it features state-of-the-art technology to create a flame display that’s almost indistinguishable from a real fire! Sit back and enjoy it with its 7-day timer function and ambient downlights.

Shop Celsi Orbital Illumia

Looking for more electric fires you can just plug in and use? Take a look at our full electric fire range online today!

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