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Ideas from Interior Designers & Bloggers

  • "To create a cosy ambience, try to make sure that all seating is situated near a surface where you can easily place a drink or your favourite book. Too often people think that a large space means that things need to be far apart to fill the area.

    Large overstuffed throw pillows with various textures are a simple and easy way to cosy up any living room."

    Typhanie Peterson at Typhanie Peterson Design

  • "When I think of a cosy room, here's a top 5 of the things that come to mind:

    1. The fireplace, which I associate with the heart of the room
    2. The natural light - lots of it
    3. The right colours & fabrics - warm colours (beige, soft blues, etc.) & natural fabrics like wool, cotton, nice to touch... will always generate a cosy feeling
    4. Find a way to incorporate real wood – either next to the fireplace or through accessories
    5. Cats"

    Irena Carter, interior designer at

  • "Remember to accessorise, a stark room that is unadorned, boring, and unwelcoming is not only dreary, but also lacks warmth…Add a rich throw in a soft colour like dove grey and coordinate with cushions in a contrasting and rich colour such as plum or burgundy. A sofa piled high with cushions and blankets is guaranteed to relax you, as you wrap up and indulge in a warming hot chocolate or glass of wine."

    Jen Stanbrook, interior design writer at Love Chic Living in ‘Winter Relaxation: How to Create a Calming Space

  • "Nothing can instantly change the whole vibe of a room like lighting. Not only will it shift the mood by adding another layer to your lighting scheme, but statement lighting really grabs the eye…. Get all cosy in that warm glow and then come back and tell me how it's made your room everything you ever hoped it would be."

    Sarah Akwisombe, interior design writer at Sarah in ‘3 Ways to Instantly Upgrade Your Living Room

  • "(To create a warm and cosy sitting room) Keep the wall colour neutral, so that the artworks and furnishings take centre stage… grey is perfect for a background colour. It’s not as cold as white but it’s cool enough to handle the other hot colours."

    Carole King, interior design writer at Dear Designer in ‘A Warm and Cosy Sitting Room – Top Tips

  • "I love mixing different styles and textures in my living room as it makes it feel cosier and less generic than it would otherwise, bearing in mind I live in a new build flat with no architectural features or character."

    Katy Orme, interior design writer at Apartment Apothecary in ‘Combining Different Styles

  • "You should choose a colour scheme that resonates with you and makes you feel good. Don't be tempted to simply follow colour trends, as these tend to date rather quickly. Once you have chosen your colours, make sure that you invest in some sample wallpaper or tester paint pots to give you a better idea of what the colour looks like on the wall. A helpful tip when painting is to paint the colour onto paper rather than directly onto the wall. That way you can move the paper around the room to see what it will look like in different lights and at different times of day. What looks great next to a window may not be quite so appealing in a dark corner."

    Stacey Sheppard, interior design writer at The Design Sheppard

  • "I’m a huge fan of adding interest to a space with varied textures. The use of faux fur accessories is one way to bring elegance and softness, especially during these cold winter months. Faux fur adds a whole lot of cosy, and a little bit of old Hollywood glamour. I adore it, in small doses, and when used in a casual, stylish way."

    Kate Riley, interior design writer at Centsational Girl in ‘Cozy It Up with Fur

  • "So many people are afraid of dark rooms. They fear the room will look too small, too dark, that the light won’t shine through. While this is true to some degree, we forget that there are occasions when we crave cosy, small and dark nooks. I wouldn’t necessarily suggest going dark in every room, but a dark room definitely has its place."

    Gabrielle Savoie, interior design writer at Savvy Home in ‘Top 5: In a Dark Mood

  • "To create the ultimate cosy living room don’t be afraid of adding some dramatic, darker colours, which will add depth and warmth to your scheme. Don’t under-estimate the transformative effect of painting your walls in a delicious warm shade. And then be sure to layer in plenty of texture and lighting to the scheme, giving your eye plenty to linger over. By doing these simple things you’ll create the ultimate cosy space to relax in during those colder months."

    Nicola Holden, interior designer at Nicola Holden Designs

  • "Once the cooler weather comes in and the days get shorter, my 'nesting' instinct kicks in. I love to be surrounded by comfort and so in my living room, my woven rattan chairs get covered with hide throws. I also love to include fluffy faux fur cushions on my sofa and a thick knitted throw. I will swap my floral candles for winter scents like cinnamon and orange and use little tea light candles in gold votives for a soft flickering light in the evening. I also have a few gold sequin cushions, which, while not exactly soft and cosy, do bounce that candle light around beautifully! Lastly, changing sheer light weight curtains for sumptuous thick fabrics like velvet at the windows always makes for a cosy space and keeps my old house nice and warm!"

    Kimberly Duran, interior design writer at Swoon Worthy

  • "Paint the walls dark as this will make the art work pop, use velvet, faux fur and lots of natural textiles with rugs underfoot"

    Kate Watson Smyth, interior designer and writer at Mad About the House

  • "Paint the walls dark as this will make the art work pop, use velvet, faux fur and lots of natural textiles with rugs underfoot"

    Martyn White, interior designer and writer at Martyn White Designs