Do you want to create a fireplace that stands out from the crowd? Do you want to create a feature in your home that’s attractive and eye-catching? Then a corner fireplace could be for you. Keep reading and the Direct Fireplaces team will tell you everything you need to know about corner fireplaces…

What is a corner fireplace? 

Let’s kick things off with a definition. For the purposes of this article, when we talk about corner fireplaces, we’re referring to fireplaces that are placed on a corner, not in a corner. 

As the image below demonstrates, fireplaces placed on a corner make for a unique and unusual focal point in the home, adding a dash of colour and visual appeal.

Fireplace on a corner

Corner fireplaces, by their very nature, tend to be embedded within a wall (the wall being a stud wall with a timber frame and plasterboard construction). 

Because corner fireplaces create a very distinct focal point within a room, it’s not unusual to find them combined with a television mounted above. This creates a media wall, which is currently a very on-trend home feature.

What kind of fire can you use to create a corner fireplace? 

If you want to create a truly spectacular corner fireplace, then you have plenty of options open to you. 

However, because you’ll be most likely situating the fire in a stud wall, there are a few things to bear in mind when choosing a fire:

Make it electric

Electric fires are the best choice for installing in stud walls. This is because they don’t require hearths and can be simply plugged into a plug socket. 

Electric fires also tend to have beautiful flame effects and - depending on the model you choose - can be remote controlled or controlled via your smartphone. Many electric fires can also be used without heat in ‘effect only’ mode.

Choose an inset fire

Make sure the fire you select is an inset fire (sometimes also known as hole in the wall fires). This means that the fire is designed to sit within a cavity, i.e. will sit flush with the outer surface of the stud wall.

When you’re building the stud wall, you’ll need to create a ‘shelf’ within the wall. This can take the form of a recess or cavity. You’ll typically also need to add a bracket at the back of the cavity, to which you will bolt the fire.

Think decorative, not heat source

Don’t rely on the fire as the sole source of heat for the room. Electric corner fires will typically have at most a 2kW heat output and are only designed to complement your central heating.

Select a fire with a ‘two-sided installation’ option

Not every inset or hole in the wall fire is designed to be installed as a corner fireplace. 

When shopping for a fire to create a corner fireplace, ensure you select one which has the option for a two-sided installation. This means that two sides of the fire will be exposed, whilst the other two sides will be embedded within the stud wall.

Guide - for more information, read our step-by-step guide to building stud walls that include fires.

How much do corner fireplaces cost?

If you want to create a beautiful corner fireplace in your home, then you’ll not only need to factor in the cost of the fire itself, but also the cost of building a stud wall to hold the fire.

Below, we’ve set out the costs for each part of building a corner fireplace. 

The fire

When we said you’ve got plenty of choice when it comes to selecting a corner fireplace, we weren’t kidding!

It’s possible to buy a fire that can be installed in a corner from as little as £899, all the way up to large, expansive corner fires that cost upwards of £2,300 plus (correct as of December 2022). 

Which option you choose is largely down to personal preference, however you’ll find that the fires at the higher end of the spectrum have very impressive, advanced flame effects and features such as smartphone connectivity. 

The stud wall

The other major cost associated with creating a corner fireplace is the stud wall. 

As we’ve written previously, the cost of this varies enormously depending on the size of the wall you’re creating. The cost of building materials has also been fluctuating wildly in recent months, which makes it challenging to provide an estimate of the cost. 

As Checkatrade points out, if you factor in the cost of wood, plasterboard, skirting board and electrical materials, building a stud wall for a corner fireplace could cost anywhere between £55 to £65 per m² (but this is absolutely an estimation!).

Corner fireplace features

When it comes to building a stud wall, it doesn’t only have to accommodate a fire! You can take the opportunity to include other features, such as:

  • An integrated ledge on which people can sit next to the fire. 
  • Alcoves or other small recesses within the wall. These can be used to store mementos, smart speakers or other small items.
  • Add a sound bar and television to transform your corner fireplace set up into a complete home media centre.
  • Add in an extra recess or alcove for a games console.

These are just a few ideas to think about when creating a corner fireplace in your home. You really can let your imagination run wild!

The best electric corner fireplaces

Below, we’ve detailed some of our most popular electric corner fireplaces. Not only are these inset fires - and thus ideal for installation in a stud wall - but are suitable for two-sided installation.

We’ve covered a range of price points, beginning with our more affordable models, through to top of the range corner fires. 

Flare Invision 1000 3SL Electric Inset Wall Fire

Flare Invision 1000 3SL Electric Inset Wall Fire

Flare Invision 1000 3SL Electric Inset Wall Fire

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The Invision 1000 from Flare is a fantastic value corner fireplace that’s packed with useful and attractive features. 

What truly makes the Invision 100 truly stand out though is its six fuel bed colours, orange downlights and three flame brightnesses. This creates a truly beautiful and entrancing flame effect. 

With a seven-day thermostatic remote control, the Invision 1000 makes for a convenient and easy to use corner fire too.

Elgin & Hall Pryzm Arteon 1250 3SL Electric Inset Wall Fire

Elgin & Hall Pryzm Arteon 1250 3SL Electric Inset Wall Fire

Elgin & Hall Pryzm Arteon 1250 3SL Electric Inset Wall Fire

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Ideal for a two-sided installation, the Arteon 1250 is a highly versatile fire which allows you to create your dream corner fireplace.

Featuring a panoramic opening, the Arteon 1250 has a stunning 5D flame effect, glowing ember effect and a realistic, hand-painted log display, making it a beautiful fire to sit and contemplate. 

The Arteon 1250 also has a shimmering fuel bed with multi-LED effect, as well as 13 dimmable colour options. A set of downlights also further add to the ambience and beauty of the fire.

The 1.5kW heater system blows a gentle amount of warm air from the front of the fire, complementing your home’s central heating. For added convenience, this heating system can be controlled via a seven-day programmable thermostat remote.

Gazco eReflex 70W Outset Electric Fire

Gazco eReflex 70W Outset Electric Fire

Gazco eReflex 70W Outset Electric Fire

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Create a stunning corner fireplace with the eReflex 70W from Gazco. Not only does this fire have a sleek, contemporary appearance, it also has the ability to change the colours of the flames within - from amber, to blue, to amber with a blue accent.

The unique coloured flame is complemented by downlighting, which further adds to the visual dynamics of the eReflex 70W.

Undulating flame visuals, dancing amongst a deep bed of realistic logs or shining crystals, make the eReflex one of the most interesting and captivating corner fireplaces you can buy. 

Whilst the main point of this fire is to be decorative, it does include a heating system which is controlled via an elegant handset. 

Evonic Creative 1500 Built-In Electric Fire

Evonic Creative 1500 Built-In Electric Fire

Evonic Creative 1500 Built-In Electric Fire

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Should you want a large, captivating corner fireplace, then the Creative 1500 is the perfect choice. 

Featuring two distinct flame animations, and with either a faux silver birch or imitation woodland log set, this is an arresting fireplace that’ll be the talk of friends and family alike. 

The glass that covers the fireplace’s opening is carefully crafted from SCHOTT Clear Float - which is an excellent anti-reflective glass. This means you’ll always get a clear view of the flame effect, regardless of the time of day. 

Like the other fires listed here, the Creative 1500 can be used in ‘effect-only’ mode, meaning you can enjoy the stunning flame effect without heat. Likewise, this fire can be used with both heat and flame effect for those colder evenings. 

Aside from its captivating looks, the Creative 1500 is also convenient, offering remote control operation. In fact, download the Evonic app, and you can even control the fire using your smartphone or tablet. 

Evonic Creative 800 Built-In Electric Fire

Evonic Creative 800 Built-In Electric Fire

Evonic Creative 800 Built-In Electric Fire

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With an unusual portrait shape, the Evonic Creative 800 stands apart from other corner fireplaces on the market. 

This shape makes the Creative 800 ideal for fitting on to a wide range of corners, be they chimney breasts or false stud walls. 

Thanks to its SCHOTT Clear Float front glass, you’ll have an uninterrupted, glare-free view of the flame effect within the fireplace. Talking of which, the Creative 800 allows you to choose from two distinct flame animations, with a wide range of settings that let you tweak them to perfectly match your living room.

When it comes to the fuel bed, you can pick either imitation silver birch or faux woodland logs, both of which look incredibly realistic. 

The Creative 800 is also the convenient choice, allowing you to control every aspect of the fire using your smartphone or tablet via the Evonic app. 

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