Nothing helps beat the winter blues quite like a roaring fire. At the same time, fireplaces create a striking focal point for any living space, no matter what the weather or season.

If you’re thinking about updating your fireplace look for 2017, you’ve probably realised there’s a dizzying array of styles and colour schemes you can choose from.

To help you make the right choice, we’ve collected the five hottest fireplace and interior design colour trends of the moment.

The Hottest Fireplace Designs

Wall mounted fireplaces

wall mounted fireplace

If you have a small home, wall mounted fireplaces are a great space saver. They’re highly versatile, some models don’t even need a chimney, and they can be placed anywhere in the home. They’re also relatively inexpensive to buy and super easy to install, making them by far one of the most popular styles for creating a beautiful statement fireplace.

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Horizontal fireplaces

horizontal fireplaces

As the popularity of wall mounted models has grown, contemporary fire design has shapeshifted. Wide, horizontally extended fires make for one of the most visually striking design variations to emerge from this trend. When placed at eye level, horizontal fires make a unique change from traditional hearth-based models.

Fireplaces in bedrooms and bathrooms

fireplace design trends bathroom

Wall mounted designs have also led to an increase in the number of people who are finding a place for fireplaces in less conventional rooms around the house. If you don’t use your living room regularly, or fancy doing something a little different, a fireplace in your main bedroom or even bathroom can make either room feel extra warm and cosy.

Hot movie night

fireplace design movie night

Hanging a TV above your living room mantelpiece frees up floor space for furniture at the same time as creating a visual centrepiece that is doubly spectacular. To safely implement this eye-catching arrangement, you’ll need a secure mounting system. This way you’ll be sure of placing the TV high enough so that it doesn’t get too hot and exceeds the manufacturer’s recommended temperature.

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Brick is back

fireplace design trends brick back

Despite being the traditional building blocks of British homes for centuries, for a while, it seemed we might fall out of love with bricks. Considered old-fashioned, trendy architects increasingly cast aside bricks for shinier, glossier alternatives. Times are once again changing, and now loads of people are peeling back their wallpaper in favour of exposing interior brick walls and making a fireplace-themed feature.

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The Hottest Interior Design Colours

Denim Drift

fireplace design denim drift

Dulux recently named their Colour of the Year as Denim Drift. As a result, frosty blue hues will dominate the interior design world this year. And, as you can see above, the shades of blue in question bring a cool, calm and airy quality to any living space.


fireplace design trends greenery

Like Dulux, Pantone have a Colour of the Year, and in 2017 it’s Greenery. Inspired by the natural world, Greenery evokes the first days of spring. For those feeling trapped by modern life and the city, decorating in this shade can help you feel more in touch with the great outdoors.

Sunshine Yellow

fireplace design trends yellow

As the brightest colour on the visible spectrum, yellow is associated with happiness and optimism. Back in fashion for 2017, in-the-know designers are matching Sunshine Yellow with cool greys to create a fresh and contemporary aesthetic that looks great in a variety of settings.

Mineral Grey

fireplace design trends mineral grey

From MacBooks to Fifty Shades, grey has been the decade’s dominant colour. Grey continues to be popular because its icy tones complement the scandi vibe that’s huge right now, while it’s neutral tone makes every room feel instantly more sophisticated and grown up.


fireplace design trends flame

Named as one of Pantone’s top 10 colours for spring 2017, Flame is a wonderfully vibrant, red-based orange. It radiates warmth and playfulness, and anyone using it to liven up their interior can expect to add a touch of fiery heat to their living space.

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