With more and more people seeking out energy-efficient heating appliances, electric fires are becoming the fireplace of choice for homes across the UK. Not only do they heat your home efficiently, but thanks to new tech, they look incredibly beautiful and realistic too. One of the leading providers of modern electric fires is Dimplex. In this brand spotlight, we take a closer look at this famous heating brand. 

The history of Dimplex Fires

Established over 70 years ago in Ireland, Dimplex Fires is one of the leading names in electric heating. In fact, the brand makes the claim that it is the world’s largest electric heating manufacturer.

Not only do they manufacture a series of beautiful electric fires for the home, but also a broad range of other electric heaters, appliances and hot water solutions. In total, they have a portfolio of over 700 individual products.

What’s more, Dimplex has sold over 45 million heating products, via retailers such as Direct Fireplaces, in the UK alone.

Today, Dimplex is part of the Glen Dimplex Group which also owns other well-known brands such as Morphy Richards, Valor, Belling, Faber and many others. 

What makes Dimplex electric fires different? 

Like many fireplace appliance brands, Dimplex works hard to stand out and win your custom. 

Dimplex differentiates itself from other heating brands by:

  • Offering an extended guarantee. On many fires Dimplex is willing to offer a free extension to your product guarantee, provided that you register your fire with them.
  • Continually innovating. Dimplex invests in innovation and has many patented products as part of its portfolio.
  • Offering BEAB-approved products. BEAB is a widely-recognised European Safety Mark which is used to demonstrate conformity with the Low Voltage Directive (LVD).

These are all great things, but as you’ll see later in this article, where Dimplex really stands out for many consumers is in the innovative technology that it packs into its fireplaces. 

Dimplex’s innovative flame technologies

One of the perennial complaints about electric fires is that they don’t offer a ‘realistic’ fireside experience. 

Well, Dimplex has perhaps done more than any other electric fire manufacturer to dispel this notion.

Thanks to their range of innovative flame technologies, Dimplex offers a range of electric fires that feature stunning ultra-realistic flame effects.

Below you’ll find more information about each of these flame technologies.

Dimplex Bizet Electric Wall Fire

Dimplex Bizet Electric Wall Fire

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Optimyst is Dimplex’s incredibly advanced flame effect technology. Claimed to be the ‘world’s most realistic flame effect’, Optimyst uses an ultra-fine water mist to mimic the effect of flames and smoke. 

As the mist rises it passes through the log bed where lights diffract through the mist to further enhance the illusion of fire and smoke.

Furthermore, Dimplex says that the Optimyst effect can be operated independently of the heater on the fire. So, if you have your central heating on, but would like the flame effect without the extra heat of the fire, the Optimyst effect can make that happen!

Optiflame and Optiflame 3D

Optiflame was Dimplex’s original flame effect, first launched in 1988. Since then, it has been continually enhanced and refined; with the latest iteration being Optiflame 3D.

Optiflame creates a realistic flame effect using light and a reflecting surface to create a series of random flickers that mimic real flames.

Like Dimplex’s other flame effects, Optiflame can be operated independently of a fire’s heating element, meaning you can have the illusion of flames in your home, without the heat (should you wish). 

Optiflame 3D adds further functionality to the original Optiflame system. Using a state of the art remote, you can create a cool blue flame, create a blazing orange fire, and even adjust the downlighting to create the ambience you want in your living room.


Opti-V uses the powers of HD TV technology combined with an LED fuel bed to create an incredibly realistic flame illusion. Opti-V even incorporates sound effects, so you’ll be able to listen to the crackle and burn of the fire.

As with the other flame effects listed here, Opti-V can be operated independently of a fire’s heating element.


If you want a more traditional look to your electric fire, then Dimplex offers a simple ‘Radiant’ effect. 

Dimplex’s Radiant fire effect uses bar elements and either a comforting coal or log lighting effect to create a cosy, atmospheric heating effect.

The best Dimplex electric fires for 2022

So now you’ve had an insight into the Dimplex brand. As you have seen, it’s certainly a brand that’s worth considering when it comes to buying an electric fire for your own home. 

With some clever technology, a solid-track record of producing reliable fires and a wide range of different styles to choose from, you can’t go wrong with a Dimplex electric fireplace. 

Below, we’ve listed some of our most popular Dimplex electric fires here at Direct Fireplaces.

Dimplex Zamora Freestanding Electric Fire

Dimplex Zamora Freestanding Electric Fire

Dimplex Zamora Freestanding Electric Fire

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Do you want to add a new electric fire to your home, but without the hassle of building work? Then the Dimplex Zamora Freestanding Electric Fire is the fire you’ve been looking for.

The Dimplex Zamora is freestanding, meaning you simply need a wall to put it up against and it’s then ready to use. You don’t require a chimney, recess or fireplace cavity to use this electric fire.

Featuring both the Optiflame fire effect and a 2kW fan heater, the Zamora will not only keep your living room warm, but it’ll look realistic as it does so.

When you purchase the Zamora you have a choice between a coal or pebble fuel bed. Featuring a black finish with chrome effect grate, the Zamora will be at home in almost any home…

Dimplex Bach Electric Wall Fire

Dimplex Bach Electric Wall Fire

Dimplex Bach Electric Wall Fire

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Electric wall fires are so hot right now (both literally and figuratively!). Browse through the leading interior design magazines and websites and you’ll see plenty of examples of ‘hole in the wall electric fires’.

If you want to embrace that trend then the Dimplex Bach offers you a quality, yet affordable, way of doing so. 

Designed to be installed either as a wall hung or as a hole in the wall fire, the Dimplex Bach lets you create the perfect heating set up for your living room.

Aside from looking fantastic, the Bach also looks realistic, thanks to its in-built Optiflame effect which creates the illusion of real flames.

The Bach is also immensely practical, featuring a 2kW heater, a thermostat and a remote control, so you can control it without moving from the sofa.

Dimplex Mozart Electric Fireplace Suite

Dimplex Mozart Electric Fireplace Suite

Dimplex Mozart Electric Fireplace Suite

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Do you prefer the look of a more traditional fireplace suite? Then take a look at the Dimplex Mozart Electric Fireplace Suite which features sleek, yet classical lines.

With its gloss black surround and marble-effect back panel, the Mozart won’t look out of place in even the most elegant of living rooms. It also maintains its sleek lines through the use of concealed controls.

The Mozart also features a 2kW heater and uses Dimplex’s Optiflame technology to create a highly-realistic flame effect.

Dimplex SP16 Electric Wall Fire

Dimplex SP16 Electric Wall Fire

Dimplex SP16 Electric Wall Fire

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If you’ve got a widescreen TV on your living room wall, why not match it with a widescreen electric fireplace? 

The Dimplex SP16 is a large, beautiful looking electric fire which can be installed either as a wall-hung fire, or as a hole in the wall fire. 

Regardless of how you choose to install the Dimplex SP16, you’ll benefit from its amazing Optiflame effect which is matched with Optiglo logs and a 2kW fan heater.

To make things even more convenient, the SP16 also comes complete with a remote control, so you won’t even have to move from your sofa to control it…

Why not try an electric Dimplex stove? Our sister company Direct Stoves stocks a wide range!

Dimplex fires at Direct Fireplaces

Dimplex fires are amongst the most popular electric fires in the UK - and for good reason! They’re packed with innovative tech, are well made, look amazing and are competitively priced.

That’s why here at Direct Fireplaces we keep a large range of Dimplex fires in stock; many of which are available to be delivered to you in as little as 48 hours.

So, if you’ve got your heart set on a Dimplex electric fire, check out our range here at Direct Fireplaces. With a range of finance options available, 14-day no hassle returns and free mainland UK delivery, now is the perfect time to buy your new electric fireplace.

Shop Dimplex electric fires at Direct Fireplaces now

For more fireplace buying guides, advice and information, read the Direct Fireplaces blog

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