Are you watching autumn and winter approach and thinking about buying a new gas or electric fire for your home? Then you can’t go wrong with a Gazco fire. For nearly 35 years, Gazco fires have been a mainstay of home heating in the UK. Find out why they’re so popular in this special brand spotlight feature from Direct Fireplaces…

About Gazco

Gazco is a British fireplace brand which can trace its roots back to 1988 when it was established in Exeter. 

The brand was set up as a sister company to Stovax Ltd, a company which had built up a strong and established reputation for designing and manufacturing high-quality wood burning stoves. 

Given that gas and electricity were becoming much more popular ways of heating the home during the 1980s, Gazco was started with the mission of creating high-quality gas and electric fireplaces that were on a par with Stovax’s wood burning stoves. 

It’s a mission which Gazco has certainly accomplished, with Gazco electric and gas fires being found in thousands of homes across the UK.

Today, Gazco continues to design and manufacture the majority of its fires here in the UK, and we’re proud to be an official stockist of the brand’s fires here at Direct Fireplaces. 

Note - in addition to making some of the best electric and gas fires, Gazco also produces high-quality electric and gas stoves.

What makes Gazco different? 

Gazco really does make strides to stand out from other fire manufacturers. That’s largely thanks to its stated ethos of ‘Creating the future of fire…’

As such, Gazco boasts a range of innovative fires, including: 

  • Built-in fires.
  • Wall-mounted fires.
  • Hearth-mounted fires.
  • Media wall electric fires.

In addition to its very comprehensive, and innovative range of gas and electric fires, Gazco also takes pains to ensure that its fires are of the highest quality and environmental standards. 

A continual focus on product quality

Gazco goes to great lengths to ensure that its fires are of the highest possible quality. 

According to their product quality statement, Gazco has, ‘established objectives and targets to drive continual improvement in product performance and customer satisfaction’.

Because of this, whenever you buy a Gazco fireplace, you know you’re getting a fire which has been designed and manufactured to the highest possible quality standards. 

Protecting the environment

As we mentioned above, Gazco takes its responsibilities to the environment seriously. It doesn’t just produce fires which are highly efficient and kind to the environment, but they ensure their fires are made in an environmentally-friendly way too.

In particular, Gazco’s environmental policy sets out a commitment to, ‘establish objectives and targets to drive continual improvement in environmental performance, the prevention of pollution and overall energy consumption’.

Aside from proactively reducing their carbon footprint, Gazco also makes efforts to ensure that spare parts for their fires are readily available, making it far easier to prolong the life of your Gazco fire.

Made in Britain

In an age when more and more home appliances are manufactured overseas, Gazco bucks the trend, designing and manufacturing their fires right here in the UK. 

As Gazco themselves put it, their fires ‘represent the pinnacle of British engineering’. In fact, their British-made fires have proven so popular, not just in the UK, that they are now exported to over 25 countries worldwide. 

So, if you want to buy a fire that supports British jobs and industry, make it a Gazco.

The best Gazco fires UK

If, having read all of that, you’ve got your heart set on a Gazco fire for your home, then you’ll find one of the UK’s best selection of Gazco fires right here at Direct Fireplaces. We’ve detailed our most popular Gazco fires below. 

The best Gazco electric fires UK

Do you want a fireplace that complements your central heating and helps to create a warm, cosy ambience in your living room? Then one of Gazco’s electric fires will be the perfect option. 

Gazco’s electric fires are not only incredibly efficient, but they look ultramodern too, reflecting the interior design trends that have become de-rigueur in today’s most stylish homes. 

Below, you’ll find the most stylish, popular and efficient Gazco electric fires in stock right now at Direct Fireplaces. 

Gazco eReflex 135R Inset Electric Fire

Gazco eReflex 135R Inset Electric Fire

Gazco eReflex 135R Inset Electric Fire

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Make a serious statement and create a grand focal point in your living room with the Gazco eReflex 135R. 

With an inset design, the eReflex 135R is ideal for installing in feature walls or media walls, with a sleek, slimline, aesthetically-pleasing look.

Where the eReflex 135R really shines, though, is in its undulating flame visuals which are powered by its Chromalight Immersive LED system which creates one of the most incredibly captivating - and not to mention realistic - flame effects found on an electric fire. 

This LED flame-effect technology is complemented by the eReflex 135R’s fuel bed, which can be made up of either realistic logs or shining crystals. 

The eReflex 135R is also the pinnacle of convenience, thanks to its elegant thermostatic handset that gives you full control over the fire’s many features. 

Gazco eReflex 150RW Electric Fire

Gazco eReflex 150RW Electric Fire

Gazco eReflex 150RW Electric Fire

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Give your living room the best possible vibe with the Gazco eReflex 150RW. 

This beautiful, designer electric fire is designed to capture the eye and transform a room’s ambience and appeal. We’ll sure you’ll agree when we say the eReflex 150RW certainly achieves this.

Not only does the eReflex 150RW’s subtle inset design mean it can be seamlessly incorporated into your room’s overall decor and look, but its state-of-the-art Chromalight technology means it can play an active role in transforming the ambience of your living room. 

This LED flame effect technology provides an array of immersive lighting options, with undulating flame visuals. The eReflex 150RW can also be enhanced further thanks to an optional mood lighting kit, which will allow you to bathe your room in one of 13 possible colours. 

To add further flexibility, the eReflex 150RW is configurable as a single, two or three sided fire, making it easy to add the fire to a media or feature wall.

Gazco eReflex 195R Inset Electric Fire

Gazco eReflex 195R Inset Electric Fire

Gazco eReflex 195R Inset Electric Fire

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Meet the top-of-the-range eReflex electric fire; the 195R.

This is not only a highly-efficient fire, but an attractive one. That’s thanks to its ultra-realistic LED flame effect visuals which include 13 different lighting options, and a fuel bed which can be either a deep bed of realistic logs or shining crystals.

The eReflex 195R is convenient too thanks to its elegant thermostat handset that provides you with full control over all the fire’s features. 

With a heat output of 1kW to 2kW, the 195R will be ideal for complementing your central heating on those chilly days, or for adding a gentle bit of heat to your living room in the morning or evening.

Gazco 135R Radiance Inset Electric Fire

Gazco 135R Radiance Inset Electric Fire

Gazco 135R Radiance Inset Electric Fire

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Create a truly radiant, welcoming living room with the 135R Radiance from Gazco. 

As a stylish, inset electric fire, the 135R Radiance will complement both traditional and contemporary decors alike, providing a consistent 1kW to 2kW of heat to warm up your home on this chilly autumn and winter mornings or evenings. 

Thanks to its streamlined, thin construction, the 135R Radiance requires only a 180mm cavity for installation, making it perfect for installation in media walls and feature walls alike.

The 135R Radiance may be a streamlined, discrete fireplace, but it can also really dazzle thanks to its mesmeric amber and blue flame effects that truly do capture your attention. The 135R Radiance is also available with a choice of fuel bed including logs, grey and clear pebbles or ice-effect crystals.

To top it all off, the 135R Radiance comes complete with an elegant thermostatic handset that provides complete control over all the fire’s functions.

Gazco 195R Radiance Inset Electric Fire

Gazco 195R Radiance Inset Electric Fire

Gazco 195R Radiance Inset Electric Fire

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Sleek, stylish, contemporary. These are just a few of the words that sum up the 195R Radiance. 

A 1kW to 2kW inset electric fire, the 195R Radiance is perfect for use in media or feature walls and thanks to its slimline design requires only 180mm of cavity space for installation. 

As with other Gazco electric fires, the 195R Radiance comes complete with a mesmerising flame effect display, which can be enjoyed with the heat off or on. 

The 195R Radiance also includes an elegant, easy-to-use handset so that you can control all the fire’s features from the comfort of your sofa.

Direct Fireplaces: your first and last stop for Gazco fires

As you can see Gazco fires have a lot to offer for the discerning fireplace shopper. And, so do Direct Fireplaces!

It’s our aim to make buying a fireplace online as easy as possible, which is why we offer free UK mainland delivery, 14-day no hassle returns and a range of finance options to help you spread the cost of your new fireplace. 

Plus, if you have any questions that aren’t answered on our website, our expert, friendly sales team will be happy to help. You can reach them on 0161 376 4181 or at: [email protected] 

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