If you want space-saving style, minimal fuss and fuel efficiency, a hole in the wall gas fire could be the perfect way to heat your room.

However, you may be unsure of what they are, how to use them or even whether you are able to fit one in your room. Read our buying and installation guide to find the answers to all your questions, including whether your chimney is suitable, whether you can fit one without a chimney and the best styles to suit your home.

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What Are Hole In The Wall Gas Fires?
Why Might You Want A Hole In The Wall Fireplace?
What Are The Benefits Of Hole In The Wall Gas Fires?
Hole In The Wall Gas Fire Installation Guide
Hole In The Wall Gas Fire Regulations
Hole In The Wall Gas Fire Styles
Hole In The Wall Gas Fire Ideas

What Are Hole In The Wall Gas Fires?

There are so many different types of fireplaces for sale, we wouldn’t blame you for losing track of which one is which!

A hole in the wall gas fire is almost exactly as it sounds - a sleek, easy to install fireplace that slots into a hole in your chimney breast or wall. They come in many different sizes and styles, producing real flames and giving off highly-efficient heat from their frontal glass panels.

Why Might You Want A Hole In The Wall Fireplace?

One of the biggest reasons people choose any type of wall mounted gas fire is to save on space. However, inset gas fires go a step further than simply hanging on your wall by sitting inside a wall or chimney cavity, meaning they run as flat against your wall as possible. This can help make your room appear bigger and is perfect for those working with a tight space.

Another reason for their appeal is their striking and versatile appearance. Whether you want a classic look, a twist on the traditional or some truly contemporary wow-factor for your chosen room, a hole in the wall gas fire will deliver when it comes to style.

What Are The Benefits Of Hole In The Wall Gas Fires?

It’s not just space and style that make hole in the wall gas fires such an attractive option. The most significant benefit for many is their fantastic energy efficiency that can save you money. As they are sealed from the front with a glass panel, they do not pull air in from the room, meaning the fire burns a lot more efficiently, with a rating of up to 90%! This heat is radiated straight into the room through the glass and makes a great source of heat.

Gas fires are among the cheapest heaters, beating electric fireplaces hands down. They are also much cleaner than open fires and stoves, requiring little maintenance or sourcing and storing of solid fuels, plus are kinder to the environment. Perfect if you want a modern fireplace that retains a little character, hole in the wall gas fires are very adaptable.

Another benefit of hole in the wall fireplaces is their surprisingly straightforward installation, making it possible for you to fit one in your house whether you have a chimney or not. Read our installation guide to find out more...

Hole In The Wall Gas Fire Installation Guide

Installing a hole in the wall fire may take less work than you think. As with any fireplace, your options depend on what kind of chimney, if any, you currently have, along with what scope for improvements or construction you are willing to do.

installing a modern fireplace chimney

Installing A Hole In The Wall Gas Fire In An Existing Chimney

If you already have a chimney in your home, you probably won’t have many problems installing a hole in the wall gas fire. If you have a traditional class 1 chimney, you have the most fireplace options available - the chances are you can go ahead and take your pick from our fantastic full range of hole in the wall gas fires!

Class 2 chimneys may have a few limitations. While both pre-fabricated and pre-cast chimneys are perfectly compatible with gas fires, if your flue is less than 7 inches, or you have a pre-cast flue, you will need a class 2 fireplace. Don’t worry, we have plenty of class 2 hole in the wall gas fireplaces available for you to choose from.

Once you have chosen a fireplace that fits your chimney type, there is just a small amount of work to get it into place. If you already have a regular open fireplace, you will need to close up the existing hole above your hearth and knock in a new hole higher up, where you want your hole in the wall fireplace to sit. It can then be inserted directly into your chimney cavity, hooked up to your gas line, and you are good to go!

See our guide to chimney and flue types if you need any help understanding your existing chimney.

Installing A Hole In The Wall Gas Fire With No Existing Chimney

Don’t rule yourself out of having a stylish new hole in the wall fire if your home doesn’t have a chimney! Installing a balanced flue for your gas fire is a great option and only requires you to be able to build through an exterior wall. As you won’t be burning solid fuels, a balanced flue doesn’t need to empty at a high level as a class 1 chimney does, so they are much more flexible.

A balanced flue comprises a two-way pipe system that lets waste air empty outside while taking in cold air to fuel your fire. There are a few regulations you must adhere to, such as not allowing the pipes to exit near a window and allowing plenty of air to circulate, but most external walls should be able to accommodate one.

Diagram of how balanced flue high efficiency gas fires work

If you are using a balanced flue with no chimney, you must also make sure that your wall cavity is thick enough to fit a fire box in. The Verine Eden Elite Slimline Balanced Flue Gas Fire and Kinder Celena Slimline Balanced Flue Hole In The Wall Gas Fire are both ideal options, featuring super-slim designs created specially for rooms without a chimney.

Alternatively, if you have the space and want to give the appearance of a real chimney, you could build a fire-resistant fake chimney breast into your room.

Don’t forget to check the specifications and dimensions tabs on all of our fireplace pages to see helpful details such as their measurements and compatible chimney type. If you would like any more expert advice on balanced flue gas fires, please contact us.

Hole In The Wall Fire Gas Regulations

As with any gas appliance, please ensure that you have a Gas Safe Registered engineer to fit your fireplace. It should also be safety checked on an annual basis and it is also advised that you install a carbon monoxide detector in the room, too.

Hole In The Wall Gas Fire Styles

If you know what your requirements are and you are all systems go for your hole in the wall gas fire installation, it is time to choose what style you want to go for. We have a few suggestions to help you on your way…

Stand-Out Frameless Gas Fire
A frameless hole in the wall gas fire is one of the most sought after styles. Both striking and surprisingly versatile, they fit beautifully into minimalist and modern rooms, or are a great way to instantly update your decor with a contemporary gas fireplace, like the Verine Eden High Efficiency Hole In The Wall Gas Fire in the video below.


Cosy Coal Gas Fire
While the flames of your hole in the wall gas fire may be sealed away behind glass, you can still feel the same cosy ambience of an open fire. Take a look at the Crystal Fires Royale 4 Sided Hole In the Wall with Gem Gas Fire for a warming coal effect with a stove-inspired surround.

Traditional Fire With A Twist
If you like a crackling wood fire, but love the efficiency and minimal fuss of a gas fire, one of our log-look fuel beds will be ideal for you. A modern fireplace with all the charm of a country pub, take a look at the Verine Celena HE High Efficiency Wall Mounted Gas Fire in the video below.


Hole In The Wall Fireplace Ideas

If you are new to the world of hole in the wall fireplaces, you may be unsure of how to style one into your room. We have found a few hole in the wall fireplace ideas that might be able to inspire you…

TV Above Fireplace
Create a stunning focal point by stacking your TV above your fireplace and get ready to cosy up in the evenings. Just make sure you leave plenty of space - at least 12 inches - between the two, and check for yourself that the heat won’t damage your television.

modern room with tv above hole in the wall fireplace

Log Cabin Finish
Create a modern-meets-rustic mash-up by stacking some chopped wood around your hole in the wall fireplace. Sure, you won’t need it, but it can add some warmth if you’re left a little cold by anything too contemporary.

hole in the wall fireplace idea with stacked cut up logs

Contrasting Colours
If you are looking for a modern fireplace to impress your neighbours with, why not go for a stark black and white contrast? This bold design may inspire you to adopt a striking two-tone decor pallet.

modern hole in the wall fireplace ideas with monochrome black and white decor

Seamless Scandinavian
If you can’t get enough of Scandinavian interior design, you will find a hole in the wall fire fits in seamlessly with your dream room, thanks to their simple and uncluttered design.

contemporary hole in the wall fireplace ideas with Scandinavian interior

Modern Mantle
Don’t be worried about forgoing a mantle piece with a new hole in the wall fire. Fix a shelf above your wall fire for a modern fireplace look, and stack your mirror, ornaments or a few books on top to personalise your space.

hole in the wall fireplace ideas with shelf

See our full range of hole in the wall gas fires or hole in the wall balanced flue gas fires. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us.

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