If you are thinking of upgrading to a new gas fire this year, you want to make sure you get the best possible option available to you! So, for this week’s blog, we are looking at one feature many people aren’t actually that aware of - remote control gas fires.

While electric fires typically come with a remote control as standard, many people don’t consider the option of remote control gas fires - or, just see them as something extra that comes along with their chosen fire.

But, it might be worth putting some more thought into whether you should choose a remote control gas fire for your next fireplace update.

To start with, a remote control gas fire has some good benefits…

1. They are ideal for people with mobility problems

If you or anyone in your house struggles with bending down to operate the gas fire, or struggles with turning it off and on, a remote control gas fire is an excellent option. They can be turned off and on, and heat settings can be adjusted, by remote control buttons that are easy to use.

Another good option available is top control and slide control gas fires.

2. You can operate your fire from the sofa

Another benefit of remote gas fires is that you don’t need to get up and down to adjust the heat from your fire. Again, this can be a godsend for those with bad backs and mobility problems, but is also a great comfort for everyone. If it’s getting a little chilly or too stuffy, you can increase or decrease the heat from where you are sitting.

There are a number of different remote control gas fire options available, too, including both inset and outset gas fires with remote controls, as well as plenty of high efficiency gas fire options. Hole in the wall gas fires in particular often come with remote controls to fit with their contemporary appeal.

How do Remote Control Gas Fires Work?

Remote control gas fires work with the use of a battery operated or mains connected control valve, which responds to your battery powered remote control. You don’t have to use the remote control to operate some fires - they also come with standard controls on the appliance itself. Others may require the use of the remote for all operations - this is often the case for hole in the wall gas fires.

Gas fire remote controls do also have some safety features included to ensure they aren’t accidentally switched on by pets or children. Firstly, they have an isolation switch which must be in the ‘on’ position in order for the remote to work. To save on batptery life when the for won't be in use for a long period, this can be turned off again.

Secondly, most gas fire remotes require a specific sequence before they can be used - this is often by applying a certain amount of pressure to the remote or holding a button down. Bear this in mind if you are buying a remote control gas fire for somebody with mobility problems that affects their hands, as they might find this fiddly.

In addition, many contemporary remote control gas fires come with thermostatically controlled heat, too - such as the Verine Eden High Efficiency Hole in the Wall Gas Fire. These monitor the heat level in your room and adjust the flame automatically to your preference. Some might also have a timer function, which allows you to set the exact amount of time you want your fire to stay on for - great if you want to take more control over your energy usage.

If you lose the remote, many fires have a ‘pager’ function, too. This allows you to ‘call’ the remote from the fire appliance, which will send a signal to the remote for it to make a sound. This allows you to track down your misplaced controller - handy!

Remote Controlled Gas Fires at Direct Fireplaces…

Take a look at our picks of some of the best remote control gas fires available here at Direct Fireplaces, with options for all - inset, hole in the wall, open fronted and high efficiency options all available!

Verine Passion High Efficiency Gas Fire

Verine Passion High Efficiency Gas Fire with Remote Control

For a top-of-the line inset gas fire with remote control, you can’t get much better than the Verine Passion High Efficiency Gas Fire. Boasting an 82% efficiency rating and a 4kW heat output, this glass front gas fire looks as stunning as it is cost-effective - the anti-reflective glass also adds to the brilliant flame effect.

The remote control offers all the best features you could wish for, including thermostatic mode, a timer function and heat adjustments.

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Celena High Efficiency Wall Mounted Gas Fire

Celena HE High Efficiency Wall Mounted Gas Fire with Remote Control

We love this stunning hole in the wall gas fire! The Celena HE Wall Mounted Gas Fire comes with a fully functional thermostatic remote control, boasting all the key functions you would expect. With 80% efficiency providing just under 4kW of heat, you can enjoy a magnificent real flame display with an authentic looking log fuel bed.

Great for contemporary homes, you can choose the colour for the trim and fire interior to suit your decor.

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Kinder Camber Gas Fire

Kinder Camber Gas Fire with Remote Control

If you are looking for an open fronted real flame gas fire with a remote control, the Kinder Camber Gas Fire could be perfect! With a simple yet striking appearance, this fire boasts a stunning flame display, with a choice of coal or pebble fuel bed.

Use the remote to adjust the flames and switch the fire off and on from the comfort of your sofa.

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Verine Meridian High Efficiency Gas Fire

Verine Meridian High Efficiency Gas Fire with Remote Control

Looking for a really eye-catching fireplace? The Verine Meridian High Efficiency Gas Fire is an excellent option. This remote control gas fire allows you to control the heat without getting up, so you can sit back, relax and enjoy the magnificent flame display!

There is a choice of trim and back effect options available for you to choose from, plus this fire can be fitted in a hole in the wall style or inset into a fireplace with back panel and surround.

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To find more of our remote controlled gas fire options, use the ‘control type’ filter on the left side of the page when browsing our gas fires. For more help, contact us to speak to our expert sales team.

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