Do you love the look of a white fireplace? Us too! White fireplaces are extremely popular, with styles ranging from classic to ultra-contemporary, depending on how you go about creating yours.

In fact, there are plenty of choices available to you when it comes to choosing a white fireplace or white fireplace surround. There are a selection of white stone fireplaces available, or even painted wood. For contemporary homes, white electric fireplaces are incredibly popular, while homes with chimneys often love a white gas fire suite.

So, are you wondering which one to choose? Take a look at our white fireplace buying guide to find the perfect option for your home, including information on…

  • White marble fireplaces
  • White limestone fireplaces
  • Painted white wooden fireplaces
  • White fireplace suites

The Best White Fireplace Ideas

White fireplaces are a stunning feature for your room. Traditionally, you will need a white fire surround, hearth and back panel, though some of the latest electric fire suites are less conventional in design.

White Marble Fireplaces

When it comes to white stone fireplaces, marble fireplaces are perhaps the most desired. However, there are a couple of types of white marble you can choose for your fireplace...

Micro Marble Fireplaces

Micro marble is a very popular choice for those deciding on a white stone fireplace. It differs slightly from classic marble as it is not actually made from slabs of stone. Rather, pieces of marble are ground down and re-set with resin. This makes it incredibly hard-wearing and gives the stone a clean and bright appearance.

At Direct Fireplaces, you can even find a micro marble white fireplace with lights! The LED lights are usually set just under the fire surround, giving a soft glow to the back panel that really enhances your fireplace.

Carrara Marble Fireplaces

A Carrara marble fireplace is best for achieving the most classic white fireplace effect. Carrara marble is the stone that you will see many fine Italian sculptures carved from, which you can identify by the unique veins that run through it.

Read our article on What is Carrara Marble and Where Does it Come From? to find out more about it!

Due to its elegant appearance, Carrara marble is usually best if you want a more classic white fireplace, so looks perfect with our traditional electric fires and gas fires.

White Limestone Fireplaces

Along with marble, limestone is another go-to choice for those seeking a white stone fireplace. While you can only use limestone with a gas or electric fire (it can’t withstand the heat of solid fuel fires), it is incredibly versatile when it comes to appearance.

Limestone fireplaces are available in an array of styles, whether you want a traditional or modern white fireplace, as the stone can easily be carved into all manner of designs. The shade of the stone also varies, so for maximum impact, choose a limestone fire surround that is bright white in colour, such as Agean limestone.

Both limestone and marble can be polished up to a beautiful shine, so for a white gloss fireplace, these are lovely choices.

We also have a Guide to the Different Types of Stone Fireplaces which might help you further.

Painted White Wood Fireplaces

Don’t think you are only limited to stone if you want a white fireplace! A white painted wood fireplace is another option available. At Direct Fireplaces, we have a selection of wood fire surrounds that you can have painted in a colour of your choice. Just pair one with a white stone hearth and back panel and you will have the full white fireplace effect.

Already have a wood fire surround? Another option is to paint it white yourself. This is a great way to save yourself some money when creating a new white fireplace - if you aren’t afraid of a little DIY!

To find out how best to paint your fireplace white, read our full guide on How to Paint a Fireplace.

White Fireplace Suites

Buying your fire and fire surround separately does have benefits - you can choose each piece to your exact liking. However, if this seems like too much of a hassle, a fireplace suite package could be just what you are looking for.

At Direct Fireplaces, we have a fantastic range of white fireplace suites to choose from. Featuring marble packages and limestone packages, you can find both gas and electric white fireplace suites ready to fit straight into your home.

White Electric Fireplace Suites

If you’re looking for a modern white fireplace, an electric fire suite is sure to impress. Firstly, electric fires are made for contemporary living, as they don't need a chimney or ventilation, plus they don’t produce any air pollution.

Secondly, as they don’t need to deal with combustible fuels, electric fires have some of the most striking designs around - made even better by the latest LED flame technology.

For a stunning modern white electric fireplace suite, we recommend looking at the new Celsi 3-sided VR suites. Along with their innovative glossy white surrounds and units, they also feature LED downlights and stunning 3D flames - find out more about them on this blog post.

For even more options, see our marble fireplace packages with electric fires and limestone fireplace packages with electric fires.

White Gas Fireplace Suites

Just like with electric fireplace suites, you can also find some stunning modern white gas fireplace suites.

If you have the space for a larger than standard fireplace, our deluxe gas fireplace suites have plenty to catch your eye, including striking white fire surrounds with stunning large glass windows to enjoy the flame display!

If you’d rather something a little more subtle, limestone gas fire packages and marble gas fire packages include a brilliant choice of both classic and modern white fireplace designs. You're sure to find something you like the look of, with our options for all chimney types.

Find more fireplaces online today at Direct Fireplaces - we offer free delivery and price match guarantee, so you can find the best deal online.

Do you want more advice on finding your perfect white fireplace? Visit our contact us page to speak to our expert sales team or visit our showroom!

Visit the Direct Fireplaces blog for more helpful buying guides…

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