While manually controlled fires served us excellently for many, many years - it now seems so old fashioned to function fires in this way. In the age of smart technology, even their remote control counterparts seem slightly outdated.

Constantly developing fireplace technology means that more power, and convenience, is being put into the hands of the user - and Lichfield based manufacturers Flamerite are right at the heart of this advancement.

Their latest line of models cover a wide range of styles, sizes and price points - and give the user the option of not one, but TWO types of Smart Remote controlled Electric Fireplaces.

Most importantly, Flamerite Electric Fires deliver between 0.7kW and 1.5kW of fan assisted heat, and if you would just prefer to see the flickering flames - that is also available to the user too.

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These Flamerite fires allow you to choose between two control settings, Radia and Nitra to decide the flame and control of your electric fire.

Radia simply uses a Smartphone App to control your Flamerite Fire, whilst manual control is still also available too. Radia gives you a dimmable LED effect with flicker control, plus an adaptive 7 day timer.

Nitra is a slight advance on Radia, using both a SmartPhone App and a Remote too. There are 5 pre set scrolling animations, along with all the functions of the Radia flame mentioned above.

Not only that, you will see a vibrant, colourful flame and fuel effect with a deep high definition reflection.

View the videos below, where Flamerite explain in full.



Shop FlamRite fires here

 But what about the fires themselves? Well, the choice is plentiful. Head below to get inspired by the Direct Fireplaces Flamerite range...

Flamerite Wall Mounted Electric Fires

Flamerite Exo 1500 Wall Mounted Electric Fireplace Suite

Many of Flamerite's beautiful Electric Fires function either Free Standing or Wall Mounted, and you can pick a style that suits your space. The illusion of a floating fireplace is a magical one, and there is the option of pebbles or cinderwood fuel beds on some models, along with the potential for an added chimney breast for a truly impressive wall feature.

Shop FlamRite fires here

Shop FlamRite fires here

Flamerite Free Standing Electric Fires

Flamerite Lola Freestanding Electric Fireplace Suite

Easy installation with a flat wall fit, Flamerite Free Standing Suites come in a range of widths to suit different room sizes. Not only that, many feature multi-coloured LED downlights, cinderwood fuel beds and add a seriously impressive statement feature to your home. Just plug in and play!

Shop FlamRite fires here

Shop FlamRite fires here

Flamerite Glazer 3-2-1 Electric Inset Wall Fires

Flamerite Glazer 750 3-2-1 Electric Inset Wall Fire

The Flamerite Glazer electric fire range with panoramic, three-sided glass burn area boasts incredible flame visuals no matter where you sit in the room. Each model can be used as a 3, 2 or 1 sided panoramic fire, and this can be customised by the user. The glass panel encloses the fuel bed and conceals the heater and as with all of these featured Flamerites, the Glazer range all use smart phone app technology.

Flamerite Glazer 600 3-2-1 Electric Inset Wall Fire

Flamerite Glazer 1000 3-2-1 Electric Inset Wall Fire

Flamerite Glazer 1300 3-2-1 Electric Inset Wall Fire

Flamerite Glazer 1500 3-2-1 Electric Inset Wall Fire

Flamerite Glazer 1800 3-2-1 Electric Inset Wall Fire

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