The world of electric fireplaces is an ever-changing one. Interior design styles and and trends are constantly being modernised, and therefore so are the fireplaces that give light and warmth to our living spaces.

That being the case, here at Direct Fireplaces we want to keep our fingers on the pulse and have created two brand new categories on our website to guide you towards two of the most popular modern day fireplace features.

Similar in style, but with differing benefits - both Media Wall Electric Fireplaces and Hole in the Wall Electric Fires are adept in delivering astounding aesthetics and offering up brilliant space saving qualities.

Media Wall Fireplaces

Media Wall Fireplaces often feature three sided, glass fronted fuel beds , meaning the flickering flames within are visible from all sides of your living room. Situated below a recessed flat screen, these Electric Fires help to create a statement feature that is a hugely popular interior design trend right now.

Within the Direct Fireplaces catalogue there are a handful of major manufacturers who are delivering the goods when it comes to Media Wall Fireplaces.

Flamerite Glazer 1800 3-2-1 Electric Inset Wall Fire

A remarkable looking fire, and part of the wider range of Glazer Fires from Flamerite, the 1800 makes Media Wall dreams come true. As well as its immense width and optimum viewing possibilities, this fire also uses Flamerite's 'Omniglide' tilting front glass screen to enhance the flame picture.

As well as how good it looks, you can also control the Flamerite Glazer from our smartphone from the comfort of your sofa.

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Elgin & Hall Pryzm Arteon 1000 3SL Electric Inset Wall Fire

The PRYZM range from Elgin and Hall presents all manor of hi tech, beautiful looking electric fireplaces - and the Arteon is no different. Designed to allow for a one, two or three sided installation, the Elgin & Hall Pryzm Arteon 1000 3SL Electric Inset Wall Fire is an innovation in versatility.

You can build the fire the way you want, with the glass fire box either partially covered, fully covered or fully uncovered and with a TV recessed above it'll look beautiful however you choose.

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Celsi Electriflame VR 1400 Electric Fire

This 55 inch 3 sided fire with flush to wall fitting is truly eye catching in its own right, with a TV situated above you're truly onto a winner.

Celsi are renowned for their ultra realistic flame effects, and high quality builds and the Electriflame VR 1400 is one of the finest examples. This model can be installed as a two-sided or single glass fronted option with the supplied blanking plates, and with E-VR Flame Projection Technology Celsi can create the flame illusion to the front, the centre, and the rear of the fuel bed.

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Hole in the wall Electric Fireplaces

Elegantly recessed and impressive to look at, Hole in the Wall Electric Fireplaces deliver a sleek, stylish and space savvy style.

Not only do they save space, without the need of a hearth and mantel jutting out of your wall, they add a pleasing aesthetic to any room, as well as delivering a warming glow.

Celsi Elite Ultiflame VR Electric Fire

The Celsi Elite Ultiflame VR Electric Fire is the ideal option for large statement-making media walls. It’s not just its size which is impressive though. The Celsi Elite incorporates virtual reality technology to create a virtual flame display. It also features a deep fuel bed with supremely detailed ceramics that capture the shape and texture of natural logs. 

The Celsi Elite is one eye-catching, attention-grabbing fie and from the same manufacturer comes the Commodus (which you can see pictured at the top of this section) 

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Elgin & Hall Pryzm Volta 1000 Electric Inset Wall Fire

Arriving in two different sizes and designed to fit within a pre-fabricated plasterboard or masonry chimney breast, the innovative design of this panoramic centrepiece comes to life with a 5D flame effect with three flame colour settings.

Supplied with a frame fitting kit designed to make installation, faster, simpler & ensure a perfect fit every time makes the Volta the perfect choice for a built in chimney breast.

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Flamerite Glazer 900 3-2-1 Electric Inset Wall Fire

We viewed the Glazer 1800 earlier, and coming in at half the size is the 900 - ideal for a hole in the wall fit. Designed for smaller spaces, but still with the option to customise the number of glass panels on show, this Flamerite Fire is an excellent choice.

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Media Wall Fire Hole in the Wall Fire Inspiration

To help you decide what kind of media wall and fireplace will be right for your home, we've collected some fantastic examples of media walls from our customers below.

Take a look and let them act as sources of inspiration!

Celsi Electriflame VR 1400 media wall fireplace
The Celsi Electriflame VR 1400. Image courtesy of Alice Jane.

Celsi Electriflame VR 1400
The Celsi Electriflame VR 1400. Image courtesy of Alice Jane.

The Katell Luminess Electric Fireplace. Image courtesy of Joseph O'Neill.

Celsi Elite Ultiflame VR Electric Fire
The Celsi Elite Ultiflame VR Electric Fire. Image courtesy of The Hay Home.

These are just a few of our favourite electric fires for media walls. We have a whole lot more options available…. 

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