Looking for an electric fire that combines the latest technology and high-quality design? Look no further than Evonic electric fires. Hand-crafted in Stratford-upon-Avon, Evonic fires are some of the market's most advanced electric fires. With various sizes, styles, and flame effects, there is an Evonic fire for every home and homeowner. 

Who makes Evonic electric fires?

Evonic electric fires are an award-winning brand of CK Fires Ltd. Every product is designed and hand-built at their premises in Stratford-upon-Avon, ensuring the preservation of British jobs. Their expert craftspeople use the latest technology and highest-quality materials to create beautiful, efficient fires. 

What size is an Evonic electric fire?

Evonic Inglewood Electric Fireplace Wall Mounted Suite

Evonic Inglewood Electric Fireplace Wall Mounted Suite

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Evonic fires come in various sizes, ranging from 400mm for inset fires to 2400mm for media wall fires. Whether you're looking for a sleek and modern design or a more traditional look, something for a large open-plan area or a cosy, small living room, Evonic has a fire that will fit the bill. 

How deep is an Evonic fire?

Evonic electric fires come in different depths to suit various room sizes and installation options. If you are looking for an Evonic media wall fire, you can get a full-depth built-in at 300mm or a slimmer model at 180mm for more restrictive spaces. 

Are Evonic electric fires good?

Evonic Creative 2400 Built-In Electric Fire

Evonic Creative 2400 Built-In Electric Fire

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Evonic electric fires are known for being some of the highest-quality fireplace models made by one of the most technically advanced manufacturers in the world. Their innovative technology, flame effects, and 1.5kW heat output make them practical and visually stunning. Their ranges of inset, wall-hanging, suite, and built-in media wall fires are designed to suit every taste and need. 

Are Evonic fires expensive to run?      

Electric fires from Evonicfires are cost-effective and eco-friendly. Based on the popular Evonic e1500 model, running the flame effect seven days a week, 365 days a year, costs less than £10.

Do Evonic fires give off heat?

With a maximum heat output of 1.5kW, using your Evonic fire to add a burst of warmth to the room won't break the bank either at just £1.05 for four hours (based on the UK Energy Price Guarantee fixed unit rate of 34p). 

Do Evonic fires change colour?

Evonic Rivera 150 Wall Mounted Electric Fireplace Suite

Evonic Rivera 150 Wall Mounted Electric Fireplace Suite

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With Evonic Fires, you can easily create a unique and personalised fire display to suit any mood or occasion. Colours range from natural Vero flame effect to violet, blue, red, white, green, and orange. Their range of flame designs includes Ignite, Eos, Breathe, Spectrum, Odyssey, Embers, and Aurora. 

What is the Evonic flame effect?

The Evonic flame effect offers a range of unique and stunning visual displays to suit every mood or occasion. The three flame effects that Evonic offers are: 

  1. Evoflame: This flame effect uses a traditional ribbon effect to provide a natural, warm picture. So, it's the go-to for creating a cosy and inviting atmosphere in any room. The flickering flames are so realistic that it almost feels like you're sitting in front of a real fire. 
  2. E-lumaflame: The E-lumaflame effect is designed to create a hypnotic, mesmerising display that captivates your senses. This unique and innovative Rotisserie effect creates movement in the flames, illuminated by relaxing, calming and low-cost LED lighting. You can rely on it for the ultimate ambience in your living space. 
  3. E-llusion: For those looking for a more modern and futuristic look, the e-llusion effect is a perfect choice. This holographic effect uses LED projection to create a stunning, captivating display that will awe you and your guests. It's an excellent choice for those who want to add a touch of modernity to their home décor. 

What is the most realistic Evonic fire?

Evonic e-lectra 1250 Built-In Electric Fire

Evonic e-lectra 1250 Built-In Electric Fire

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While Evonic offers a range of flame effects and colours, most customers say the Halo and the e-lectra are the most realistic options. However, the perception of reality is subjective, and it's all down to you. You can check out our range of fires and flame effects at our showrooms in Cheadle or Bromsgrove. 

What is the warranty on Evonic fires?

All new Evonic fires come with a five-year warranty as standard, giving you peace of mind that your fire is covered in case of any manufacturing issues. 

Getting Started and Troubleshooting

Whether you are setting up your new Evonic fire for the first time or troubleshooting an issue, here are some answers to FAQs to help you make the most of your fireplace.  

How do you turn Evonic fire on?

Turning your Evonic fire on is a simple process. Here's how to do it: 

  1. Plug the fire in: Before turning your Evonic fire on, ensure it has been properly plugged into an electrical outlet. 
  2. Locate the switch: You can find the on/off switch on the top right of your fire. It's a rocker or toggle switch that you can identify quickly. 
  3. Turn on the fire in the app: If your fire is turned on at the switch, but nothing is happening, you may need to connect it to the app and your Wi-Fi network to switch it on within the app. See below for steps on how to do this: 

How do I connect my Evonic fire to Wi-Fi?

Connecting your Evonic fire to Wi-Fi and the E-smart app is straightforward. First, download the e-Smart app from the App Store or Google Play Store. The fire has its own wireless network. Once you have switched the fire on, connect to it in the Wi-Fi settings on your phone. Then, open the e-Smart app and register your fire. You'll be prompted to connect to your home Wi-Fi through the app. Once your fire is connected, reconnect your phone to your home network, and you'll be ready to control your fire remotely. 

How do I reset my Evonic fire?

To reset your Evonic fire, turn the rocker switch on and off 6-10 times until the fire makes a long beep. This resets the fire and disconnects it from the home Wi-Fi network. 

Why is my Evonic fire not connecting?

If you are experiencing connectivity issues, there could be several potential reasons. Ensure you have set the fire up correctly within the app and are not trying to connect via Bluetooth. It's also worth checking your home Wi-Fi network – have you changed it recently? If you have a new Wi-Fi network at home, you must reconnect your fire in the app. If you haven't adjusted your Wi-Fi network, check that your router is turned on and connected and that other devices can connect. 

Why does my Evonic fire keep turning off?

If your Evonic fire keeps turning off, here are two common causes: 

  • Thermostat set lower than room temperature: If your Evonic fire is an older Bluetooth model, it may have a thermostat feature that could cause it to switch off if set to lower than the room temperature. To fix this, try adjusting the thermostat to a higher temperature and see if the fire stays on. 
  • Possible fault: If changing the thermostat doesn't work, or your Evonic fire is a newer Wi-Fi model, there may be a fault with the fire. In this case, contact Evonic Fires for support by visiting their website or calling 01789 263868. They'll be able to provide expert advice on troubleshooting and fixing the problem. It's always best to seek professional help to avoid causing any damage or harm to yourself or your fire. 

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