If you love having the latest gadgets and technology at home to impress your friends with, an electric fireplace is just what you need!

While a traditional fireplace is full of grandeur and charm, contemporary electric fires often have those extra features that really stand out!

Today’s technology has meant that electric fires can really up their game. While gas fires and open fireplaces are preferred by those who want a real flame, electric fires come into their own if you want something a little more flash!

Today’s electric fires can boast smart features such as :

  • Customisable flame displays. Change between log and coal effects and ambient lighting displays.
  • Thermostatic controls. No fiddling around with heat settings to manage the temperature, let your fire do it for you!
  • Effect only options. You don’t have to run the heat and flame effect together. Effect only settings allow you to continue enjoying the LED display long after your room has heated up.
  • Timer settings. Want to fall asleep to the sound of flickering flames? Or, want to control your energy bills by only running it for a set number of hours? Timer settings are here to help!

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With bright LED displays, an electric fire is in no way second rate to a ‘real’ fire. Not only this, but they are also incredibly versatile and have no mess or carbon monoxide risk, so you can put them anywhere you have a power supply - bedrooms, conservatories and kitchens included! - making them a true fireplace for the future.

To show off some of the best technological features of electric fires, we have rounded up the most impressive options available online at Direct Fireplaces...

Best For… The Full Electric Fire Package

The Celsi Electric Fire range has a great reputation for being a leading fireplace manufacturer with an array of different styles available!

The Celsi Puraflame Panoramic Wall Mounted Electric Fire boasts everything we love about electric fire technology! With remote controlled operation, it has a long list of features that can really turn your room into something special. You can choose between three realistic pictures with adjustable brightness, 5 flame speeds, 5 volumes of real fire sound effects and mood lighting.

In addition, there are 9 sleep timer settings for you to use, plus programmable thermostatic heat control.


While this model has a wide, panoramic display, you can also enjoy all the same features with a curved design from the Celsi Puraflame Wall Mounted Electric Fire.

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Best For… Full Depth Flame Effect Technology

With high efficiency LED lighting, the Celsi Electriflame Piano Black Wall Mounted Electric Fire makes the most of advanced 3D flame effect technology to produce an impressive smoky full depth flame.

Its glossy black fascia really makes its choice of four lighting settings stand out. You can also turn the heat off entirely, or choose between low or high heat. Available in two sizes with easy fixing plates, this fire can add a sense of luxury to both large and smaller spaces.

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Best For… Hole in the Wall Displays

If you want an inset electric fire for an ultra modern home, a hole in the wall display is the perfect companion to today’s electric fireplace technology.

The Celsi Celena Ultiflame VR Electric Fire has had a lot of thought put into its design. It creates an open fire experience with innovative technology, featuring detailed ceramics and crystal embers making up the fuel bed. With real-fire virtual flames and thermostatic control, any visitor to your home will be blown away by this remote-controlled display!


If you prefer a hole in the wall fireplace design with a trim, the Celsi Instinct Ultiflame VR Electric Fire is an equally impressive option.

Best For… Most Out-There Electric Fire Design!

Looking for a space-age design to go with your future-proof electric fire technology? The Celsi Electriflame VR Louvre Electric Fire could be for you! No real flame fireplace could achieve this effect, with stunning virtual flames completing the high-tech look.

Best For… Top Technology on a Budget

Do you love the sound of electric fireplace technology, but are worried about the price tag that goes with it?

If so, take a look at these great options for lower budgets!

The Be Modern Quattro Wall Mounted Electric Fire does a lot for its price. With a compact design that is perfect for small spaces, this fire also features colour adjustable backlighting, energy-saving LED flame effects and thermostatic control. If you live in an apartment or a smaller home, this curved glass fire is a real style boost on a budget!

Be Modern Quattro Wall Mounted Electric Fire

For another option, the Be Modern Amari Electric Fire offers the same functions, but with a glass and pebble fuel bed for added realism.

Be Modern Amari Electric Fire

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