Some of us are blessed with having an exquisite period fireplace gracing our homes. For others, it can be a labour of love to restore one to its former glory.

However, here at Direct Fireplaces, we think there is an easier way for every home to enjoy the magnificence of a period fireplace. With our beautiful range of period and Victorian fireplaces, you can easily replicate the grandeur of years gone by - even if you don’t have the set up for a real open fire!

Read our guide to find out how you can get the perfect period cast iron fireplace in your home, whether you need to restore one, or are creating one from scratch...

Restoring a Cast Iron Fireplace

You may have just moved into a new house to be delighted at discovering a period fireplace waiting for you. However, you may find that it is looking a little worse for wear. Depending on the condition it has been left in, restoring a cast iron fireplace can be hard work. Here are a few tips that might help you:

  • If your fireplace has been painted, you can use a paint stripper to remove it. Make sure it is not lead based as this will release toxic fumes
  • Once the paint stripper has done its work, scrape it away with a plastic scraper, wire wool or stiff brush. Don’t use anything that could scratch the surface
  • Whether you have removed paint or not, be sure to clean the surface with white spirit. Treat any rust with a rust remover
  • Use black grate polish to finish it off and protect the surface

Remember that cast iron will start to rust with exposure to moisture, so don’t be tempted to clean any debris away with water!

Creating a New Period Style Fireplace

If you love the look of a period fireplace, you can hunt one down at an antique specialist or, if you are lucky, find one you can salvage. However, this can become timely and expensive. Alternatively, here at Direct Fireplaces, you can find everything you need to create a beautiful period style cast iron fireplace from scratch!

Here is our guide to creating the perfect period fireplace..

1. Pick a Cast Iron Fireplace Insert...

This will be the main part of your period fireplace as the centrepiece that holds your heat. Our range of cast iron fireplace inserts features beautifully antique looking options, replicating Victorian designs with detailed arches for a stunning period look.

There are a few options you could consider to suit your needs or preferences:

Cast Iron Gas Fire and Electric Fire Insert

An open crackling fire is what many people first think of when it comes to period fireplaces. However, we know that this isn’t possible in every home.

At Direct Fireplaces, we stock stunning cast iron fireplace inserts with gas fire and electric fire fuel options available. For a beautiful traditional look, the Gallery Collection Gloucester Cast Iron Fire Inset features Victorian inspired details, and is available with a gas or electric fire.

See our guide to which type of fireplace you should buy for more information about gas, electric and wood fireplaces.

Tiled Fireplace Insert

Fireplace tiles were all the rage during the Victorian era, and are a great touch for your period fireplace. To get this look, browse our range of cast iron fire inserts for tiles and choose some fireplace tiles, which will easily fit together to brighten up and personalise your period fireplace! Don't forget to add some fireside tools to your hearth too, to add further authenticity.

2. Choose Your Cast Iron Fire Surround

If you want a full period piece in your room, a cast iron fire surround will complete the look perfectly. Ideal if you want to make a bold statement, you can find period style cast iron surrounds with intricate details, such as the Carron Holyrood Cast Iron Surround and the Carron Mayfair Cast Iron Surround.

However, a cast iron fire surround isn’t the only option for getting the perfect period fireplace. You could also choose one of our Agean Limestone period fire surrounds, which look just as stunning with a cast iron fire insert by creating a striking contrast of black and white. Take a look at the Gallery Collection Kingston Agean Limestone Fire Surround, which features elegant carvings for a classic effect.

3. Consider A Cast Iron Combination Fireplace

Cast iron combination fireplaces are small and compact fireplaces that come as one single unit - so there is no need to buy an insert and fire surround separately. They were popular in the 18th century and Victorian bedrooms, as their small size was ideal for smaller rooms. Today, a combination cast iron fireplace offers an easy and cost effective way to create an authentic looking period fireplace in your home.

If you think a combination fire is for you, the Gallery Collection Celtic Cast Iron Combination Fireplace features an authentic looking Victorian design that you may like. It is also available as a solid fuel burning fire, gas fire or electric fire to be enjoyed by all!

There you go! You are ready to create the perfect period fireplace in your home. Be sure to browse our full range of period and Victorian fireplaces, including cast iron inserts, surrounds, tiles and more!

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