After going through an unfortunate period of being covered up behind plaster and boarding panels, traditional fireplaces are finally reclaiming their places in living rooms!

Whether you are rediscovering the potential of your existing fireplace, or are trying to create the period fireplace you’ve always dreamed of from scratch, there is an array of options to choose from, including:

  • Cast Iron Fireplaces
  • Traditional Fireplace Surrounds
  • Traditional electric fires and gas fires

Take a look at our favourite traditional fireplace ideas below, plus find everything you need to create one in your living room...

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Our Best Traditional Fireplace Ideas...

1. A Cast Iron Fireplace

Cast iron fireplaces are one of the most popular choices when it comes to traditional fireplace ideas. While instantly recognisable as a period design, they are still seen as in fashion for those who like to add a little character to their room.

When it comes to buying a new cast iron fireplace, there are a few options available. Which one you choose depends on both the look you want to achieve and whether you want a gas, electric or solid fuel burning fireplace.

Here is some more information on our cast iron fireplaces to help you with your traditional fireplaces ideas...

Cast Iron Fireplace Inserts

You might think a traditional fireplace needs a traditional chimney, but this doesn’t have to be the case!

While cast iron fireplace inserts are great if you have an open fire, gas and electric options are also available, too! Cast iron fireplace inserts can be placed straight inside your chimney cavity, but you will need to buy a fire surround and hearth to frame and finish it off.

For a classic Victorian-look traditional fire, choose an insert with an arch design and pair it with a carved wooden fire surround or Agean Limestone fire surround.

Tiled Cast Iron Fire Inserts

Similar to regular cast iron inserts, our tiled cast iron fire inserts can be seamlessly fitted into a chimney, whether you want a gas, electric or solid fuel burning fire.

The one difference is that they are designed to feature tiles reminiscent of the Victorian Era. You can choose from an array of fireplace tiles including floral designs which were particularly popular in the period.

They look great with a wood surround, though you could double up with a cast iron fire surround for a really eye-catching look!

Cast Iron Fireplace Combinations

Cast iron fireplace combinations differ from fireplace inserts because they comprise just one whole piece - so you won’t need to buy a fire surround to finish it off. They will, however, require a hearth.

As they were popular with small Victorian bedrooms, their more compact dimensions still make them a great traditional fireplace idea for tighter spaces today.

Gas, electric and solid fuel options are all also available - some even have a ‘decorative only’ option, so you can enjoy the look of it without any functionality. For a bold Art Nouveau look, choose one with an elaborate design, like the Carron Toulouse Tiled Cast Iron Combination Fireplace!

2. A Traditional Fireplace Surround

Whether you want to update your existing fireplace with a new surround, or are creating a traditional fireplace from scratch, you need to finish it off with the perfect touch.

Here are some of the best traditional fireplace surround options for refreshing your living room with...

Wooden Fireplace Surrounds

Wooden mantels and surrounds look great on traditional fireplaces! As well as being a perfect match for cast iron, they bring a little warmth to your room too, thanks to their natural texture. Chose one with carved corbels for an authentic Victorian effect.

Agean Limestone Surrounds

When it comes to looking for traditional fireplace ideas, you’re sure to come across Agean limestone fire surrounds! Their elegant colour and sleek carvings make them a popular choice, while their light colour blends in easily with modern day decor.

Again, more elaborate carvings give a grand antique effect, while cleaner lines are ideal for a sharp Regency style.

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3. A Traditional Electric Fireplace or Gas Fire

As we have said, you don’t need to have a chimney to enjoy the look and feel of a traditional fireplace. There are plenty of antique effect electric fires and gas fires for you to create the same look without any of the smoke!

Choose one of our traditional electric fireplaces or high efficiency cast iron fireplace inserts and match it with your favourite wood, Aegean limestone or cast iron fire surround. You could pick a fire with a classic grate or arched design to get the most authentic look.


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