It’s obvious that we love the appeal a fireplace can bring to your home here at Direct Fireplaces! But another thing we love about them is just how laden in history they really are.

From the stunning modern fireplace designs of today to the charming period fireplaces of the past, every era has its trademark style.

So for this week’s blog, we’re looking at Victorian fireplaces. While they were once essentials for providing heat and showing off status, these days we love them for the character they can bring to our homes.

Even better, you can create your own simply by option for one of our Victorian marble fireplace surrounds.

What were Victorian fireplaces made from?

Fireplaces in the early Victorian era were a very grand affair in wealthy households. To display their status, fireplace surrounds were often made from marble and featured ornate carvings to show off their style.

Some aspirational houses would even paint their wooden fireplaces to look like marble in an attempt to impress visitors!

But, as the era progressed, Victorian fireplace styles did too. Highly elaborate marble surrounds began to fall out of favour and slimmer, less decorative designs began to take over.

What does a Victorian fireplace look like?

Along with a decorative marble surround, Victorian fireplaces usually had a cast iron insert. Often the insert would be arched, though many square styles were adorned with tiles down either side for added appeal - often with a floral design. If you can’t find original Victorian ones, we have replica fireplaces tiles here at Direct Fireplaces.

As an alternative to marble, some Victorian fire surrounds were made from wood or slate instead.

How do I know if my fireplace is original?

Do you think you might already have a Victorian fireplace or surround? Before you replace it, you might like to know whether you can restore it.

Original fireplaces from the Victorian era should have very crisp details that reflect the way they were made. Modern replicas are often more rounded. Check how it is fixed to the wall, too. If you see modern screws or brackets, this could be a sign it isn’t an original, but a newer replacement. If you want to know for sure, contact an antique expert before tossing it away!

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Give your fireplace a touch of grandeur with the Victorian marble fireplace surrounds…

Do you love the splendour a Victorian style marble fire surround can bring to a room? Why not consider replacing your old fire surround with one of these showstoppers…

Cast Tec William IV Carrara Marble Fire Surround

Cast Tec William IV Carrara Marble Fire Surround

This marble surround is sure to bring a sense of luxury to your living room! With chunky corbels and carvings, this surround is made from Carrara marble - a favourite in the early Victorian era.

In fact, Carrara marble continues to be one of the most sought after fireplace surround materials today.

We have more about carrara marble and where it comes from on our blog - prepare to be impressed!

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Cast Tec Corinthian Carrara Marble Fire Surround

Cast Tec Corinthian Carrara Marble Fire Surround

This Carrara marble fire surround is perfect for bringing a period touch to modern homes. The slightly more subtle acanthus leaf design was actually a common decorative element in Roman times, which fits in well with the Victorian’s love for all things ornamental.

It’s also reminiscent of the Victorian era’s ‘Arts and Crafts movement’. During this period, designs were inspired by nature, with flowers, leaves and animals making appearances in designs.

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Gallery Collection Kingston Carrara Marble Fire Surround

Gallery Collection Kingston Cararra Marble Fire Surround

How beautiful is this Carrara marble fireplace surround? With a smooth finish, it’s given a touch of opulence by the stylish corbels and the unique veining in the stone.

You can choose between two sizes for this surround, to - the smaller 56” mantel, or the large 63” option. Hopefully this makes it easier for all homes to enjoy the splendor of a Victorian fire surround!

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Cast Tec Victorian Corbel Turkish Limestone Fire Surround

Cast Tec Victorian Corbel Turkish Limestone Fire Surround

While Carrara marble is probably the most traditional when choosing a Victorian fire surround, some people find the grain a little too strong for their decor.

So, this Cast Tec Victorian style fire surround is a great alternative. While featuring characteristic corbels, it is made from Turkish limestone, which is uniform in colour. Shown here with an arched and tiled cast iron insert, it can really make your fireplace stand out!

It’s also available in a smaller, 53” width, again making it a good choice for narrower rooms.

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Looking for more fireplace surrounds? Take a look at our excellent range online at Direct Fireplaces today!

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