Finding a fireplace that matches your home’s decor can seem like something of a challenge!

While some people are drawn straight to grand or traditional fireplaces, others prefer something more contemporary.

But, if there is one style of home decor that has become hugely popular in recent times, it’s Scandinavian inspired interiors!

Yes, there is something about Swedish and Nordic designs that seems to have really captured our hearts here in the UK.

The question is, how do you choose a fireplace that keeps your vision alive?

How to find your perfect Scandinavian inspired fireplace

Scandinavian fireplace design idea

Scandinavian decor is characterised by minimalism, simplicity and functionality. There is no room for clutter or elaborate designs - you are looking for clean lines that don’t over complicate.

As for colours, the Scandinavian style is all about neutrals. White and black are your core palette, with natural wood tones, plants, furs and fabrics bringer some extra depth.

So, how does this help you find a Scandinavian fireplace?

Well, you want to find something that is simple yet still has that undeniable sense of style that Sweden is known for. Keeping to the classic black and white colour scheme will also help - don’t forget to keep a few decorative logs nearby, too, to add to the effect!

Take a look at these Scandinavian fireplace ideas we’ve picked out...

Here at Direct Fireplaces, we think we have some excellent options for those who want some Scandinavian fireplace inspiration.

Check out these minimalist fireplaces that we think would love stunning with some Scandi styling!

Dimplex Bach Electric Wall Fire

From £315.00

Dimplex Bach Electric Wall Fire

The Dimplex Bach Electric Wall Fire is hugely popular here at Direct Fireplaces - and with good reason! This fantastic value wall mounted electric fire is a beautiful addition for almost any contemporary home. It’s also a perfect match for those looking for a Scandinavian fireplace design.

When paired with white walls, as in the picture above, this fire looks so effortlessly stylish. It also features market leading Optiflame technology, so you will feel extra cosy enjoying the realistic log flame display.

Shop Dimplex Bach

Celsi Electriflame VR 1400 Electric Fire

From £1,999.00

This minimalist fireplace really makes a big impression! The Celsi Electriflame VR 1400 Electric Fire is ideal if you want to make an impact. Shown here inset into a black and white surround that would complete any Scandinavian decor, this 3-sided fire is a stunning centerpiece for your living room.

Inside the crystal clear glass, you will find a beautiful silver birch log fuel bed. Boasting incredible flame projection technology, you can cosy up and enjoy everything this incredible fire has to offer.

Shop Celsi VR 1400

OER Emerson 33 Electric Fireplace Suite

From £1,499.00

OER Emerson 33 Electric Fireplace Suite

If you are still on the quest to find your perfect Scandinavian fireplace design, the OER Emerson Electric Fireplace Suite could be the one! With a gorgeous crisp white finish, we think the design of this suite features some very Swedish elements to it. From the clean and simple lines to the log store below, this is a fireplace for the style conscious.

Even better, if you are really excited to get this fireplace up and running in your room, you’ll be delighted to hear just how easy it is to install - all you need to do is take it out of the box, plug it in and you’re done!

Read more about installing ‘plug in & go’ electric fireplaces here!

Shop OER Emerson 33

Crystal Fires Royale 4 Sided Hole In the Wall with Montana Gas Fire

From £645.00

Crystal Fires Royale 4 Sided Hole In the Wall with Montana Gas Fire

If you prefer to have a gas fire than an electric fire, we still have some great options available. We think the Crystal Fires Royale Hole in the Wall Gas Fire could fit fantastically well with Scandinavian decor. Available in a sleek black finish, this minimalist fireplace would look perfect when paired with white or neutral walls.

The cosy coal fuel bed inside is a real highlight, though you can opt for a pebble alternative if you prefer. You can also pay a little extra to get remote controls, a fantastic feature for those days you want to snuggle up on the sofa!

Related: Should You Have a Remote Control Gas Fire?

Shop Crystal Fires Montana

Burley Acumen Flueless Hole in the Wall Gas Fire

From £1,169.95

Burley Acumen Flueless Hole In The Wall Gas Fire

Here at Direct Fireplaces, we believe everyone deserves a beautiful fireplace for their home. So, if electric isn’t for you but you don’t have a chimney either, why not consider the Burley Acumen Flueless Hole in the Wall Gas Fire? The striking black surround and interior creates a bold contrast with white walls, giving it a Scandinavian fireplace feel that you just can’t beat.

Shop Burley Acumen

If you want to know more about them, see our full guide to flueless gas fires.

Suncrest Mayford 41 Inch Electric Fireplace Suite

From £560.00

Suncrest Mayford 41 inch Electric Fireplace

The Suncrest Mayford 41 inch Electric Fireplace is proof that you don’t have to have a big room - or budget - to create your Scandinavian fireplace design! While offering excellent value for money, this great little fireplace features an LED stove design fire that wouldn’t look out of place in a Scandi-inspired room.

In fact, we think that with a nice faux fur rug, some cosy blankets and the right accessories, this could be one of the best fireplaces on our list!

Shop Suncrest Mayford

Eden HE Hole in the Wall Gas Fire

From £1,750

Eden HE Hole In The Wall Gas Fire

Fireplaces don’t come much more minimal than the Eden HE hole in the wall gas fire! This sleek gas fire fits seamlessly into your wall, sitting flush against the wall for maximum style. If you are looking for a Scandinavian fireplace for your room, this is perfect - it’s simple, striking and yet still offers plenty of heat with a 5.2kW output!

Shop Eden HE Fire

Looking for more fireplaces? Discover our extensive range online at Direct Fireplaces today!

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