Despite what you may think; bigger is not always better.

When it comes to home decor, space can be an issue and having a massive electric fireplace could end up dominating the room, leaving little space for other pieces of furniture.

For those with a grand brick chimney, it’s often easy to find a fireplace to fill the space.

But, for those without a spacious chimney cavity, finding a fire that fits can be more of a challenge.

So, with this week’s blog post, we have decided to help you out! There are plenty of slimline electric fires out there that can fit into even the narrowest of wall cavities. We got to work finding some of the best options for you…

What is the thinnest electric fireplace?

At Direct Fireplaces, our range includes some of the thinnest electric fireplaces available. You can find Dimplex electric fires with inset depths as thin as just 55mm, while some of our thinnest Celsi electric fires are just 70mm in depth - perfect for getting into tight spaces.

Whether you want an inset electric fire or a wall mounted electric fire, we’ve got some great options for you.

Find out more about them below...

Our Best Slimline Electric Fires

FLARE Slimline Electric Fires

Affordable, multi functional and deliver both traditional and contemporary looks - the FLARE range does it all. With Inset depths of less than 200mm, these fires are ideal for slimline installation and yet still give you a gorgeous looking focal point in your room.

The Flare Casita 18 Inch Wall Mounted Inset Electric Fire features the popular, widescreen electric fire found in FLARE  free-standing electric suites with the addition of a four-sided trim specially designed for insetting into a wall.

The Flare Abbey Arched Inset Electric Fire brings modern day living and traditional design together to create a timeless and unique electric fire. Ideal for those with new homes that want a cast Iron design but with the ability to be fitted into a small recess.

The FLARE Vitesse electric fire is a contemporary looking fire which comes with a realistic coal effect, plus high level side switches for easy access and a realistic LED flame effect. The fire can be used with flame effect only or with a choice of 2 heat settings.

Elgin and Hall Slimline Electric Fires

Delivering consistently classy and often contemporary fires, Elgin and Hall manage to cover the bases with their range of inset electric fires and hole in the wall models.

The Elgin & Hall Pryzm 16-inch Inset Electric Fire with Chollerton Fascia (below) is a prime example of this, with a classy and striking looking fascia, and an inst depth of 140mm (75mm with spacer).

While not THE slimmest in terms of depth, the Pryzm Volta 750 (below) offers a shorter width option meaning this fire won't require too much wall space.

AGA Rayburn Stratus Slimline Electric Fires

Highly reputable stove manufacturers AGA have released an entire range of electric fires and fireplace suites, under their Stratus brand name.

Within the range are the Rayburn Stratus™ Extra Slim fires -  beautifully designed built-in fire is available in three sizes, offering the ultimate choice in slimline fires with a reduced depth. This means the freedom to install in any room in your home because – as with the all Rayburn fires – no is flue required.

This beautifully designed fire is available in three width sizes 75cm, 100cm and 125cm.

Should you need to build a false wall for this fire, it will not take up too much space in the room either thanks to it's minimal depth. The Stratus XS fire has a 1.9kW heat output which is a great source of heat to take the chill out of the room and comes complete with it's own remote control to adjust the heat and light settings.

Celsi Slimline Electric Fires

Celsi is another of the best manufacturers of electric fires. On the forefront of developing the most realistic electric flame effects, they are the pride of many living rooms.

You can also find some great slimline electric fire models from Celsi. One of our most popular is the Celsi Essence Ultiflame VR Electric Fire. Available in a choice of finishes including silver, black and brass, it has an inset depth of just 70mm.

The highly detailed log fuel bed is enhanced by 3D wide angle flames, giving a wonderful display that is perfect for contemporary homes.

Celsi Essence Ultiflame VR Electric Fire

Alternatively, the Celsi Designer Ultiflame VR Electric Fire is another brilliant option if you need a slim electric fire. Again, measuring just 70mm inset depth, this fire boasts the same effects as the Celsi Essence, but with a two-toned fascia for a bolder finish.

Celsi Designer Ultiflame VR Electric Fire

Finally, we want to highlight the stunning Celsi Electriflame Daisy XD Electric Fire. With a slimline inset depth of 75mm, this fire boats a beautiful design that is perfect for almost any fireplace. Keep it modern, like the picture below, with a simple limestone fire surround. Or, create a more traditional feel with a wood surround.

Either way, the 3D LED flames are sure to make a real showpiece in your room!

Celsi Electriflame Daisy XD Electric Fire


Flamerite Slimline Electric Fires

Many of Flamerite’s beautiful Electric Fires function either Free Standing or Wall Mounted, and you can pick a style that suits your space.

The illusion of a floating fireplace is a magical one, and there is the option of pebbles or cinderwood fuel beds on some models, along with the potential for an added chimney breast for a truly impressive wall feature.

The Flamerite Stanford Inset Electric Fire is traditional and striking, with the option of Brass, Silver or Black finish options.

The Flamerite Solace (above) comes with a choice of  colours (Black Mirror or Graphite), wide flame picture and full view of its Cinderwood log effect.

The gorgeous Flamerite Arlo 4 Hole In The Wall Fire offers a wider view, fantastic fascia and a lie like Cinderwood fuel bed.

A slimmer model and with amazing LED fuel bed options, the Flamerite Ennio 4 Hole In The Wall Electric Fire is a quality slimline electric fire.

See more electric fires in our full range online now.

If you have any questions about the sizes of any of our fires, get in touch through our live chat on any of our product pages - we will be happy to help!

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