Do you like all things cutting-edge and modern? In that case, the next time you’re looking for a new fireplace, we’re willing to guess that you’ll want one that not only boasts contemporary styling, but also features all of the latest fireplace tech. Keep reading and we’ll give you the lowdown on the most modern fireplaces that are currently available…

Smart electric fires

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Shop Smart Electric Fires Now

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It seems like more and more appliances are going ‘smart’ these days. From TVs to fridges, appliances and devices are coming with more and more features and technology.

Now electric fires are turning smart too. 

Fireplace brands such as Flamerite, OER and Elgin & Hall have launched fires which can be controlled via your smartphone (and in some cases your voice too).

All you need to do is download their app and you’ll be able to control your fire without leaving the comfort of your sofa. 

In addition to turning the fire on and off, many smart fires also let you control things like the flicker and colour of the flames on the display as well as setting timers. 

So, if you’re building a smart home and like to be able to control appliances using your smartphone, check out our range of smart fires today!

Guide - find out more about smart fireplaces with our guide here.

Media wall electric fires

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Shop Media Wall Electric Fires Now

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If you want to be part of one of the hottest interior design trends this year, then you need to look at media wall electric fires. 

As people seek to create a bold, eye-catching focal point in their living room they are creating media walls. 

As their name suggests, media walls are specially constructed walls which incorporate both a fireplace and a TV. In some instances they will also include other features such as speakers and alcoves for storing items.

Media wall fires are available in multiple styles, sizes and shapes, with many models including smart features like those outlined above.

It’s also possible to buy media wall electric fires which are ‘open’ on two or three sides, which creates a brilliant panoramic view of the flame effect within the fire. 

Explore our range of media wall fires now and you’ll see why they are considered to be some of the most modern fires around.

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High-efficiency gas fires

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Shop High-Efficiency Gas Fires Now

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When we use the phrase ‘modern’ we aren’t limiting ourselves to those fireplaces that look contemporary or are smart. We also include fires which have the latest heating technology. 

High-efficiency gas fires use the most modern heating technology to provide the greatest amount of heat with the smallest amount of natural gas. 

Given today’s rising energy prices and increased cost of living, the more you can save on heating your home the better!

And, high-efficiency gas fires allow you to do exactly that, with them having an average efficiency rating of 86%.

Plus, just because a fire is high-efficiency doesn’t mean it has to look old-fashioned. In fact, if you explore our range of high-efficiency gas fires you’ll find plenty of models which feature sleek, stylish lines, beautiful smooth finishes and other modern details. 

Guide - find out more in our guide to fireplace efficiency.

Fires with lighting and downlights

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Do you want a modern fire that really stands out from the crowd? Then buy one that features lights and/or downlights. 

Electric fires such as the Flamerite Virtue feature a beautiful ‘wrap around’ light which sits on the back panel and frames the fireplace opening. These types of fires often include smart functionality, so it’s possible to change the flame effect of the fire to match the rest of your home’s decor. 

If you prefer a slightly more subtle lighting effect on your fire, then consider choosing a fireplace that includes downlights. These aren’t as ‘in your face’ as those that are mounted directly on the fireplace back panel.

Downlights will add an extra element of luxury and modernity to your fireplace, without appearing too garish. 

Wall-mounted electric fires

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Shop Wall-Mounted Electric Fires Now

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Gone are the days when you needed to install a hearth, surround and other parts of a traditional chimney if you wanted a fire in your home. 

Thanks to the progress of electric heating technology, it’s now possible to buy wall-mounted fires which are futuristic in appearance and almost resemble flat screen TVs.

Wall-mounted electric fires are available in a huge variety of styles and types, including ‘widescreen’ landscape models, standing models that include a ‘log box’, and statement models which extend from the wall to create a feature.

Many of these wall-mounted electric fires are smart and include features such as smartphone control, changeable flame effects and more. 

Explore our range of wall-mounted electric fires now and see just how varied and modern these fires can be.

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Modern fireplace packages

Shop Modern Fireplace Packages Now

Shop Modern Fireplace Packages Now

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If you do want a fireplace that includes a hearth and surround, but you want it to have a contemporary design, then consider buying a modern fireplace package such as one of our black granite fireplace packages.

Black granite is a popular material for use in the home primarily because of its sleek, stylish appearance. 

And the same goes for fireplaces. 

Fireplaces such as our Fireside Ashbourne and Fireside Stonehenge packages will complement the decor of the most modern of homes, creating a stylish, yet understated focal point for your living room.

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Hole in the wall gas fires

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Shop Hole in the Wall Gas Fires Now

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One of the most modern and popular interior design trends is the use of hole in the wall gas fires.

As their name suggests, these types of fireplaces are ‘embedded’ into the wall, with the face of the fire sitting flush with the wall.

This creates a seamless, modern look with the fire taking up virtually no space at all. 

Our range of hole in the wall gas fires are available in multiple finishes including silver, black and champagne, all of which can help you achieve a desirable contemporary finish to your living room. 

To make things even better, many hole in the wall gas fires are high efficiency, so they’ll also save you money whilst looking great.

Guide - find out more in our hole in the wall gas fire buying guide.

Modern fireplaces and more at Direct Fireplaces

Whether you’re looking for a modern fireplace or something more traditional, you’ll find it at Direct Fireplaces. 

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