At Direct Fireplaces, we are proud to stock a range of gorgeous, sophisticated electric fireplaces from Evonic Fires, one of the top UK electric fire manufacturers. Our range of Evonic Fires electric fires is the perfect choice if you want to add a show-stopping media wall to your home. These fires elevate living spaces and ooze with style.

Who are Evonic Fires?

Evonic Fires are an award-winning CK Fires Ltd brand based in Stratford-upon-Avon. They have over a decade of experience producing highly luxurious, sophisticated electric fires and a well-established reputation for their high-quality and innovative products. Their range of stunning, contemporary electric fires is known for exceptional craftsmanship and keen attention to detail.

Why choose Evonic Fires?

When you invest in an Evonic electric fire for your home, you know that you'll be getting the highest levels of quality and durability. All Evonic Fires products are designed and manufactured in the UK. Excellent attention to detail and expert craftsmanship gives you peace of mind that your electric fire won't let you down. You can rely on an Evonic fire to create the perfect atmosphere in your home for years to come.

Ease of Installation

Evonic Fires offer a wide range of electric fireplaces that are easy to install in any room and fit with any style. They are especially perfect for media wall installation, thanks to the sleek designs that will awe any guests to your home. The elegant, built-in fires come in various styles and sizes, making it easy to find one that slots perfectly into your living space.

Customisation Options

With an electric fire from Evonic Fires, you can truly take control of the ambience and atmosphere in your home. Program your fire to look and feel exactly how you want it to, with various colour and flame pattern options and different temperature settings. There's also a flame effect-only setting, so you can enjoy your fireplace year-round, even on a summer day when you don't need the extra heat but want to amp up the ambience. You can quickly get the vibes just right with all these customisation combinations, whether you're gearing up for a cosy night or hosting a party.


Gone are the days of getting up from your comfy spot on the sofa while you adjust the temperature or light output on your fireplace. Evonic Fires boast the latest, cutting-edge technology for electric fires, including smart home compatibilities. Some Evonic Fires models allow you to easily change the light, heat or flame pattern using the connected Evonic Fires app, which is available for iOS or Android. Others are compatible with Amazon Alexa and Google Home.

Evonic Creative 2400 Built-In Electric Fire

Evonic Creative 2400 Built-In Electric Fire

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If you want to add warmth, elegance, and sophistication to your home, look no further than the Evonic Creative 2400. This fire has a sleek, contemporary built-in design ideal for media walls – it goes together with a large-screen TV like Batman and Robin.

This fire will quickly become a beautiful focal point in your living space, leaving all your guests blown away by the sheer luxury it adds to your home. What's more, you get a remote control and the option to choose from various flame effects, colour options, and heat outputs. Get comfy on the couch with your favourite TV show and enjoy the alluring flame patterns.

Evonic Creative 810DS

Evonic Creative 810DS Built-In Double-Sided Electric Fire

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The Evonic Creative 810DS is a stunning, double-sided wall fire that will elevate your living space to heights you've only dreamed of. The tall, portrait shape makes it the perfect focal point for open-plan living, and you can install it on dividing walls to be visible on both sides. Oozing with sophistication and class, it's an artistic, aesthetically appealing choice for anybody who wants to stand out. This statement fire will turn the head of anybody who walks into your home.

It's not all about the looks, though. The Evonic Creative 810DS is packed with a range of super-convenient modern features designed to help you achieve the perfect ambience and atmosphere for your home. Sit back, relax, and admire your gorgeous fireplace while using the remote control or smartphone app to pick the perfect colours and flame patterns for the mood.

Evonic Creative 1030DS

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The Evonic Creative 1030DS is more than just a fireplace. It's a gorgeous, modern statement piece that will have your guests in awe of its beauty. The sleek, contemporary design and double-sided viewing make it a beautiful centrepiece for an open-plan living space or dividing wall. It's perfect for adding to an elegant media wall or installing as a standalone feature on any wall to level up your room and bring an undeniable sense of luxury.

Along with completing the home with its sophisticated, elegant aesthetics, the Evonic Creative 1030DS offers a range of innovative and convenient features for you to enjoy. Snuggle up in the living room with a glass of wine and a good book while adjusting your fire flame patterns, light colours, or heat output with the remote control or an app.

Choosing the perfect Evonic fire for your home


Consider where you want to install your fire. We currently stock built-in Evonic Fires products (Correct as of January 2023).  This design allows you to install them on almost any wall easily. They can be installed in a traditional chimney breast, built into a wall, or as a two-sided built-in fireplace on a wall dividing two rooms. They're the trendiest style for a fabulous media wall.


We stock Evonic Fires products in different sizes, so please ensure you measure your space before choosing.


Evonic Fires offer a wide range of innovative features, including remote control, different flame effects, smart home compatibility, and different fuel bed options. Consider what kind of features are most important to you – do you want to be able to ask Alexa to switch off the fire when you're in another room, for example? Or perhaps you want a realistic log fuel bed so your electric fire looks like the real deal?

An electric fire from Evonic Fires will take your room to the next level, wow your guests, and provide an air of luxury and sophistication for your living space like no other.

Visit our Evonic Fires range today to find the perfect one for you. We offer free UK mainland delivery and a range of finance options to help you spread the cost of your new fireplace.

Got a question about Evonic Fires? Our team of friendly experts is always happy to help. You can get in touch at 0161 376 4181 or drop a message to [email protected].

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