The first month of 2023 is almost over. As the dust settles after the Christmas and New Year's celebrations, it's always interesting to see what trends will emerge in the world of home design over the upcoming twelve months. And the fireplace, of course, is one area of the home that's constantly evolving.

Despite central heating systems and plug-in heaters growing in popularity, many homeowners and renters alike wouldn't feel at home without a fireplace. It can make all the difference between a house and a home.

Are you planning to install a brand-new fireplace in your home, or do you want to update your current one in 2023? Are you looking for some inspiration? Here's what we predict will be the biggest fireplace trends for 2023.

Minimalistic fireplaces

There's been a move towards minimalistic design in all home areas recently, and fireplaces are no exception. Clean lines, simple shapes, and a big focus on functionality while looking fantastic will be all the rage when it comes to fireplace trends this year. Think simple, sleek, and elegant.

Does the kind of home that's modern, fuss-free, and void of any unnecessary embellishments sound like your dream place? In that case, this fireplace style will suit you perfectly.

Gazco eReflex 55R Inset Electric Fire

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Large-scale fireplaces

Swinging towards the other extreme, big, bold looks will also be popular in 2023. The maximalism vibe in homes has only been growing, and it’s here to stay. Large-scale fireplaces make an immediate, daring statement and stand out in the room. This trend will be up your street if you like creating a luxurious, elegant look in your home. Think huge, imposing mantelpieces and elegant scrolls.

Portuguese Limestone is the perfect material for a stunning, large-scale fireplace.

Portman Pembroke Limestone Fireplace

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Eco-friendly fireplaces

There's an energy price crisis, and global warming is quite literally a hot topic. Many of us are making strides in reducing our carbon footprints and ensuring our homes aren't significant contributors.

Plus, monetary savings are always welcomed, so it's not surprising that'll be a big trend this year. Energy prices aren't looking great for the upcoming months. So, we expect an influx of customers looking for cheaper-to-run, eco-friendly fireplace ideas to heat a room without breaking the bank.

Our high-efficiency gas fires are a perfect choice.

Passion HE Gas Fire with Provence Fascia from The Collection by Michael Miller

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Multi-functional fireplaces

Multi-purpose pieces in the home were a huge trend through 2022, and people loved them. Expect to see fireplaces that can be much more than just a heat source. For example, fireplaces that double up as a TV stand are the perfect choice for small flats and homes that don't have a traditional place to put your fire, such as a chimney breast. Or, how about a fire that can be used as a shelf for some decorative items?

Suncrest Detroit 47 Inch Electric Fireplace Suite

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Period and Victorian fireplaces

As more of us buy fixer-uppers from the Victorian and Edwardian eras, it’s no surprise that these traditional, classic fireplaces are trending. Think cast-iron, ornate designs, intricate tiles, and tall, striking mantelpieces. Perhaps your home is Victorian or Edwardian, and you want a fireplace surround that aligns with its history and heritage. In that case, you can't go wrong with this elegant, timeless trend.

Shop our stunning range of Period and Victorian fireplaces here.

Gallery Palmerston 54-inch Cast Iron Fire Surround

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Smart fireplaces

Technology has never been as entwined in our lives as it is now. And we're only going to see more smart products throughout 2023. Fireplaces you can ask Alexa to switch on and off, and fires you can control using an app on your phone while you're curled up on the sofa are already big business.

You can browse our range of smart control fireplaces here.

Flamerite Gotham 900 Free Standing Electric Fireplace Suite

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Wall-mounted fireplaces

Wall-mounted fires will continue to be as big as ever for 2023, especially as the media wall fireplace trend continues. If you need to know what a media wall is, it's a super-modern, super-chic way to display your fireplace and TV as a feature in your home.

Our wall-mounted electric fires are the most popular choice for a modern TV fireplace wall, as you can easily hang them flush on any wall you like. But if a media wall isn't your thing, wall-mounted fires are still super-convenient. They're great space savers and easy to install anywhere you can plug them in.

Celsi Electriflame VR Louvre Electric Wall Fire

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Built-in fireplaces

Forget hanging it on the wall – put it inside the wall! Built-in fireplaces are one of the biggest fireplace trends, and they're coming in hot. You love clean lines and pieces that seamlessly integrate into your home's architecture. Sound like you? Then, in that case, a built-in fireplace is just what you're looking for.

They're available in many styles and shapes, from built-in corner fires and elegant, horizontal fires to show-stopping double-sided portrait fires that look positively amazing. They might as well be art masterpieces.

One of our top electric fireplace brands, Evonic Fires, leads the way with beautiful built-in fireplaces.

Evonic Creative 810DS Built-In Double-Sided Electric Fire

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So, beauty is clearly in the eye of the beholder – even when it comes to fireplaces. 2023's upcoming fireplaces trends are a mixed bag, to say the least. We've got minimalistic, maximalist, traditional, and ultra-modern, to name a few.

Every home (and homeowner) is different. That's why we've got the perfect fireplace for you at Direct Fireplaces, whether you're a trendsetter or a trend-follower, a lover of clean lines or bold designs.

What's more, we offer 14-day no-hassle returns, finance options to spread the cost of your new fire, and free delivery anywhere on the UK mainland.

Got a pressing question? Our friendly experts are here to provide any advice or guidance you need. You can reach us by telephone on 0161 376 4181 or email [email protected].

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