Are you looking for a contemporary, stylish, yet affordable fire for your home? Then you’d be hard pushed to do better than a Katell fire. This relatively young brand has become one of the UK’s fastest growing fireplace companies. The Direct Fireplaces team finds out why…

About Katell fires

Established in 2001, Katell is a UK-based fireplace manufacturer that places a strong emphasis on ensuring each one of their fires is designed and manufactured right here in the UK.

Katell has a 50,000 sq ft factory in County Durham kitted out with the very latest manufacturing technologies. As Katell puts it, they are ‘proud to create British products for British homes’.

Where Katell particularly stands out from the crowd, is the fact that they are one of the UK’s largest suppliers of fires for social housing. 

So, if you have friends or family that live in social housing, there’s a good chance they’ve got a Katell fireplace!

Certified quality

Katell takes quality seriously. That’s why the brand is certified to the latest ISO 9001:2015 standards. What’s more, every Katell fire comes with a 12-month guarantee, so you can buy one with peace of mind. 

Eco-friendly fires

If you’re concerned about the environment, then a Katell fire will be for you. Why? Because, where a Katell fire uses timber, it’ll be sustainably-sourced timber, meaning your new fire won’t be diminishing the planet’s resources.

The Katell Italia range

Although Katell is known for producing fires of all types, the brand is particularly well known for its ‘Italia’ range. 

The Italia range is a series of electric fires that span from very traditional looking fires with chrome, brass, and other finishes, through to super stylish, wall-mounted electric fires that are the ideal accompaniment for on-trend home decors. 

The key features of the Katell Italia range

Katell’s Italia range boasts a range of features that not only makes the fires highly-efficient, but easy-to-use too.

Heater controls

Katell’s Italia fires feature the very latest in heating-control technology, using a series of intelligent sensors and timers to ensure the fire is operating as efficiently as possible. 

Seven-day timer operation

With Katell’s Italia fires you can effectively ‘set and forget’, thanks to their in-built seven-day timers. 

The fires can be set to operate at certain times each day throughout the week. For example, you can set your Italia fire to turn on just as you’re coming home from work. Cosy!

Room temperature control and open window detection

Never waste energy again! Katell’s range of Italia fires are fitted with open window detectors - meaning that as soon as the fire detects a sudden drop in temperature, it will cut off - thereby saving you energy. 

Once the window has been closed, the fire will automatically begin operating again.

Adaptive-start operation

If you program your Italia range fire to come on at a certain time, the fire’s adaptive-start operation technology will ensure the fire is switched on in advance of the programmed start time. 

This will ensure the room temperature is correct as soon as the programmed time arrives. 

Thermostat control

All of Katell’s Italia fires feature an electronic thermostat. This provides automatic heat control, producing up to 2kW of heat when required. 


Many of Katell’s Italia range fires also feature Optimyst. This is a patented technology that creates an incredibly-realistic flame effect by producing an ultra-fine mist that rises up through the log-bed (please check the product description to see if your chosen fire features Optimyst).

A selection of the most popular Katell Italia fireplaces

As you’ve read so far, Katell’s Italia fireplaces combine both practicality and beauty into single affordable packages. 

If you’re considering purchasing one of Katell’s Italia fireplaces, then explore a selection of their most popular models below.

Katell Amalfi Italia Eco Electric Fireplace Suite

Katell Amalfi Italia Eco Electric Fireplace Suite

Katell Amalfi Italia Eco Electric Fireplace Suite

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Perfectly combining both traditional and modern design features, the Amalfi is available in two finishes; Smooth Grey, or Terrano Grey. 

These finishes are set off against a beautiful high-gloss charcoal chamber. The Amalfi can be customised via a choice of fuel bed options, including logs, ember effects, and ice crystals.

The fire itself features LEDs which help to create a realistic live flame effect. Ambient fuel bed mood lights are also included, which can be set to one of thirteen different colours. 

Aside from all of these fantastic features, the Amalfi is also incredibly easy to install. Simply push it up against a flat wall surface, plug it in, and you’re ready to go!

Finally, the Amalfi produces 2kW of heat - which is enough to take the chill out of a room on a cool day. 

Katell Anzio Italia Wall-Mounted Electric Fireplace

Katell Anzio Italia Wall Mounted Electric Fireplace

Katell Anzio Italia Wall-Mounted Electric Fireplace

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Are you looking for an electric fire that will not only heat your living room, but create a stunning focal point?

Then choose the Anzio. 

This beautiful wall-mounted electric fireplace features a clean, modern finish, with smooth white surround frames, and a set of detailed columns.

The fire’s overall design is enhanced by the use of Optimyst technology, which creates a convincing three-dimensional ‘flame and smoke’ effect. 

Not only is this a beautiful fire, but a practical one too. That’s thanks to its remote control, which allows you to control it from the comfort of your sofa. It also has other practical features like a seven-day programmable timer, and super-easy flat-to-wall installation.

Katell Nola Italia Floor-Standing Electric Fireplace

Katell Nola Italian Floor-Standing Electric Fireplace

Katell Nola Italian Floor-Standing Electric Fireplace

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Make a statement with the Nola. This is an elegant, floor-standing electric fire which will look perfect in the most modern of home interiors. 

Thanks to its low-level ‘landscape’ design, the Nola is ideal for use in combination with a TV above it. 

Installation is easy too. Simply push it flat against a wall, plug it in, and it’s ready to use. 

The Nola has a few visual tricks up its sleeve as well. It has a realistic flame-effect, with three-colour options, and four ‘mood’ settings. This is complemented by a choice of fuel bed options, including logs, ember effects, and ice crystals. 

Available in a choice of three different finishes (smooth white with oak, smooth white with walnut, or smooth white with silver), the Nola can also be purchased as a wall-mounted version.

Katell Verona Italia Optimyst Electric Fireplace Suite

Katell Verona Italia Optimyst Electric Fireplace Suite

Katell Verona Italia Optimyst Electric Fireplace Suite

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Are you looking for a more-traditional fireplace for your home? Then consider the Verona. 

This suite is a quick and easy way to create a stunning, attention-grabbing fireplace, and is available in a choice of three finishes; Smooth White, Terrano Grey, and Sandstone. 

These elegant finishes are complemented by the Verona’s black, high-glass chamber, which is home to the fire’s Optimyst fire effect. This effect combines mist and flame effects to create a stunningly-realistic representation of a real fire. 

The Verona is not only beautiful, but practical too. That’s thanks to its handy remote control, easy flat-to-wall installation, and seven-day programmable timer. 

Katell Visto Italia Wall-Mounted Electric Fireplace

Katell Visto Italia Wall-Mounted Electric Fireplace

Katell Visto Italia Wall-Mounted Electric Fireplace

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The Visto offers a truly immersive fire-side experience, thanks to its extra depth which allows for larger logs and increased illumination of the fuel bed. 

This illumination is further enhanced by the Visto’s Ambilight feature which creates a realistic flickering flame effect. The flame effect also has three-colour options and brightness settings, whilst the fuel bed features additional illumination thanks to a series of ambient lights.

Combine all these features with the large format and size of the Visto, and you have a fireplace that’ll have maximum visual impact upon your home. 

Additional features that you’ll find in the Visto include; a seven-day programmable timer, 2kW heat output, a smart remote, integrated thermostat, open window detector, and more.

The Visto is also incredibly easy to install and does not require a chimney. What’s more, the Visto is also available in a stunning floor-standing version as well.

Katell Vittoria Italia Optimyst Electric Fireplace Suite

Katell Vittoria Italia Optimyst Electric Fireplace Suite

Katell Vittoria Italia Optimyst Electric Fireplace Suite

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Featuring a classically-inspired design, the Vittoria is the perfect fireplace suite for traditional and modern homes alike. 

The Vittoria is available in three different finishes; Smooth White, Terrano Grey, or Sandstone. The fire’s overall aesthetic is further enhanced by its distinctive red-brick chamber which provides the ideal backdrop for the Vittoria’s Optimyst fire technology. 

Providing either 1kW or 2kW of heat, the Vittoria is also a highly-efficient way of warming up your living room. However, it can also be used with the flame effect only, if you don’t require additional heat. 

The Vittoria also comes complete with many handy features including; a remote control, easy installation, and a seven-day programmable timer.

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