One reason why so many people are drawn to the idea of having an open fire is that they want the ‘real thing’. But, with gas fires being so much more efficient, clean and cost-effective to run, we think they deserve serious consideration.

After all, gas fires still work by burning real flames. What’s more, you can find some seriously amazing and realistic looking gas fireplaces that will really blow you away!

So, don’t think that choosing a gas fire means losing out on the authentic fireplace experience - check out our favourite gas fires that look just like ‘real’ fires and get ready to cosy up this winter…

What is the Most Realistic Gas Fireplace?

When trying to find the most realistic gas fireplace, there are a few things to look out for:

  • A realistic looking fuel bed - try to find one with as much detail as possible on the gas logs, coals or pebbles. Crystal embers or ash effects add to the realistic feel of gas fire logs, too.
  • A strong flame display - flames can differ across gas fires. While you want it to be efficient, it’s good to see the flames in motion to get a feel for how realistic they are
  • A good fireplace design - unless you are choosing a modern hole in the wall style, choosing a good quality fire surround and hearth can go far in making your gas fire feel real - whether you want a grand marble surround or a homey wood fire surround, find one that brings your fire to life

There are plenty of other ways to help make your gas fireplace look real. Make sure you regularly clean your gas fireplace glass so any dirt or build up doesn’t spoil the display. A few decorative touches are a good idea too - some fireside tools, rugs or logs help create the authentic feel. You could even play some real fire sounds on your smart speaker when you want to fully cosy up for the evening!

The Best Gas Fires That Look Like ‘Real Fires’...

So, without further ado, here are our top picks for those searching for a realistic looking gas fire...

Gas Fire Price*
Eden HE Hole in the Wall Gas Fire From £1,750
Celena HE High Efficiency Wall Mounted Gas Fire From £1,425
Verine Passion High Efficiency Gas Fire From £850


See them in action below...

Eden HE Hole in the Wall Gas Fire

One of the main benefits of having a gas fire over a solid fuel fire is the variety of contemporary designs you can find. The Eden HE Hole in the Wall Gas Fire is the perfect example of this! With a stylish design that sits flush to your wall, it also features a gorgeous realistic flame flickering over a chic pebble or log base.

Boasting up to 5kW of heat output at a brilliant 83% efficiency, this trumps a ‘real’ solid fuel fire any day!

Shop Eden HE Gas Fire


Celena HE High Efficiency Wall Mounted Gas Fire

One of our most realistic gas log fires, the Celena HE High Efficiency Wall Mounted Gas Fire boasts one of the most authentic looking fuel beds we’ve seen. Shown here with a black trim and interior, you can customise it to your liking from a choice of colours and styles, from rustic brick to sleek cream ceramic.

Install it as it is for a modern look, or give it a full fireplace set up with a fire surround and hearth for a more traditional take on it. Either way, with up to 3.9kW of heat output at an efficiency of 80%, this realistic gas fireplace will be the highlight of your room.

Shop Celena HE Gas Fire


Verine Passion High Efficiency Gas Fire

When it comes to gas fires that look like real fires, you really can’t get much better than the Verine Passion High Efficiency Gas Fire. This stunning fire boasts a wide screen viewing window to the beautifully realistic flame display inside - you can even choose your preferred style of fuel bed.

While this is a glass fronted gas fire - which is a huge benefit in terms of efficiency - it comes with the option of anti-reflective coating, making your fire look even more realistic. You can also opt for the remote control model too, so you can control the flames from your armchair - can a ‘real fire’ do that?!

Featuring a traditional style with a contemporary edge, this realistic gas fireplace insert is pictured here with a marble surround and granite hearth and back panel for a stunning effect. However, with a wide choice of trim colours available including brass and black, you can easily create the ideal realistic gas fireplace for your room.

Shop Verine Passion HE Gas Fire

Find your perfect gas fire online today with Direct Fireplaces - we offer free delivery and flexible finance options!

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