For many homeowners, the fireplace is the focal point of their living room. As such, when buying a new fireplace, it’s important that it fits in with your home’s style and decor.

Hopefully you know whether you want a gas fire or an electric fire, but what about the style and design of the fire? There are a quite a few to choose from, and some are more suitable than others for certain properties.

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Here are some of our top picks to ensure you get the right fireplace for your home…

Modern & Contemporary Fireplaces

If you have a swanky modern home then it makes sense that you want your fireplace to reflect that. While a traditional style fireplace with all of its intricate detailing and craftsmanship may look amazing, it would look a little out of place in a minimalist contemporary home.

In this situation, something a little simpler might work better. Black and chrome styles work well in modern settings and go with most decors and colours. Something like the below would work well in a modern home:

For something that’s arguably a little more stylish, you could go for a wall mounted or hole in the wall fire. These look very sleek and are different to your traditional style of fireplace as they don’t sit on the floor. Check out this lovely little number from Celsi:

If electric isn't your thing and you want a modern gas fire, then our fantastic selection of wall mounted flueless gas fires all look stunning…

Aside from the fire itself, the fireplace and surround are immensely important in creating a certain aesthetic in your home. We have various styles of fireplaces that look incredibly eye-catching and contemporary. Materials such as micro marble, black granite and limestone can all look excellent in a modern home. For example...

Take a look at all of our contemporary electric fires and our wide selection of stone fireplaces.

Traditional & Period Fireplaces

For many of you who have an older property, then installing a modern fireplace probably sounds like sacrilege! Fortunately, there are a world of options available for those who want a fireplace that fits nicely in with their period decor.

An open fire is probably the most traditional of all, especially if you have a chimney. However, if an open fire isn’t practical, then you could opt for a class 1 full depth gas fire, which is for use with a class 1 brick chimney, like this one:

Many regular inset fires that will also look great in just about any home, especially if they have a black or gold finish. This one, for instance:

Outset and freestanding gas fires also have a certain traditional charm to them, which would look great in older properties. The below fire from Flavel is a much more traditional option and is also high efficiency so more heat goes into heating your home.

To really get that period look from your fire, however, you need the right surround. A cast iron fire surround is a wonderful option guaranteed to add real class to your home, while a wooden surround will also give you that Victorian or Edwardian aesthetic.

To really add the cherry on top, fire inserts can ensure you get that beautiful period look. Below you’ll see examples of arched cast iron fire inserts and tiled cast iron fire inserts:

Need more help on how to choose the right fireplace for your home? Get in touch today!

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