High Efficiency Cast Iron Fireplace Inserts

Does your cast iron fire insert struggle to give the heat output you require? Does it frustrate you knowing a lot of the heat produced is going up the chimney?

Most gas fires supplied with a cast iron inserts tend to be for decorative purposes only. They don't offer much in the way of heat nor are they very efficient with up to 75% of the heat been lost up the Chimney. The Integra range boasts a highly efficient, realistic gas fire with a high heat of 4kw and an efficiency approaching 60%.

The Integra range also offers a gas fire to suit any chimney whether you've got a pre-cast flue, a traditional class 1 flue (brick chimney) or no chimney at all. With a choice of a multi flue, deep bed convector fire or power flue gas fire the Integra range will fit into any situation.

We supply fire inserts from all the top brands including Gallery Fireplaces and Cast Tec Integra Fireplaces.