Not much can make your room look more tired and worn out than an old, uncared for fireplace. In fact, a fireplace should be the heart of your home - not only giving you heat and comfort, but also acting as the focal point of your living room.

But, what can you do if the cost of putting in a new fireplace is just a little too steep? Well, don’t worry! There are plenty of easy fireplace updates you can make that can give your room the lift it needs without having to spend a lot.

In this blog, we look at some of the best cheap fireplace remodel ideas around, including:

  • Ways to update an old gas fireplace
  • Upgrading to a new electric fire
  • Replacing your old fire surround
  • Painting or staining your fireplace and surround
  • Rearranging your furniture to create more space

Fireplace Makeovers on a Budget

If you’ve been looking at pictures of amazing fireplace makeovers on a budget and wondered how you could improve yours, you’ll be pleased to hear that it really isn’t as difficult as it seems!

Most inexpensive fireplace makeovers just need a little TLC and creativity to execute. The fire surround is often the easiest place to start, as you don’t need to worry about gas pipes or brickwork. Here, some paint, new accessories or even a whole new surround can go a long way when you need an easy fireplace update.

Then, there are the times when you need a bigger fireplace remodel. But again, this needn’t bust your budget. After updating your fire surround, replacing your fire insert can still be inexpensive if you choose one wisely.

So, read on and get ready to breathe some new life into that old fireplace...

Replace Your Fire Surround

One of the easiest ways to give your fireplace a makeover on a budget is to simply replace your fire surround.

Changing up your fireplace surround can completely change the look and feel of your room - you can give your traditional fireplace a new modern makeover, or transform it from plain to impressive in just a day.

For example, if you love the striking look of a white fireplace, a new agean limestone surround can create that clean, crisp look that is perfect for creating a contemporary feel. Or, reverse it completely with a black granite fire surround which can create a stunning contrast with white walls.

We have a blog full of ideas for contemporary fireplace surrounds if you need more inspiration.

Wood fire surrounds are also incredibly popular as they are so versatile, and most importantly, can be very budget-friendly. From chunky oak surrounds, to rustic beams and sleek pine, there are so many different ways to update your fireplace with a new wood fire surround.

Take a look at our Wood Fireplace Surround Buying Guide for more ideas.

If you are confident in your DIY skills, replacing your surround is an easy fireplace update you can do yourself. You could even see if you could sell your old surround if it is in good condition to offset the cost of your new one.

Paint or Stain Your Old Fire Surround

If getting a new fire surround is going to blow your budget, there is another way. One of the most popular ways to give your fireplace an inexpensive makeover is to give it a lick of paint.

All you need for this easy fireplace update is a few basic DIY materials and - most importantly - to make sure you have the right kind of paint. We have a great guide on How to Paint a Fireplace which has information on how to paint all types of fire surround, including wood, marble, brick and stone.

Fireplace painted black

Similar Fire Surround - Carron Corbel Pine Fire Surround

The next step is to decide what colour to paint your fireplace. If you want a modern fireplace update, white paint is a classic, but bright and bold colours can also inject some personality into your remodel.

If you have a wood fireplace, you also have the option of staining it a different colour. To do this, you need to sand through the existing coat of stain or varnish until you get down the bare wood below. You can then stain it your preferred colour to give your fireplace an easy makeover on a budget!

Update Your Old Gas Fireplace

If you have an old or outdated gas fire, sometimes even a fire surround update can’t help - it just needs to go!

This isn’t one of the most inexpensive fireplace makeovers you can choose from, as you will need to invest in a new fire insert and pay to have it installed. But, you can still find some brilliant budget-friendly fires you can update your old gas fireplace with. Plus, if you keep your old surround, it can keep the cost of your fireplace remodel much lower.

If you have a class 2 chimney, the Valor Seattle Slimline Inset Gas Fire has a very budget friendly price and has a beautifully sleek and modern look.

For class 1 chimneys, there are also plenty of brilliant options below the £400 mark. How about the Be Modern Avantgarde Deepline Gas Fire? Available in three colour finishes with a black brick effect chamber, it can instantly update your old gas fireplace whether you want to create a modern or classic look.

Upgrade to a New Electric Fire

If you have an electric fire, there should be plenty of cheap fireplace remodel ideas available to you! As electric fires don’t require a chimney, ventilation and don’t pose any carbon monoxide risk you have much more versatility when it comes to updating one.

While you can find plenty of contemporary electric fire inserts at low prices that make a perfect inexpensive fireplace makeover, electric fire suites can also offer exceptional value for money. Our range starts from just over £200, so you can have a whole new fireplace remodel on a budget.

Again, as they don't deal with any combustible fuels, you don't need a gas safe engineer to fit one. So, if you are confident in your DIY abilities, this is something you can do yourself - take a look at our guide on How to Install an Electric Fire at Home.

We also have a blog full of the Best Electric Fire Suites For All Budgets, plus a guide to finding the Best and Most Realistic Flame Effect Electric Fires available to help you further.

Rearrange Your Furniture & Accessories

Finally, if you have considered all of our cheap fireplace remodel ideas, there is one often overlooked option - try rearranging your furniture or adding a few new accessories.

We recently put together a guide on how to arrange your furniture around your fireplace which might give you a few new ideas on framing your fireplace. Maybe you could place an armchair at the fireside for a cosy feel?

Start by giving your fireplace a good clean - the easiest fireplace update of all! - before taking a step back and thinking of how you can spruce it up a little. Hanging a mirror or large piece of artwork over the fireplace is a great way to draw attention to it. Some real plants or flowers placed along the mantelpiece or on the hearth can instantly make you feel as though your fireplace has had an update, too. If you have a cast iron fireplace with tiles, how about changing up the tile inserts for a new look?

Ready to give your fireplace a makeover on a budget? Visit Direct Fireplaces to find everything you need including fire inserts, fire surrounds and so much more!

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