When you have a small room or chimney breast, finding a fireplace that fits might seem like a tight order! However, it is possible to find a good selection of small fireplaces that look just as good, no matter what your room size.

Typically, standard size fireplaces tend to be between 55.5 and 60 inches in width. You could be thinking this is far too big to fit comfortably inside your small room without it dominating the space. The good news is that you can also find small fireplaces and surrounds in compact designs that are as narrow as 40 inches in width - this could shave almost 2 foot in space required for your fireplace!

One of the key issues in creating a small fireplace is ensuring all the components remain in proportion. This includes finding a fire, hearth and surround that complement each other and your room size.

So, to help you out we have gathered some of our best small fireplace ideas together, including:

  • Small fireplace and surround packages
  • Small cast iron fireplace ideas
  • Small electric fires and suites

Read on to find out more about them and find the perfect small fireplace for your home...

1. Small Fireplace & Surround Packages

One of the easiest small fireplace ideas is to simply find a small fireplace package. This ensures your fireplace is completely in proportion, so you don't have to worry about finding a small fire surround that fits your hearth and still frames your fire nicely.

Take a look at the Gallery Collection Durrington Jurastone Fireplace. Available with a 42 inch mantel size, the attractively small fire surround has a clean and modern feel to it that won’t leave your room feeling overcrowded. It’s available with a small electric fire or gas fire - we’ve chosen the black Gallery Collection Open Fronted Gas Fire and the Celsi Accent Electric Fire which both finish this small fireplace living room design off beautifully.

Gallery Collection Durrington Jurastone Fireplace

Shop Gallery Durrington with Gas Fire

Shop Gallery Durrington with Electric Fire


Another great small fireplace idea is the Fireside Clifton Limestone Fireplace. The width of the fire surround comes in at just 40 inches, offering a brilliantly compact fireplace suite. Crafted from solid Portuguese limestone, the design will still create a striking focal point in your living room, without taking up too much space. Also available in a package with either the Gallery Collection Open Fronted Gas Fire or the Celsi Accent Electric Fire, the fireplace inserts fit perfectly with this design.

Fireside Clifton Limestone Fireplace

Shop Clifton Limestone with Gas Fire

Shop Clifton Limestone with Electric Fire

2. Small Cast Iron Fireplace

While they often act as a large and grand focal point in a room, you can actually find small cast iron fireplaces to suit your room, too. Just take a look at the Bedford Wooden Fireplace Package with Lytton Cast Iron Fire Insert. The small wood fire surround measures a slim 48 inches in width, which should be able to fit neatly into many tighter spaces. It’s also incredibly versatile, with gas, electric and solid fuel options available for the insert.

Bedford Wooden Fireplace Package With Lytton Cast Iron Fire Insert

Shop Bedford Wood With Cast Iron Insert


There is also an even smaller cast iron fireplace option available! Cast iron combination fireplaces were introduced in the Victorian era to fit into bedrooms, meaning they were designed to be much narrower and smaller than standard fireplaces. They are so convenient, they are even still produced today and make a great small fireplace idea.

Cast iron combination fireplaces don't need an additional fire surround and back panel put in place as they are all in one singular piece - though you do still need to ensure you have a suitable hearth. An excellent space-saving fireplace idea that still creates a great focal point, cast iron combinations are now even available with gas, electric and solid fuel options.

Shop All Cast Iron Combination Fireplaces

3. Small Electric Fireplace

For more compact houses without a chimney, small electric fires are a fantastic option! As electric fires don’t have to deal with combustible fuels or chimney fittings, they are much more versatile in terms of size, shape and placement.

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For small modern homes and apartments, we think the Be Modern Elsham Electric Fireplace Suite is perfect! With a small fire surround measuring just 40 inches wide, it has a beautifully clean and simple design with a stylish pearlescent finish. The fire itself is brilliant too, with realistic LED flames and thermostatic heat controls for comfort and cosiness.

Be Modern Elsham Electric Fireplace Suite

Shop Be Modern Elsham


If you want a small fireplace idea that makes more of a statement, you’ll be amazed to hear that the stunning Celsi Electriflame Carino 750 Suite only measures 44 inches in width! As one of the latest products added to the Celsi Fires range, this small fire is packed with big features, including 3D LED flame effects, soft LED downlights, highly realistic fuel bed and much more!

Find out more: New In! Celsi’s 3-Sided Electric Fires

Celsi Electriflame VR Carino 750 Electric Fireplace Suite

Shop Celsi Electriflame VR Carino 750


Finally, our last small fireplace idea for you to consider is the option of a wall mounted fireplace or hole in the wall fireplace. Sitting flush against the wall or with just a little projection, these are a brilliant space saving solution as they don’t require a hearth or mantel piece. Both wall mounted electric fires and wall mounted gas fires are available, so you can choose the fuel option that suits your room best.

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We hope these small fireplace ideas have helped you find the right fire for your home. See our full range of fireplaces, fires and fire surrounds for more - we offer low prices and free delivery.

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