Fireplaces don’t have to be restricted to the living room! What was once a major Victorian trend is now making a comeback, with more and more people choosing to add a fireplace to their bedroom. If you’re thinking about embracing this trend, then keep reading and the Direct Fireplaces team will show you the very best fireplaces for bedrooms…

What is a bedroom fireplace?

Bedroom fireplaces are fireplaces which tend to be slightly smaller and more compact than the types of fires you get in living rooms. This is usually because they are heating a smaller space than they would be in a living room. 

In terms of style, bedroom fireplaces are frequently combination fireplaces. These are fireplaces which incorporate the main fireplace and mantel into a single unit (typically made of cast iron). 

Bedroom fireplaces will normally have a mantel width of between 30 and 36 inches, making them narrower than the average fireplace, and better able to be installed in bedrooms. 

Whilst the majority of bedroom combination fireplaces will burn solid fuels (e.g. seasoned wood or anthracite), it’s possible to buy bedroom fireplaces with gas or LPG inserts. These latter fires are ideal if you’re not comfortable with the idea of having an open flame in your bedroom. It’s also possible to buy bedroom fireplaces that are purely decorative. 

In recent years, we’ve also seen an increasing trend of wall-mounted electric fires being installed in bedrooms. These are ideal for newer homes that don’t have a chimney. Whilst these only tend to give off a small amount of heat (1 to 2kW), they do make an impressive visual addition to a bedroom.

The history of bedroom fireplaces

Prior to the 1950s, when central heating started to become a widespread way of heating homes, the majority of homes relied on fireplaces for their main source of warmth.

Not only would the kitchen and living room feature a fireplace, but bedrooms too. 

Although bedrooms prior to the nineteenth century used fireplaces, it was the Victorian era that truly saw the explosion in popularity of bedroom fireplaces. Bedroom fireplaces became a much sought after feature, with the fireplaces becoming increasingly detailed and ornate.

Victorian bedroom fireplaces were typified by visually-impressive mantels and columns, as well as the addition of organic detailing such as vines and acanthus leaves. Later Victorian fireplaces saw the addition of glazed tiles around the surround and intricate tiling on the hearth.

It’s from this period that the majority of today’s traditional bedroom fireplaces draw their inspiration.

Gallery Collection Pembroke Cast Iron Combination Fireplace

Gallery Collection Pembroke Cast Iron Combination Fireplace

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The benefits of bedroom fireplaces

Is it worth going to the effort of adding a fireplace to your bedroom? Absolutely! As the benefits detailed below demonstrate, a bedroom fireplace is certainly a worthwhile addition to your home.

Efficient heating

Adding a fireplace to your bedroom is a really efficient way of staying warm. Instead of having to crank up the central heating for your entire home, you can just light or switch on your bedroom fire instead.

Adding a fireplace to your bedroom can also help create a cosy atmosphere, particularly during the colder months of the year.

If you are going to be regularly using the fireplace to heat your bedroom, then the most important thing is to decide what type of fuel you want to use. 

Gas and LPG fires offer the most user-friendly and cleanest experience - but they do lack a bit of character. Solid fuel bedroom fires are bursting with character, but tend to be a bit trickier to light and maintain. They also require periodic cleaning (e.g. the removal of ash). 


Bedroom fireplaces - especially the Victorian-inspired models - look fantastic and create a beautiful focal point for your bedroom. 

With a fireplace in your bedroom, you’ll have an interior feature which can be decorated, dressed, or simply adorned with ornaments and trinkets.

Enhanced home value

The addition of a fireplace to your bedroom has the benefit of enhancing the value of your home, making it more desirable and sought after. According to many estate agents, valuators and interior design experts, a fireplace can add as much as 5% to the value of your home.

As we mentioned earlier, bedroom fireplaces create a truly stunning focal point. Think of it this way; a master bedroom with a fireplace is always going to be more desirable than a master bedroom without a fireplace.

Ease of use

Should you decide to go for a more modern bedroom fire like a wall-mounted electric fire, then you’ll find that many models can be controlled via a remote control, or even a smartphone app. 

Match this type of fire with a wall-mounted TV, and you’ll be able to keep yourself warm and entertained without even leaving your bed!

Traditional bedroom fireplaces

If you’d prefer a more traditional looking Victorian or Edwardian fireplace for your bedroom, then check out our range of cast iron combination fires below. These are perfect for installation and use in bedrooms…

Gallery Collection Barcelona Cast Iron Combination Fireplace

Gallery Collection Barcelona Cast Iron Combinaton Fireplace

Gallery Collection Barcelona Cast Iron Combinaton Fireplace

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It’s hard to beat the Gallery Collection Barcelona when it comes to traditionally-styled bedroom fireplaces. 

Designed and manufactured from solid cast iron, this combination fireplace not only looks the part, but has the thermal properties to keep your bedroom cosy, warm and comfortable.

Available in either matt black or a stunning polished finish, the Gallery Collection Barcelona is a combination fireplace that’ll create an attention grabbing focal point in your bedroom.

It’s also a highly flexible bedroom fireplace, being available in either solid fuel or gas fire options. You can also purchase a ‘decorative only’ version of this fireplace. 

To make things even better, the Gallery Collection Barcelona is available with different hearth options to choose from, including polished granite and honed slate.

Gallery Collection Celtic Cast Iron Combination Fireplace

Gallery Collection Celtic Cast Iron Combination Fireplace

Gallery Collection Celtic Cast Iron Combination Fireplace

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Adorned with wonderful Celtic-inspired detailing and a beautiful elegant arch around the fireplace opening, the Gallery Collection Celtic is the perfect bedroom fireplace for older, period properties (or those giving their home a period-inspired makeover).

The Gallery Collection Celtic is available in three different finishes, including black, highlighted (which shows off the detailing particularly well), and fully polished. It’s also available as decorative only, or with a solid fuel, gas, or electric insert.

You can also select the Gallery Collection Celtic with different hearths including polished granite or honed slate.

Gallery Collection Edwardian Cast Iron Combination Fireplace

Gallery Collection Edwardian Cast Iron Combination Fireplace

Gallery Collection Edwardian Cast Iron Combination Fireplace

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Should you want a traditional bedroom fireplace with a little extra flair, then you’ll find the Gallery Collection Edwardian very much to your taste.

Featuring a decorative canopy with an intricate flower design, and a traditional silhouette, the Edwardian is an unforgettable bedroom fireplace. 

You can add further character to this fireplace by adding some optional fireplace tiles, which add a splash of colour and depth to the front of the fire.

The Gallery Collection Edwardian is available as a decorative only fire, or with either a gas or solid fuel insert. It’s also available with a choice of hearth including polished granite, honed granite, and honed slate.

Modern bedroom fireplaces

Looking for a sleek, modern, contemporary fireplace for your bedroom? Then check out our range of wall-mounted electric fireplaces. They’re easy to use, clean and maintenance free, making them perfect for your bedroom.

Note - as electric fires only produce up to 2kW in heat they are not designed to act as a primary heating source. Instead they should be used to complement your home’s central heating, effectively ‘topping it up’ on particularly cold days.

Flare Amari Wall Mounted Electric Fire

Flare Amari Wall Mounted Electric Fire

Flare Amari Wall Mounted Electric Fire

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Offering a ‘widescreen’ view of a fantastically-realistic flame effect, the Flare Amari is a modern electric wall-mounted fire with a flat black fascia, adjustable multicoloured ambient backlighting and a mixed two-tone fuel bed.

At 38-inches wide, the Flare Amari will have a commanding presence in your bedroom, and will perfectly complement a TV mounted above it.

Other features of the Amari include a remote control, variable timer and light settings, thermostat control, a 2kW heat output and the ability to use the fire with the effect only (without heat).

Celsi Electriflame VR Louvre Electric Wall Fire

Celsi Electriflame VR Louvre Electric Wall Fire

Celsi Electriflame VR Louvre Electric Wall Fire

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If you’re looking for a bedroom fire with a difference, then you’ve just found it. 

The Celsi Electriflame VR Louvre not only has a distinct and bold appearance, but features stunning flame projection technology, which creates one of the most realistic flame effects we’ve ever seen on a fire.

The fuel effect is customisable and thanks to the use of VR technology, the flame effect can be projected to the front, centre, and rear of the fuel bed.

The Electriflame VR Louvre is also beautifully finished, with a sleek black glass inset framed by an anti-scratch brushed silver fascia.

This fire also comes with a remote control, features a seven-day timer, and has a heat output of 0.8kW to 1.6kW.

Elgin & Hall Pryzm Huxton Wall Mounted Timber Electric Fire

Elgin & Hall Pryzm Huxton Wall Mounted Timber Electric Fire

Elgin & Hall Pryzm Huxton Wall Mounted Timber Electric Fire

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Have you got a particularly large master bedroom in your home? Then choose a large bedroom fireplace to match. 

At 51-inches wide, the Huxton from Elgin & Hall is a wall-mounted fire that’ll perfectly suit larger bedrooms (a 41-inch version is also available).

Aside from looking beautiful - thanks to the natural timbers used in its manufacture - the Huxton features highly-realistic 5D flame effect technology. A button click on the fire’s remote control ignites gentle illumination, which glows in a variety of shades across the expanse of the dramatic, elongated fuel bed.

Putting out 2kW of heat, the Huxton will take the chill out of the air, and will complement your home’s central heating. 

Thanks to its ‘floating hearth’ the Huxton is also visually distinct and quite unlike any other bedroom fireplace you’ll find on the market.

Discover bedroom fireplaces at Direct Fireplaces

Here at Direct Fireplaces you’ll find a huge range of both modern and traditional bedroom fireplaces, perfect for homes small and large, new and old alike.

We make buying your new bedroom fireplace easy, too. We offer FREE mainland UK delivery, 14-day no hassle returns, and a range of finance options to help you spread the cost of your fireplace (including 0% interest for 12 months).

Plus, if you have any questions prior to your purchase, our friendly, expert team is happy to help. You can reach us on 0161 376 4181 or at: [email protected].

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