We know that not every home has enough space to give to a grand fireplace design.

So, here at Direct Fireplaces we are keen to let the world know that it is possible for even smaller living rooms to find their perfect fireplace.

With so many people enjoying our blog on the Best Small Fireplace Ideas, for this week we are looking at more of the best small gas fires.

While finding an electric fire to suit your space can be quite straightforward, gas fires can be trickier. This is because they have a requirement that electric fireplaces don’t - a chimney.

Finding the right size gas fire

The size of the gas fire you need usually depends on the size of the fireplace opening to your chimney.

Most fireplace openings are 410mm wide x 560mm in height, so this is the standard size of a lot of inset gas fires.

However, if you want to save on space, you can opt for a smaller gas fire and reduce your fireplace opening. This is perfect if you want to make more space in your living room.

When choosing a gas fire, always check the inset dimensions. This is the part of the fire that will be placed into your fireplace opening. If you get one that’s too big, it simply won’t fit!

You also need to be aware of the inset depth and your chimney type. If you have a class 1 brick chimney, you will have a deeper recess. For newer class 2 chimneys, you will need a slimmer fire. To make it easy for you, all of our fires state on our specifications tab which chimney they can be used with.

Find out more: What Kind of Chimney Do I Have for My Fire?

Now, take a look at four of our favourite small gas fires that are big in style this season!

The Pureglow Annabelle Mid Depth Gas Fire

Pureglow Annabelle Mid Depth Gas Fire

Classic but with a contemporary twist, the Pureglow Annabelle Mid Depth Gas Fire is a wonderful option if you need a small gas fire.

With an elegant horseshoe shape and authentic looking coal fuel bed, this fire is ideal for adding a touch of period character to your room. It’s inset measurements are just 375mm x 540mm making it ideal for slotting into a small space, too.

You can see it pictured here packaged with the Kingsford Limestone Fireplace, though we think it would also look fabulous with a wooden fire surround or even a cast iron surround.

We featured this fire in our blog on the Best Traditional Fireplace Ideas for Your Living Room!

Shop Pureglow Annabelle

Eko Fires 3025 Slide Control Gas Fire

Eko Fires 3025 Slide Control Gas Fire

The Eko Fires 3025 gas fire looks absolutely stunning in modern living rooms. Its inset measurements are a compact 380mm x 540mm, though it really doesn’t sacrifice on style!

Pictured with a sleek chrome trim and minimalist trim, it looks fantastic incorporated into a black and white fireplace fireplace design. If you do prefer a more traditional look though you can choose from a range of fret styles that can completely change the look and feel of the fire, too.

Shop Eko Fires 3025

Kinder Camber Gas Fire

Kinder Camber Gas Fire

There’s no denying that this small gas fire has a huge style factor. Perfect for creating a gorgeous white fireplace design, the contemporary chrome contrasts beautifully with the authentic looking coal fuel bed - though you can opt for a pebble effect to fully embrace a more modern aesthetic.

Featuring an open front design, you're sure to feel cosy with the flames flickering away. But, even better, you can add on an optional upgrade to include a remote control - perfect for cosying up right from the sofa!

Shop Kinder Camber Gas Fire/a>

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Elgin & Hall Classic Slimline Radiant Inset Gas Fire With Exclusive Trim

Elgin & Hall Classic Slimline Radiant Inset Gas Fire With Exclusive Trim

While this Elgin & Hall Classic Slimline Radiant Gas Fire has standard inset dimensions at 410mm x 560mm, it has a slimline depth. This makes it an ideal option for those with any type of class 2 chimney.

With clean lines and open front flames, this lovely design is sure to complement any room. While we love the exclusive fret we have pictured, you can opt for more modern looking options with colours available in chrome, brass and black.

Shop Elgin & Hall Slimline Gas Fire

Looking for more small gas fires? See all of our slimline gas fires and find your perfect fireplace today!

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