Flickering flames, crackling embers, and soothing warmth—a real fireplace's ambience and aesthetic appeal can transform any living space. However, traditional fireplaces require complex installation, regular maintenance, and ventilation, which may not be practical for every home. That's where electric fireplaces excel—delivering realistic fireside experiences without the hassle. With its new E-series, the Dutch company Kalfire has taken electric fires to the next level, offering a convenient and user-friendly solution for your home.

In this post, we’ll explore how Kalfire developed the E-series from scratch to create the most advanced electric fire models today. We'll overview the key features, options, and customisation abilities that allow you to tailor your perfect fireplace environment. Read on to discover how the Kalfire E-Series can provide an unparalleled fireplace experience for your home – all in a simple plug-and-play model, giving you the power to design your ideal fireplace setting.

From drawing board to prototype: Developing the E-series

Kalfire had an ambitious vision: to develop electric fireplaces that offered complete realism, connectivity, sustainability, and ease of use. Achieving this meant returning to the drawing board to rethink electric fire design completely.

Their engineers created sketches and 3D models to map out their concepts. Key goals included integrating ambient lighting, developing intelligent controls, and engineering ultra-realistic flames. With designs in place, the first E-Series prototypes were 3D printed and assembled.

These prototypes were placed in Kalfire’s Experience Centre, where partners and consumers could test them. The feedback was invaluable, allowing Kalfire to refine and perfect the E-series design. Engineers tweaked flame effects for greater realism. Designers adjusted lighting configurations for better ambience. User interface experts streamlined controls for simplicity.

After months of meticulous refinements, the E-series designs were finalised. The impossible had been made possible, with Kalfire ready to launch the most advanced and customisable electric fires ever created. To ensure your peace of mind, each E-series comes with a 2-year warranty and comprehensive after-sales service, so you can enjoy your fireplace for years to come.

Crafting ultra-realistic fire effects

The E-series features Kalfire’s most realistic electric flame effect yet. These fires beautifully mimic a real wood-burning fireplace using an ultra-high-definition flame display developed in-house. Lifelike flames dance and flicker while embers glow and crackle, creating an almost indistinguishable atmosphere from a traditional fireplace.

Kalfire leveraged years of fire design experience to engineer authentic flame effects. Side reflectors bounce light in chaotic patterns to avoid repetitive loops. Fan heaters create natural-looking flickers. And don't worry about noise - no moving parts mean the flames are entirely silent. These elements produce fire effects that seem almost identical to actual flames.

The flame display sits open and wide to create the sense of an authentic fireplace. The ambient glow from the fuel bed and flickering logs below take the realism to another level. The flames, embers, logs, and smoke effects harmonise to provide a complete fireplace experience.

Integrating ambient lighting effects

Wood fires don’t just provide flames – they cast dancing shadows and fill rooms with warm, ambient lighting. Kalfire built this experience into the E-series with integrated LED lighting strips.

LEDs above the fuel bed illuminate the logs with a cosy glow. Like the flames, this lighting can be customised with variable colour, intensity, and effects.

The E-series integrates with optional LED strips around the exterior for an even greater ambience. These can be added to Media Walls or Design Frames, bathing the surrounding area in atmospheric light synced to the fireplace effects. The integration process is straightforward, ensuring the E-series is compatible with various devices and setups.

With customisable interior and exterior lighting, the E-series becomes more than just a fire – it becomes an immersive light experience in your home.

Heating and sound for complete comfort

The E-series provides mesmerising visual effects and engages all the senses to create a convincing fireplace atmosphere. Integrated heating elements allow you to add cosy warmth to your viewing experience. Choose between 750W or 1500W outputs to achieve your desired temperature. And don't worry about high energy consumption - the E-Series is designed to be energy-efficient, helping you save on your electricity bills.

To complete the experience, the E-series features a selection of natural wood-fire sounds. Listen to the soothing crackle of burning beech, oak, or pine logs. Adjusting the volume is as simple as using the volume buttons on the app or remote, allowing you to set the sound to your preferred level.

With realistic flames, interior lighting, customisable heat, and fireplace sounds, the E-series offers a holistic fireplace experience that engages all senses.

Effortless controls for total customisation

With so many effects and options, controlling the E-series fireplace had to be intuitive. Kalfire developed two control methods – an included remote and a smartphone app – that make customising the fireplace seamless.

The remote allows easy access to all essential functions and effects. You can turn the fireplace on or off at the touch of a button and adjust flames, heat, volume, and lighting.

The KalfireConnected app unlocks total control and personalisation for extended features. Create profiles for different styles, moods, or times of day. Adjust colours, intensities, dynamics, and more. Control lights, flames, heat, and sound to design your perfect ambience.

Whether using the remote or app, your E-series fire can be precisely tailored to your tastes with just a few taps. Save your favourite settings and instantly recreate them anytime. Adjusting the settings is as straightforward as choosing the desired effect on the app or remote and tapping the save button.

Two sizes, multiple design options

The E-series is available in two models – the E-55" and the E-65" – designed to integrate beautifully with similarly sized televisions. But even without a TV, the fireplaces provide stunning visuals.

Both models offer the same features and effects. The E-55" is 121cm wide – a perfect match for 55" televisions. The E-65" spans 147cm to complement 65" screens for an even more significant impact.

Kalfire designed optional accessories to expand your E-series setup, making fitting any space and style possible. Media Walls provide TV-integrated installations, while Design Frames allow for wall mounting. Add Kalfire’s LED strips to enhance side lighting. Whatever the configuration, the E-series blends beautifully into its surroundings.

Discover endless possibilities with the KalfireConnected app

What truly unlocks the potential of the E-series is the KalfireConnected smartphone app. With the app, you have endless options at your fingertips to personalise your experience.

Customise your lighting effects by choosing colours, brightness, and moods. Sync exterior LED strips for the surrounding ambience.

Tweak the flames until they’re perfect – make them brighter, larger, more dynamic or subdued. Add crackling sounds or enjoy the silent flames.

Set the heat output and timer to keep your room at the ideal temperature. To adjust the heat output, pick your desired temperature on the app or remote and hit save. This ensures that the E-Series provides efficient and effective heating, allowing you to enjoy a cosy and comfortable environment.

The app also makes it easy to save your settings as presets. You can even program the fireplace to follow daily schedules or routines.

With so many adjustments and integrations possible, no two E-series fires need to look identical. Each can be tailored to the owner's personal taste with the tap of a finger.

The most realistic electric fire yet

With the E-series, Kalfire has achieved its bold vision: creating electric fires that truly elevate the experience. Combining ultra-realistic flames, customisable lighting, integrated heat, and intuitive controls, the E-series fires provide a complete electric fireplace experience.

Yet, even with all their technology, the E-series models retain the beauty and ambience of real wood-burning fireplaces. Their broad, open flame effects and deep fuel beds allow unobstructed fireside views. The details and realism make them seem like traditional fireplaces, not electronic appliances.

For homes without the infrastructure for gas or wood systems, the Kalfire E-series finally offers an electric fire solution that can fulfil the dream. Their adaptable designs, authenticity, and smart features create electric fires that feel genuinely real.

Experience the E-series at Direct Fireplaces

If you want to add an incredibly realistic, customisable fireplace to your living space, check out the Kalfire E-series at Direct Fireplaces. We proudly offer the full line of E-series fires and accessories.

What's more, we make getting your dream fireplace setup more accessible than ever with a range of finance options to suit your budget, free delivery to the UK mainland, and no-hassle 14-day returns.

Shop online or stop at our showrooms across the UK to experience these revolutionary electric fires for yourself. Our experts can answer any questions and help you select your home's perfect E-series model, design, and configuration. Get in touch at [email protected] or call 0161 376 4181.

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