The Penman Collection

Welcome to the Penman Collection! With over 65 years of experience in the fireplace industry, you know you’re guaranteed real quality when you buy any of the Penman fireplaces we have for sale.

Meticulously handcrafted using premium materials, Penman Collection fireplaces and surrounds are guaranteed to bring a touch of class to any home, whether you have a traditional period property or a more modern decor. The Penman fireplaces below come in a variety of eye-catching quality materials including wood, marble, limestone and moray stone. Owners of solid fuel fires, wood burning stoves, gas fires and electric fires can all take advantage of our Penman Collection surrounds - available now from Direct Fireplaces at superb prices.

Note: All of the Penman Collection fireplace surrounds featured are showroom exclusives. Pop into our fireplace showroom or call 0845 450 8350 for more information or to place an order.

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